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obviously? what are profittable things that writers can do anyway?


You're that retarded weeb, right?
The reality is that writing rarely begins with profit, you'd have to get good enough to be noticed while writing for free. Maybe if you went to an university for it you'd get connections to help you start. The sad reality is that the business is half talent half connection, and if you are that weeb you have none.


>>2278 and you are THAT faggot, i suppose? what kind of connection are we talking abt?


First and foremost, you need an audience to release your book to. There's a billion books on the market, and each one costs time and money to read. Most people will choose to invest that time and money into a book they're reasonably sure they'll enjoy. How does a reader know if he'll enjoy a book before he buys it? Maybe he stumbled upon a glowing review, maybe a friend reccommended it, if your daddy is rich maybe can get your publisher to market it really hard, but the surest way is if the reader recognizes the author as someone who's written a book he enjoyed before.

Thus, you'll have to put time into writing multiple decent books - and money into advertising them - in order to attract enough of those rare experimental readers for them to start reviewing your work and reccommending it to attract safer readers, who may in turn generate even more discussion to pull in an even wider audience. Lots of small time writers run blogs or youtube channels or mailing lists or whatever. This turns their core audience - once they attract one - into a group of people they can directly release new books to. If your new book is met with a wave of purchases, the algorithms on online book stores will proceed to give it more visibility, which in turn attracts more readers.

TL;DR you need connections with your consumers, and those connections will take years of time, effort, and money to build up even if your writing is good.


where s this audience? and how good is this multiple writings be/should be?


Better than anything you're capable of. You fuck up even a two sentence post, how can you expect to write a book anyone is willing to read?

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