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Filtered by Melville

54 chapters done. I don't think I can handle the archaic english and passage-tier sentences and boring whaling facts anymore. Should I stick with the book, skip to the last dozen chapters where the action begins or just drop it?
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Where am I suppose to be able to find books? Amazon a shit, Barnes & Noble a shit, there ain't shit worth of bookstores around me. I have money and I must spend it on reading. My particular itch is for Bavarian history and non-Roman European history.
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>Uh, anon, why do you have a book written by the Unabomber on your shelf? You know that guy is a murderer don't you?
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I know normalfags are plebs, but… damn.
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How many years of reading experience do I need to take on this bad boy?
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Writefag Thread

Post your works, anons
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I want to read Philip Sidney's Arcadia. Should I read the complete Old Arcadia, the unfinished New Arcadia or the Frankenstein composite version his sister made?
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What did he mean by this?
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Poetry General

What sort of poems strike you in your heart? I've never been much for words nor a writer of sorts, but I do know when words effectively touch me, and this one by Muhammad Ali is something I often find myself coming back to now and again.

The face of truth is open,
The eyes of truth are bright,
The lips of truth are ever closed,
The head of truth is upright.

The breast of truth stands forward,
The gaze of truth is straight,
Truth has neither fear nor doubt,
Truth has patience to wait.

The words of truth are touching,
The voice of truth is deep,
The law of truth is simple:
All that you sow you reap.

The soul of truth is flaming,
The heart of truth is warm,
The mind of truth is clear,
And firm through rain or storm.

Facts are but its shadows,
Truth stands above all sin;
Great be the battle in life,
Truth in the end shall win.

The image of truth is Christ,
Wisdom's message its rod;
Sign of truth is the cross,
Soul of truth is God.

Life of truth is eternal,
Immortal is its past,
Power of truth will endure,
Truth shall hold to the last.
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1. Global rules relating to illegal/board-jeopardizing content are enforced.
2. Slander/libel Dwayne "Wanton Waylaid Bercesure-Jobber Names" "The Rock" Johnson at ur own peril.
3. As much as possible keep discussion related to literature or its creation/critique. Philosophy threads should preferably pertain to a direct written source (this definition's flexible in anticipation of wat ppl like 2 use these boards 4), branching out accordingly. /lit/ boards regularly serve as catch-awls for "social science" discussion, which suffices in moderation but doesn't excuse eschewing conversation about the board's chosen topic + its baseline medium (writtan + reedan).
4. Poasts awn this board are occasionally harvested foar submissions ean2 the board magazine, The /lit/tyzen's Feuilleton - if you do not desire your poasts 2 evur find their waie ean2 the feuilleton, please note in the subject phield oar body "NF".

This will serve as holding grounds for collective /lit/izens blasted to the four winds after the kunpocalypse to regroup or form a new home. Once metrics justify attempt @ consensus I will post stickied meta thread evaluating what the community wants the board to focus on and we'll proceed from there.

/lit/ will inevitably (and hopefully) remain a slow board, so post appropriately & enjoy your stay.

Friends/related boards from the webring:

https://alogs.theguntretort.com/pdfs/ - Grimoires, chirographs, and off-mint manuscripts enter the age of endless, eternal propagation.

https://smuglo.li/fanfic/ - Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that's how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!).

Frans frum overtoobs:

https://daggermag.com - In the night, a shard of moonlight limning - then down comes THE DAGGER.

https://encyclopedia.zone - The #1 hub for literary shitposting on the Internet.
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Featuring contributions from glorious /tv/ B.O. Gahoole (aka THE KINOGRE aka THE MOAST OVERMAN ROCKETIN' AOTTA TVCHAN), Jonty Tiplady (the last known /lit/ty academic/neoteric), and a relentless slewwa shadowrunnin' rhubarbarian-barbituate beautifoalz, this rippling 101-PAGE WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTION buqqs bronchii-broncos plaguing 99.99% ov awl uddur "creative expression" outlets 2daie w/ a flurry of variegated folios + dossiers. Recipes, velleities to a world wooed mellifluous by $1200, specialty reflections to revelations of the Esoteric Brownpill under 2C-B's mound-millet - awl this, plus THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF POASTERS LYK YOU!, comprise the /lit/tyest body ov werk since our apostrophized Maori giant brought Stone Cold to school.

Download it HERE: https://mega.nz/file/r4BGxZAA#GEWHX51OFCDdknmNyfMS6khV-D4vBPBzFGgIhr0YkS4

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Alright folks everyone here's probably seen/heard/read about tribulations Gahoole's gone through so I figured now's as good a time as any to thingify up and quorum as to the future of the board.

/lit/'s activity has stabilized to a level that's quite preferable for BO like myself (p. quiet moast ov time, long stretches between replies, general solid contributive effort and poast quality overall as consequence) and the only thing I would personally like to change about that is curating literary werks frum board populace to distribute accordingly to masses/uninitiated/non-littified lachrymose lackolytes ov smellin wat the rock's cookin.

This is why I am announcing the launch of the /LIT/TYZEN'S FEUILLETON - a conglomerated selection ov /lit/ty submissions and quality poasts frum the board published every 4 months ean stripped down, minimalist format focusean awn text transmitted, gnawt impetuousness acquitted by niftiness oar committed 2 obsequious butterbawlean ov present day curator (aka ur cicisbeo BO, mie %^> )

Potential (perpetuity'd) pieces for the /LIT/TYZEN'S FEUILLETON include:

- Excerpts from current standing of the "/lit/ writes a novel thread"
- Excerpts from any recent progress on a /lit/ board project
- Board defining poasts or threads, transcribed in their entirety/includean relevant image poastings
- Anything you desire to transmit to [email protected] that passes behe/lit/ty /lit/muster test

The plan is to have a larger, free-wheeling document snapshotting poastings/contributions @ the time of inception as opposed 2 focused sifting for "literary" logorrhea value OR holistic proprietorship of literary media proffered 2 public - feel free to submit werks u would submit 2 other places or have submitted before.

If anyone has requests/complaints/critiques about the board/the mag/etc., poast'm here. More information will be coming sewn about deadlines for first issue but eye'd want it aot there by January 2021 @ latest.
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BILLY AND THE CLOWN -Public Literary Analysis

Billy And The Clown is an overlooked work of legitimate historic merit. During the live narration debut of this work MDE's Sam Hyde proclaimed it to be a long studied legend of uncertain origin, intended to be featured in what turned out to be the groups first and only print publication which for various reasons in this instance shall remain unnamed. Neither of these assertions turned out to be true.

Billy And The Clown is an overlooked work of legitimate historic merit. During the live narration debut of this work MDE's Sam Hyde proclaimed it to be a long studied legend of uncertain origin, intended to be featured in what turned out to be the groups first and only print publication which for various reasons in this instance shall remain unnamed. Neither of these assertions turned out to be true.

Today overshadowed by the tragedy/memes/comeuppance visited on the creative minds behind Billy And The Clown, the work has become widely disregarded, if known at all, by academia and the culture at large. This is an injustice to both the the wider public and to the post-ironic modern bildungsroman, crypto-genius genre-bending cultural satire, and performative monologue itself, that is Billy And The Clown. Not only is the work extremely complex thematically and comedically, but the manner in which it captures and brings to life an element of experience known to many that may be wholly unique to the modern psyche is singular in nature. In a way the story of Billy And The Clown is the story of all of us, and therefore possibly one of contemporary literature's (if not greatest, and if not good,) only modern great American novels.

This is something that has to be done. Thus here proposed is the beginning of a public work: The Literary Analysis of Billy And The Clown.

For those interested and therefore intending to review the work again, or perhaps unfamiliar with the work entirely, I've found a re-upload of the original event in it's entirety (stranger's channel). I recommend this version over the more widely available abridged videos as the periodic ~13 minute intervals of Hyde's coughing, snorting, shouting at his computer and surroundings, or simply leaving the desk and room the camera is stationed in for multiple indeterminate periods of time, as well as the presumably unchoreographed musical interlude dancing to the entirety of 'Clubbed To Death' by Rob Dougan are as much an integral part of the full experience as any other.

It would also be pragmatic for any interested parties to download the videos in their entirety while they remain available online, since the song 'Clubbed To Death' is copy-written and full unabridged versions have frequently been removed in the past as a result.



This project is no small endeavor and I intend to begin with some general research followed by a full breakdown of the text in it's entirety if any interest is shown. Please feel free to participate openly and freely post any thoughts, work, or information you feel is pertinent and you can expect responses and progress reports forthwith. If no interest is shown I will instead update at regular intervals of every few weeks/days.

This may not be something any of us are necessarily qualified to do, but again it is something that needs to be done, and it may be up to us to do it.
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What's /lit/'s board mascot?
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APEX JANNY CROWNEAN AMBER ALERT: For the updated book club listings, C >>732

NUMERO DULCE: 4 DA /lit/PENDIUM (aka BACKLAWG OV SUBMISSIONS), C THIS MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/ThhnnayI#T30OHb3sHifcmVzLlnkYZg

Good weekend my friends,

I tried to find a way to show my randomizer results but I couldn't figure out how and I was ill prepared and didn't write it out properly. Anyways, their weeks pick was Eugene Onegin by Pushkin.

>The story is told by a narrator (a lightly fictionalized version of Pushkin's public image), whose tone is educated, worldly, and intimate. The narrator digresses at times, usually to expand on aspects of this social and intellectual world. This narrative style allows for a development of the characters and emphasizes the drama of the plot despite its relative simplicity. The book is admired for the artfulness of its verse narrative as well as for its exploration of life, death, love, ennui, convention, and passion.

Now the pdf is not the Nabakov translation which is what was requested but I could not find the ebook for that.

This is a shorter novel (thank goodness), essentially I don't want to pressure you all into concluding each novel on time but at least a solid list will be built and we can read on our own time.


Any novel that has been banned at any point in time of its publication.
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recommend me some of those books that smart people read. I want to be able to say things about smart subjects, and pretend I know what i'm talking about.
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Let's write a novel post by post

The door was…
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I'm currently reading Pandora's Lab. Slightly pozzed, especially the opening but a brilliant read. Would recommend.

What are y'all reading?
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ITT: post retarded book reviews you've come across. Not just ones that express retarded opinions but also ones that are written like something a read would say.
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I have never read books in my life. Where do I start?
All those curriculum books I read in school are long forgotten so they don't count.
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Where did 8ch/lit/ go?
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Which is the better strayan novel: Robbery Under Arms or For the Term of His Natural Life?
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Hey guys I don't know how to read and am almost completely illiterate. How should I fix this? Where's a good place to start?
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Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome you to the first /lit/ty club thread. We will be accepting nominations and then whatever is nominated is put through a randomizer and selected.
1. You must provide a torrent or link to your selected text
2. The beginning of each month is a longer format and lasts throughout the month
3. It's good to have a little epitaph as to why you selected this book.

This month's theme is Tragedy. It can be any length, any time period, any author.

My first nom. is 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane
>4.48 Psychosis sees the ultimate narrowing of Sarah Kane's focus in her work. The struggle of the self to remain intact has moved in her work from civil war, into the family, into the couple, into the individual, and finally into the theatre of phychosis: the mind itself. This play was written in 1999 shortly before the playwright took her own life at age 28.


If anyone has a good site for ebooks let me know, shit is hard to find
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Vampire Hunter D

Anyone here read these? They're novels and not actually manga. I heard it's pretty good high fantasy. Also what's the best way to get a book collection going? Do you guys ever find good cheap shit at thrift stores or something?
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Is this a good version of the Ramayana to read if I only care about the story and not Hinduism or Indian philosophy?
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Tvch's il/lit/erate club is now accepting nominations for themes for book club. There will also be a vote for the duration of each theme. I am thinking 3 weeks is enough time to get it done but it's up for debate.
Some rules are:
1.If you provide a nomination you must provide a file so we can read it or an audiobook so we can listen
2. You gotta explain why it fits the theme
3. You cannot nominate a book that's been chosen already
4. End of the week the books will go through a randomizer
5. It is highly encouraged you post your thoughts after it has been read to generate discussion

I thought of some themes but if you have more post them ITT.
1. Greeks
2. Business or finance book
3. Collection of Short Stories
4. A book off a this posted graph (will provide)
5. Tradgedy
6. Favourite novel from childhood
7. Critically panned
8. Nat. Philosophy
9. Communist Philosophy
10. /x/ tier
11. Play
12. Religious
13. 4chans top 100
14. Beats
15. Balzacs Ballsack
16. Postmodern
17. Coming of age
18. Harlequin
19. Read in highschool
20. Your favourite book
21. A book you have in your home
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The Hobbit / The Lord of the Rings / The Silmarillion

Use this thread to discuss anything related to J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium.
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Are there any publishers who will print any public domain book you request on demand?
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manga general

What manga have you been reading, /lit/?
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Nobody Reads Some of His Stuff Live

First twenty minutes only. Anyone else get a strong male feminist vibe from him here? Could have used more dup.
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Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Genre Fiction

"Literature"? What are you, gay? We'll have none of that nonsense in this thread. Come and talk about stories about cool things for men.
>nuuuuh, but my poetry
I will literally beat you up.

What are your favourite books? Who are your favourite writers? What are you reading now? What do you plan on reading, but have not yet gotten around to?
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Good audiobooks and readings

Post short stories being read, good readings of longer books or radio dramas here.
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Why is Sweden incapable of making good literature? Denmark, Norway, Iceland and even fucking Finland have all created great literature, so why can't Sweden do it?
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The Cellar-Dweller (by anonymous, stolen from /cow/)

It was with a peculiar sense of unease that I set out on my visit to the Hasbrouck residency at the behest of a worried mother. Her frantic calls to my medical practice had filled me with concern and a sense of unexplainable dread; it was her vague comments regarding her son's deteriorating mental and physical health which made me ill at ease, not because of anything definite, but the added sum of her vague suspicions, and what she hinted at, what she left unsaid. The pleading tone of her voice had at last convinced me to go on a home visit and examine her son. It was a chilly late autumn afternoon in late October, and the darkened, low-hanging clouds held the promise of rain. As I approached my destination the surroundings filled me with an overwhelming sensation of profound gloom and decay; the atmosphere was curiously dense and oppressive, highly concentrated, almost palpable. The house was located right next to a parking lot and the highway, but despite of this I was struck by a sense of isolation and extreme remoteness, like this property existed outside of the busy and chaotic world surrounding it.

The surrounding garden was in a most sorrowful state; left to waste away untended thorough years of neglect. There stood oddly twisted and gnarled trees whose roots drew nutrition from the diseased, watersoaked earth; in their shade grew pale, worm-eaten fleshy fungi among the rotting leaves in great numbers. A utility trailer of severe dilapidation and surrounded by weeds caught my eye as I made my way towards the entrance. The house itself was a ramshackle building of advanced dilapidation, giving off a strong aura of abandonment and neglect, and I couldn't help but wonder how people could have allowed things to slip so far into decay and abandonment. The paint was peeling and much cracked; dry-rot and fungi seemed to have infested the building long ago. As far as could be ascertained the curtains in every window were drawn shut, and I was struck by the thought that the house was slumbering.

I knocked on the door, and it appeared my arrival had been expected, for the door was opened quickly. "Mrs. Hasbrouck?" I greeted, looking at the woman who stood in the doorway. She nodded her head and quickly ushered me inside the darkened interior. She was not old, but her appearance was somewhat haggard and she appeared weary and tired. She might once have been a woman of some beauty, and it was sad to see how the worn and neglected outside of the home seemed to mirror not only the interior, but its inhabitants as well. With her rather cadaverous complexion and bruise-like shadows under her large pale blue eyes, I wondered if it was not her who I should have examined instead of her son. Even her fair hair seemed lifeless and as if all colour was draining from her along with the spark of life. "Thank God you're here," she whispered, her eyes shining with unshed tears from the horrors endured in this worm-eaten, crumbling house. There was a certain hoarseness to her voice, and it made me think she had recently been crying, an impression strengthened by the bloodshot quality of her haunted blue eyes. The lustre in them was waning - her spirit was broken. "We really are at our wits end," she let slip with an almost fearful look on those haunted blue eyes as she took my outer coat and hung it on the coat-stand.

The air was curiously oppressive, and there was a strange and wholly unnerving scent that seemed to permeate the house; a vague smell of dust and of abandonment, and less savoury things best left a mystery. "I didn't quite catch what exactly it is you suspect ails your son," I spoke up as we entered the parlour, where she proceeded to serve tea with trembling hands. I sat down on the sofa with my back to the window - faint, grey daylight shone in through a narrow crack in the curtains. An old grandfather clock - the distant sound of traffic on the nearby highway reminding me of the outside world. She let out a short, hysterical laugh, spilling tea on the tablecloth, before she finally caught herself. "He's sick!" she finally whispered, looking rather fearful and nervous, her eyes begging me to help. "When did you first notice this change in him?" I queried, taking the tea-mug from her and helping her to pour the rest of the tea in order to prevent further mishaps. "He's always been a little different," she said with a nervous chuckle, quickly taking her cup and sipping the scolding hot tea with gay abandon. "There was a noticeable change in him around 2016," she added in a near-whisper, quickly followed by a low, mirthless giggle of nervous agitation. "Now he just sits down there all day! He hasn't been outside in years! He won't even come down on Christmas, or whenever we have relatives visiting," she was unable to hold back the tears, and I handed her my handkerchief. Her voice was insistent, yet scarcely above a whisper, as if she feared to be overheard. "I can hear him move around down there at night," she hiccuped, burying her tear-stricken face in the handkerchief as a shudder of terror passed through her frail body. What on earth could cause a mother to be this disgusted and fearful of her own flesh and blood?

"We let it pass till we caught him with his sister's panties," she continued at last, clutching the handkerchief between her trembling fingers. There was a look of shame and misery that made her pale face flush pink with the same and passion of her admission. "When I was pregnant with him, it was strange… He was different. They wanted me to terminate, but I wouldn't."

Unable to let her go on further on her ramblings, seeing how greatly this affected her, I got up and put a hand on her shoulder. "I will talk to him. See what I can do for him." With a last, comforting squeeze to her shoulder I made my way through the room, heading for the basement door, I had barely been able to see in the darkened hallway as I removed my coat. The door swung open on its hinges, but not without some force on my part, since it was oddly uneven, and the floor too; the whole house seemed to have shifted, and was shifting still. With the door opened, I stood still for a moment, hesitating; the hallway was dark, and I began to feel ill at ease, feeling rather like Hermóðr on his journey down to Hel. Dusty beams, cobwebs and that nauseating smell of decaying fungi greeted me in the darkness as I slowly made my way down the rickety, creaking staircase, and the faint artificial light visible from below the only light to guide my path.
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I am uncultured swine...

Please suggest books to read which are considered the foundation of western literature. No cuck shit.

So far I have:
The Divine Comedy
The Canterbury Tales
The Death of Arthur
Orlando Furioso
Jerusalem Delivered
The Faerie Queene
Paradise Lost
The Pilgrim's Progress
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/lit/ for the Infinity Cup 2020!

Hey /lit/izens,
Would you care for joining our inter-board competition, the Infinity Cup 2020? All you have to do is make a thread over at https://anon.cafe/icup/ with your own team and we'd be happy to let you in.
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Recommend me some essential /hitlercore/
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Is it possible to be sincere online anymore? even anonymous imageboards are coated with layers upon layers of post-irony. It does feel like whenever one tries to be sincere, it comes as corny (or "cringe" as kids like to say today) to the external audience. What we have left are places where inauthenticity runs rampant, whether it is as a means of protecting the self, or as a tool for social climbing. And I frankly hate it as this attitude has severed true connection and understanding with each other, replaced by passive-aggressive remarks and feminine behavior. I remember in the old internet days when one was permitted a certain degree of vulnerability, it wasn't a negative, it made connection with distant human beings possible, I had plenty of friends in that era. But at some point, the zeitgeist dictated that being urself was passé, that ironic detachment was the only way to present yourself to the rest. We dehumanized ourselves for what, petty ego protection? was it even worth it, now that everybody feels ,and is, lonely?
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Operation mind control

Did you read that book?
R: 3 / I: 2
R: 4 / I: 3
is he the best contemporary writer?
R: 1 / I: 1
Which should I read first: the complete fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm or the complete fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen?
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Books about self progression and success
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Story Time General

Tell us a tale, anon. Anything that you would think we'd find most interesting. A startling night on the town? A funny gamer moment? Your coming out story? Whats your story?

Non format specific (use green text or normal format)

I'll start:

I used to work in a movie theatre back in 2014. It was in a very populated city so there was a verity of co-workers. One of them was named John, who was a very flamboyant homosexual. So much so he would always wear an ascot to work even when we wore uniforms. He was new and the brother of the manager at the time. I, being fairly blue-pilled and open to new social relationships, chose to strike up a conversation with John through out our shifts together.

A few shifts down the road and one day John came in seemingly depressed. We haven't built up much of a friendship other than the shifts we worked together but I did my best to be nice and ask him what was wrong. He said something along the lines of a relationship problem and I offered fairly good advice to handling it.

A week or two later, we worked together again and once again he had the same sort of relationship problem. It hit me as weird at first because I felt like his first issue was pretty well resolved with the right decision making skills but to my surprise it was with a new partner. Brushing it off in the assumption that the last one was just the end of a longer relationship, I offered advice and we went along our way.

This back and forth went on for the remaining three months I worked at the theatre. It was like every week he'd have a new issue with a new boyfriend and they all revolved around petty high school girl drama and "he said, she said" faggotry. It was also relieved at some point that most of these men came from a Grindr app. Needless to say my patience with John was wearing. Even if it was a new relationship, he refused to learn the same lessons he was given from the last 5 or 10 men he fucked before hand. I was nearing my final week when I final gave in with giving up with his bullshit. "Why" I asked him "Why do you keep meeting up with these men you meet on an app? Don't you thin you want to take a break if you're really think you're being stalked by this guy?"

John paused momentarily to reflect on the question. "yeah," he giggled, "but I like having fun"

It was this exact moment when the seed of me hating all gay people was planted and the blue-pill began to degrade.
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Overrated or properly rated?
R: 6 / I: 8

My litty week reviews

Repoasting them here for preservations sake
R: 3 / I: 0
What are some premium /lit/ channels?
I want things only intellectuals would get
R: 2 / I: 0
Reading is for fags in fact of course.
R: 15 / I: 4


Post all personal writing projects (zines/poetry collections/essays/fiction/etc.) or links to such in this thread.