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Anyone here read these? They're novels and not actually manga. I heard it's pretty good high fantasy. Also what's the best way to get a book collection going? Do you guys ever find good cheap shit at thrift stores or something?


I've never read the manga or anything related to the series so I cannot help you there.

I initially started my collection because 2 of my friends had started university pursuing degrees in English and Western Compositional Literature respectively. We were fresh out of highschool and I was the only one living on my own so I wanted them to give me books they found well written and I also started going to a secondhand bookstore on my own and with them. I was also going to university but I had no idea what to take so I but I was more into chemistry because Breaking Bad has started to gain ground and I was a pseud. I was also browsing 4chon there was no /pol/ on 4chan anymore and the Western Comp friend recommended me a bunch of Semitic authors to coax me into thinking Jews were cool. So I read a lot of Phillip Roth who I still think is a decent author and Vonnegut who I guess isn't Jewish. I also was into Gunter Grass. Anyways I started collecting those books and classics as well, all purchased at secondhand bookstores. But random residents in my city have recently started building these little take one, give one mailbox types in front of their houses and I usually just steal things I know are good and add them to my collection while I walk my dog. I'll take some photos but there are a lot of cool books out there.

As for my bookshelf, the friend who took the basic English degree built my a bookshelf out of an old science room cupboard and my rule was a book wasn't allowed to be displayed unless I had read it fully. The cupboard broke and all my books are in a container in the shed. Maybe I'll take a picture of them someday


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I also have a goodreads account (yuck!) but I follow a couple people that left positive reviews on white nationalist literature and they have reviewed other cool books that is pick up if I saw them secondhand


The PS1 game based on it was ass on a stick.

I can't read though so I haven't read the books, but the game sucked.


I got Demon Deathchase for 50p (that's half a good boy point) at a thrift store months and months ago. It was bad. The only good Vampire Hunter D media is Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.


>The only good Vampire Hunter D media is Vampire Hunter D 1985.


Bloodlust is prettier and either has a more coherent plot or I've just seen it more times to be able to remember it.


Bloodlusts visuals can't mask the ronal whiplash the story has.


I read them, and they're great. Sadly the buzzwords would make a redditor coom (Lovecraftian Sci-Fi Horror Apocalyptic Fantasy) but they're honestly so good.


What's wrong with Bloodlust's tone?

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