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What's happening in these videos?


All the blood floods into their muscles too quickly and out of their brain, which causes them to pass out. It means you're lifting too much weight.


>Too much
But these are all well practiced, practically professional lifters that do it as a full time hobby.


Training doesn't mean your body has more blood. Hell a lot of these guys are either high test as fuck or are on a lot of gear and have too many red blood cells and have high hemocrit. One of the tricks powerlifters have is poppers. When they are in the middle of an incredibly tough lift they will have someone hold a popper under their nose to keep them conscious.


Fun fact: the human body isn't meant to be forced into lifting weight repeatedly just so you can look good and try to convince other people you're a physical threat. This shit is unhealthy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Power lifters never look good. Stop pretending that this is an argument. The guys that get into powerlifting are the anime pros of fitness. They focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else including, but not limited to. their lives. All they care about is big numbers on the leader boards. Kyriakos Grizzly is a perfect example. His body and face are 12000X what Gahoole has, but he shrugs more than 99.999999% of humanity deadlifts.

Like seriously dude. I am on gear and I can only diddly 675lbs. Grizzly shrugs that for reps. He is an absolute inhuman monster. The shit he does should not physically be possible. Despite that he is faaaaaaaaaar from the biggest lifter in the world. He just specializes in stuff no one else does.


>l-lifting is ackshually unhealthy that's why i'm a skinnyfat dork


It's not healthy. People are not suppose to look like this. Your vanity is only hurting yourselves.


Yeah it's boring too, I dead lift 300 with no steroids, I'm 5'10 and 190-200, people call me skinny. I can lift weight though, a lot of it.


Yeah I'll just take this statement at face value and never lift anything ever again, anon said it wasn't meant to be and as we all know tvch posters are paragons of humanity.

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