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After 25 months living like an adult, I have ended up back in my mother's house. I have failed.
>Working long hours suck
>You CAN be fired for rumors
>Normal people just kind of talk to each other naturally without being weird about it
>Twins don't look that similar
>Niggers are actually as bad as you think
>I fugking hate niggers and kikes
>My favorite job was customer service, honestly not the nightmare people say it is
i will figure out a plan to move out again, let's hope it goes better.


I got run off because I pissed off two people at the top because they just didn't like my personality.
If you are not extroverted then people will automatically hate you. Like if you don't go around running your mouth about everything under the sun, normalfaggots will take it personally and try to fire you. There is almost no difference between a 65 year old making $600,000 a year and a 17 year old high school student. It's the same animal.


There's no shame in living with your parents anymore, anon. We're all in the same boat. Young men who can afford to live independently are in the minority.


Get yourself a full time job and save up for a down payment on a house. Assuming you're not some low iq normalfag who instantly blows every paycheck on stupid shit, it's probably more within your reach than you realize. All you need is about $50k in the bank. Then once you're past the down payment, mortgage is way cheaper than rent. Moving out just to be a rentoid isn't worth it, so if you're stuck back at home anyway you might as well use all that money you're saving to get ahead.


>and save up for a down payment on a house.
>so your wealth can be siphoned by kikes.
Having a mortgage cheaper than rent still means you're being ass raped by jews.


>All you need is about $50k in the bank.
You can also get an FHA loan and only need to put 3.5% down. Renting is for suckers.


Unironically this close to becoming an autistic militant. It needs to happen. The world is yearning for it.


You probably spilled your spaghetti hard but didn't even understand what you did


That's just talking to normies. You always end up saying something that pisses them off.
Whether it's "I mildly disagree with that thing you said", or "I don't really care about television/music". Something that I would consider normal, friendly conversation, just triggers them for reasons I don't understand. I guess because to them it's like you're looking down on them, or threatening the peace somehow, but it literally took me decades to figure that out.

They don't say stuff to say it, or actually have a back and forth, they just kind of put words into the air, and expect you to validate them, to prove that "you're okay" or something. It's all very peculiar animal pack behaviour shit, and no one ever explained it to me.


File: 1708130824313.mp4 (4.14 MB, 720x720, 1:1, German girl english.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I wonder what pissed this chick off.


You can be a turboautist with nothing in common and still get along great with normies, it's all in the attitude. Do you have a smile on your face most of the day without the use of drugs? Would most people consider you a pleasant person to be around and not a doormat who just goes through the motions when around them? I'm guessing no.

You haven't figured anything out you're just shifting the blame so you're not the one at fault.


File: 1708132480679.webm (3.69 MB, 520x292, 130:73, steve harvey.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I will tell you what it is.
People talk to make music. When the conversation is bad, they turn on music. Music at social settings like bars is to keep people in tune. I don't mean that literally like people are pitch matching vocals at karaoke. I mean they are talking in sync with the music's vibes. In other words, they are making conversational music with background music like a pianist would use a metronome. It's just a constant, so people have to do less work. When conversations turn more intimate, they will seek spaces that don't have music. Occasions like funerals typically don't need music except for the ceremony. It's all a matter of having a song genre for conversation. The funeral itself sets the tone at funerals.

If you're at a club, the beat is fast and repetitive. You simply say something less than 5 words long. Then it's someone else's turn. At a bar with rock and roll or country, each person speaks one line of a song. If it's just you and the bartender, you get to sing the whole song. If you sing the whole song with a woman, she doesn't get to participate, and she will freak out and leave. She has to be able to say 10 words after you say 10 words. It's speed chess. Don't eat up your clock unless it is extremely worth it.

All you have to do is offer conversation. Speak the first things that come to your head unless it is a topic that will lead to a bad topic or a bad song. This is where hiding your power level comes in. If you know something your saying is leading toward a red pilled topic, just don't say it. If you accidentally start down it, you are highly possibly fucked. Explaining the nuance of how to fix that is difficult. There are basically nothing but land mines if you don't figure out what you're saying ahead of time. If you don't know what to say, don't say anything. Someone will try and pick it up. It's a game like hot potato. Just say something when it's your turn. When you hear an awkward silence, and you haven't spoken in a while, it's your turn. If you literally have nothing at this point, promptly come up with something to do outside of the situation, apologize, state the thing you have to do, jump out a fucking window.


If you are smart you will be apprehensive to mainstream music because it is actually aimed at subliminally causing conflict and discord between people. The music itself is usually the same four chords to trick people into relying on it, but the subliminal messages program their behavior. This is a large component of what makes people NPCs. You will likely notice it effects you too, which is why you avoid it.

The radio's music is set to program pattern behavior, not just behavior for one's life but the behavior after the consequences of the previous behavior. If you listen to modern pop, you will hear something about a breakup, a summer love, a dramatic relationship, a working on self, a self-champion promotion, a teen dream, a sexy fling, a romance song, a party song, a dramatic relationship song, a breakup song, etc etc. It just goes on and on, so people behave like one bit in one instance until it is completed. Then they play out the next program. Most women live their lives like this in constant cycles.

This all means you have ~3 minutes or less to complete a conversation with a woman. Keep in mind, they might not want to waste the song on you, and they might move elsewhere. Likewise, they might just stick with you for that song giving you a chance.

If you're working with people in close proximity, you have to revolve the conversation around this attention span length which can work to your advantage if you only briefly have to interact with people. You can just put on your speed chess pants to make an appearance and bullshit people up for 2 minutes before coming up with an exit plan.


>Whether it's "I mildly disagree with that thing you said", or "I don't really care about television/music". Something that I would consider normal, friendly conversation, just triggers them for reasons I don't understand. I guess because to them it's like you're looking down on them, or threatening the peace somehow, but it literally took me decades to figure that out.

They weren't pissed off because you disagree with them or you don't watch TV. They were pissed off that they tried to talk to you and you shut them down and didn't even try to have a nice conversation. Try having basic respect for others

>It's all very peculiar animal pack behaviour shit

Grow the fuck up, you aren't a misunderstood genius, you are a retard who lacks basic social skills

Holy autism… get a job


>Do you have a smile on your face most of the day
No. Why would I do that? If I'm just sitting thinking, or communicating in a non-emotional way, my face is going to be completely blank.

I think the fact that they expect me to perform for them, but never specify how or why is a them problem. I don't see what I did wrong.
I was perfectly civil. I didn't attack anyone. I would be polite to anyone who was polite to me. If they want more, they really need to tell me that.


>They were pissed off that they tried to talk to you and you shut them down
I don't think I did that though. If someone says "did you see the thing on the TV", and I say "no", how is that an aggression? I answered the question.
Am I expected to watch TV to make them comfortable? And only the TV they watch? I don't want to. It's boring. They could ask me about something I like, but they would probably just get pissy about it (like that time someone left the room in a state of visible annoyance because I was talking about Alec Guinness in Star Wars, and that's apparently too obscure and weird for some people to connect with).

No, I don't see what I did wrong here. I think they're assholes. I think they're passive aggressive, socially controlling, and mean. I think they're abusive and intolerant toward people who think a little differently to them, or have experienced a slightly different life. And I think they get away with it, because no one will ever stick up for the autistic guy.


The area you move too highly determines your income by the available job market.


File: 1708134769305.png (34.85 KB, 663x377, 51:29, noisy.png) ImgOps iqdb

When you're around other people the distance between you, your posture and movements, breathing rate and facial expressions are all carefully scrutinized. With women it's an order of magnitude more important to them and they often complicate things by simply being present. Words coming out of mouths are of little to no importance compared to how and to whom they are spoken in a group setting. It's why women can speak for hours without saying anything.

A typical autist can easily deal with all that minutia and even have people come towards him by simply having a real smile on his face and being glad for being in their presence instead of looking like a zoned out retard who doesn't want to interact socially and can't wait to be alone in front of a screen. Everything you do wrong will be immediately glossed over as a quirk and be forgotten. But you can't fake it, you need to start appreciating people if you're going to interact with them.

There's an old proverb that the smile you send out always comes back to you. It's not a perceived truth it's been proven.


No in improv is death of the act. You can answer in the negative, but you have to receive the catch and throw the ball back. What you did is essentially let the ball hit your hand and you let it fall. Say why you missed it, "I had to help a friend move." Prepare to lie when they ask about this later. "Old friend from high school I don't see much needed help moving across town. It's a decent place." Be prepared to lie about where this is. Be sure to know what area you're lying about. If you aren't, have an excuse to leave without answering. You then pass the ball back by saying, "what'd I miss?"

What this guy said except more importantly, women internalize everything. You have to manage what they internalize around you. They will internalize your body language, every "I" statement, every person you're talking about to someone else while in their proximity.


If you say, "I don't really care about that show," Women will hear that in their head as if it is their thought, and they will either become confused because they thought they liked that show, or they will submit, and they will have to acknowledge that they also don't like that show. However, the process of admitting and accepting that takes time, and if you are abrupt, they won't have time to maneuver conversationally into accepting this new position you gave them. They will either erupt or bottle it. Both reactions will spill out in a way where her statements will be about something else entirely, and she will create a story for this to make sense.



When you hike in the woods, it's a good idea to be noisy like with a whistle or song because it will alert predators from a distance where they have time to process your existence. If you sneak up on them quietly, even if by accident, they will enter fight or flight. Fight is obviously bad. In other words, women are noisy as a defense mechanism to fend off predators.


>t. triggered cattle
People get upset all the time over anyone being the slightest bit eccentric. This is more common in some areas than in others-it's really bad around New York for example-but you see it everywhere. I remember hearing some professor suggest that some people cannot help but conform to whatever they perceive to be the status quo and shun those who don't because in tribal times, conformity was essential to the survival of the tribe so humans evolved to have a primal resentment towards anything idiosyncratic. I don't know if I believe that, but it certainly seems that way at times.


>you need to start appreciating people
I don't. They're assholes who critique my every move, and don't let me be myself, even when being myself is something as simple as not wanting to contort my face in strange ways.
It shouldn't matter, and they should change their expectations.

We live in a world of tolerance now. People put up with all the dumb shit niggers and women do. Only the autistic don't have that privilege. Well, I want mine.


>People put up with all the dumb shit niggers and women do.
They pretend to.
>Only the autistic don't have that privilege.
They're just not pretending.


File: 1708144586354.webm (1.03 MB, 960x540, 16:9, BOMBOKLAA.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe you should try learning some social skills before you go back out into the wider public, you fucking animal. If you get fired for "rumors" then you're a retard who didn't know how to keep his mouth shut or stop staring at people with a thousand yard autist stare.


You're not special and the reason you think those people are assholes is the exact same reason those people think you're the asshole. Stop being autistic.


>If you are smart you will be apprehensive to mainstream music because it is actually aimed at subliminally causing conflict and discord between people.
Or, if you're like me, zog tracks your location and puts your favorite songs on the store radio to try to trigger you.


Not really. I'm happy to let people be different. I'll be kind to them if they're kind to me.
They want me to be an asshole, because I didn't follow enough of their rules, and didn't validate them enough, not because of anything I actually did wrong.

Sure, maybe I don't try hard enough to fit into their world, but they sneer with disgust at mine, and crucify me for misunderstandings, so they can get fucked.
They're bad people. I'm a good person. This isn't about relativism or points of view, I'm just right.


File: 1708180556452.jpg (196.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, fef9dcdf863e8afc59a8d195ee….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

You're a big baby
>Wahhhhh social skills are too hard mommy
>Wahhhhh everyone is dumb cattle but they need to coddle my retard brain

Grow up you fucking loser


I do know it, and I know saving money while living at home has a lot of advantages, but I hate being here. >>141884 helps a little about the mere shame of it, but also I really don't like it and want to be elsewhere.
I'll save more and do it smarter next time. However long that takes.

Best thing about this thread is it makes me feel so much less autistic by contrast. Thanks guys, you lower bar so well


You're supposed to live with your parents unless you abandon them to live on your own to any fate, get kicked out for total division, move into an expansion asset like a second home on the property or another owned estate, or maybe a couple other reasons. But the whole move out when you're 18 thing was a kike scam. They program us with division propaganda in tv, movies, and music to get us to fight and fend for ourselves in the overwhelming sea of kike shit. Even if you get married and have kids, it's supposed to be normal to live with parents in certain circumstances.


>I don't think I did that though. If someone says "did you see the thing on the TV", and I say "no", how is that an aggression? I answered the question.
There's your problem. As >>141910 said, you said "No", and left it at that. If you had said, "No, I haven't seen it. Is it any good?" or "No, but I did watch this thing instead," and then (pretend to) listen to what they say, then you'll get somewhere. Otherwise, you're just getting the "persecution" you earn by being a clueless autist.
t. autist


>Get a job
You literally wrote what I wrote word for word except differently.


File: 1708189178247.jpg (71.12 KB, 710x710, 1:1, 61f0dd2db4f79d8d.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


File: 1708189999856.png (2.63 MB, 1920x1328, 120:83, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



Why is not understanding every specific unspoken thing people expect of me a me problem? How are they not being the asshole here?
Why can't they consider my social boundaries, which are clearly different to their social boundaries? It's because they're bigots, and I'm tired of letting them get away with it.

If you forgive them, you're a house nigger, by the way. You're furthering the oppression of your own kind. That's not even a joke. You are doing that.


>and I'm tired of letting them get away with it.
Except it seems like they got tired of your shit first. You'd probably still be working for them if they bothered keeping you around.
>If you forgive them, you're a house nigger, by the way.
That's a great analogy. You're just like a nigger to who acting civilized as a properly functioning member of society is a great affront to everything they are and that any effort required on their part to not be a complete piece of shit is asking too much of them.


They are understood, generally. You don't like them. In instances where you are not understood, they are left to imagine based on underlying themes.
I'm not forgiving them. They are goyim in the kikemaze.


File: 1708219984392.jpg (252.55 KB, 720x876, 60:73, yikes.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>It's because they're bigots, and I'm tired of letting them get away with it.


Society is bullshit man. Society is a fight. You take your own side, and you push for what you want. Anything else is mental slavery. I don't owe anything to people who don't help me, and actively push me down. They made themselves my enemies, and so I accept them as my enemies.


Know how you feel mang. Muhfuggin societay keepin da autistic man down dawg. Bitchazz normies makin me talk to dem n shiet, the fuck up wit dat. Fuck workin and fuckin talkin to niggas mane. Sometimes a nigga jus wanna live with his moms, shitposting on da webrang, and jack off to dat hentai n shiet dawg.


fo rizzle cuhz


He's making fun of you by comparing you to a nigger, genius.


And I'm not "him" or the nogspeak guy; you fucking spastic
>found your way to tvch
>still can't into how anonymous posting werkz


The thing is man, black people are kind of right. They have a healthier approach to all of this than white people, who are eternal cucks to notions of "polite society". The black person says "what's in that for me?", and if he sees nothing in it for him, he says "fuck you". I actually respect that. I want white people to be like that, and we used to be before we all collectively went insane and started self-destructing thanks to "enlightenment values" or some bullshit.
I don't want your gay society. I want a clan. I want a group of people who are on my side, and are strong, and can stand against opponents, and take what they want.


You're not going to like this answer, but unironically get outside more. What you described is the working class mindset; the one constantly derided by the terminally online upper-middle class feminized socialites that you're probably used to on the internet (and the ones currently in power).

Cletus and Tyrone share more in common than Cletus and some upper-middle-class liberal soyjak. That's not to say they're buddy-buddy about it, it's to say they understand each other.


I hate how extraverts with an incontinent mouth that can't shut the fuck up for a second get to set the tone of societal interaction, as if everyone is expected to conform to their retardedness.


The best part has to be:
>Doing both the jobs of your boss and yours
Or living in a daycare for overgrown toddlers who refuse to grow up from their highschool years.


It will never get better.


>you need to start appreciating people
but I don't tho


>you can be fired for rumors
Look for a job that doesn't make you work with women, or that women are less likely to take. It's always places that are flooded with holes that have this shit happen, they treat the workplace as a social playground that they get paid to show up at and anyone who just wants to work without getting involved will be ostracized and targeted.


Better yet, don't be a slave, become self-employed or NEET.


If either of those was an option do you really think he'd be working for someone else? You're just here to gloat probably.


File: 1709756051298.png (1.15 MB, 1521x1014, 3:2, tvchcareerguide.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Better yet, don't be a slave, become self-employed or NEET.


>I am a stupid jew who doesn't know what a NEET is


File: 1709757125004.jpg (1.17 MB, 5000x3333, 5000:3333, Bangor-2JPG.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

That's NEETs fate when reality catches up to them and they have to get a job


I wish I could work at McDonald's to pick up girls, but I'd lose my NEETbux.


File: 1709761431807.jpg (1.55 MB, 1600x1007, 1600:1007, you.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Why do you think it's a joke… you literally will be 40+ and flipping burgers if you are lucky.


Why are you so aggressive about it


Because there's some good guys on this site who are being memed into ruining their life by crabs. Work/dating/socializing is hard but anyone telling you you can just ignore it is telling you a horrible lie and you are going to have it way harder in the future


>Work/dating/socializing is hard
You sound crabby yourself, pushing this meme.


For socially retarded NEETs those things are indeed hard. Not insurmountable but the socializing in particular is a skill that you're supposed to have developed in your childhood.


You never know what life will throw at you. You don't want to be starting from zero at 30+ is what I am trying to say


They're not skills you develop. They are inherent to having a shared language facilitated by a shared environment. If socializing is difficult it's because finding the right environment is difficult. The fattest and ugliest dudes can get girlfriends easily in the right environment.


Kinda hard if you're a sperg, ugly or a social reject from the very beginning tbh. Besides, it gets very tiresome having to play parts and pretend to give a shit all the damn time. Fuck the gay illusions, I want people to say what they really think. I'd rather have anon shit on everything I stand for and call me a retarded niggerfaggot than spend another day wearing a mask of social pretense for a ravenous pack of psychic vampires.


>it gets very tiresome having to play parts and pretend to give a shit all the damn time.
Then you're in the wrong environment, you stupid fuck.


Thanks anon, I know I can always count on your caustic honesty. But I don't think there ever was a "right" environment for me outside of the Internet.


>The jews did this.
Well at least you're on the right track now.


It's not dajoos though maybe da big skyjoo is at fault. I'm just a deranged asocial sperg who was never going to fit in with other people. Such is life, I suppose.


Very kikey post.


>They're not skills you develop
Yes, they are. If a kid doesn't interact with other children then it grows up to be a socially stunted moron regardless of if it has the tism or not. You don't just automatically know what to say or what contexts to say things in without practice and instruction, the entire concept of learning a language is built on this.
Well believe it or not there are a lot of honest people irl and you will eventually encounter them via being honest yourself. Whether they're insufferable bastards or not is another thing though, but luckily you can figure that out immediately since honest people don't try to hide that sort of thing.


Socializing isn't hard in the slightest (unless you're introverted)
Socializing with niggers however


Ok, you're talking about less than .01% of children in the USA and EU.


I have no clue what you're on about, I didn't say anything about numbers, I'm talking about socially stunted people practicing their social skills and now you're making some other issue of it.


File: 1709954816759.png (415.07 KB, 886x876, 443:438, Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 7….png) ImgOps iqdb

No, I'm saying the kinds of people you you're talking about can't exist in that great of numbers, and I suggested they amount to less than .01% of the population. Take picrel for example. This is probably the person you want to be talking about but didn't describe properly. He's probably entirely capable of having conversations. He's just never been in an appropriate environment. There might not be one since he's an ugly hapa with no natural nationality. If he were in Mexico and joined a gang, he'd have pussy and parties easily. Or maybe he'd get chopped up alive.


Sonyeah you're talking about some other shit because you misinterpreted my point. Call me stupid or whatever I'm not going to get sidetracked because you want to nitpick.


>My argument was purposely vague, so I can be right when I shit on people that might be visiting the site because if I'm too accurate, I won't demoralize anyone.
Max gay.


Too bad, you'll just have to deal with it champ I got tired of dealing with sidetracking nitpickers years ago.


File: 1710276846498.gif (60.85 KB, 220x165, 4:3, ace-ventura-plunger.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You either have an argument or you don't. Just because I deduced what you were trying to say because you are intentionally vague doesn't make it a nitpick. You're overgeneralizing without acknowledging the realer problem of kikes ruining all social spheres. It's like germ theory vs. terrain theory. If the environment is polluted, you don't inject cleaner into the fish. You clean the tank. Likewise with people, you can't solve this problem you speak about through therapy or a meme. You have to remove the toxifiers from the system. That means get jews out of colleges, government, corporations, law, and entertainment.

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