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47 minute video I think. Didn't watch the whole thing but:

Ketosis is not ketogenesis

Ketosis can be damaging ketogenesis is not, while ignoring the damages of Carnivore and arguments to add fruits or honey to make a safer diet

He brings up insulin, which everything revolves around, and trying to mix a higher insulin response and a slower one from protein and fat.

Deny the dangerous realities of long-term ketosis with meals designed to spike the right level of insulin response.

While he's not the best fitness-guru, he isn't arguing for HRT, he does argue for people on Keto to get in protein instead of just doing IF, argue in favor of working out, and while being a "carnivore" fitness guy still actually argues people stick to their diet and not pretend the right answer is saying one thing and expecting people to carb cycle or something.


Small guy take

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