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>Uh, anon, why do you have a book written by the Unabomber on your shelf? You know that guy is a murderer don't you?


That's fine, I can seperate an author from his work.


No I didn't wow you're really smart haha.

lol Wouldn't it be funny if we accidentally kissed lol haha


wow what a chad


<anon, please let go of my arm
<you're really hurting me


I have a book written by Theodore John Kaczynski on my bookshelf because I wanted to read his work.
Yes, I know that guy is a murderer


No I'm not no I'm not haha


Kaczynski's a murderer? Compared to other writers I've read, barely.

I also a few American presidential autobiographies, a couple of books written by Che Guevara, one by Julius Ceasar… quite few by "God" or those claiming to be his spokesmen. Kaczynski doesn't even get top 20 in my bookshelf murder marathon.


Why do you care nigger?


I'm reading interviews with hideous men after stumbling across an article where some jezebel journalist suggested people should throw away their copies of infinite jest just because some woman claims dfw pushed her out of a car or something but she still fucked him after I think?
Anyway the book is ok, I'm nearly finished but I don't understand the title is like ironic or something?


Check out The Pale King


Thanks, looks great, I don't have the attention span to read a whole novel.

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