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It's now 18 years since I last fucked a pussy.
I'm confident I'll make it to 20.
You probably shouldn't try this at home. It does things to you.


Want to fuck me instead?


Funnily enough I fucked when I was acting like an asshole. I will never forget fingering her for the first time in her parents house, and they were in the next room. It was on the couch in the living room, and I got all 3 fingers in…this was high-school by the way, and I remember her shuddering and her cunt tightening, and her pussy shot out a wad of goo all over my hands. She came lol. I went into the bathroom to clean off my hand because that stuff had a horrible smell, it was very gooey and thick and more translucent than cum, and she came into the bathroom, gave me a very big hug and said, "you destroyed me" in a very submissive tone. Then she grabbed my balls, I got hard, and then we fucked each other in the bathroom lol. That wasn't the last time with her, by "time" I mean she was my last one. I don't know why I felt like being an asshole to her, I knew her pussy couldn't take 3 fingers but I did it anyway, but during that period I just remember feeling like being an asshole to her and she never liked me so much. I went on senior trip, came back, and she was really sad that I was gone and I remember feeling bad so I began doting on her and that's when everything died lol.
I don't think the incel shit is 100% true, like I don't think women's choice is eugenics and that they are always seeking Tom Bradyz but women really are irrational and chaotic. They are entirely dominated by the sex drive in a way men aren't. It's actually the opposite, women will fuck anything lol. I fondly remember the high-school girls because you see them in their natural form before any liberal social engineering rots their brain, at least back then.


Op again.
The first time I kissed a girl it was a girl I was hugely in love with. I remember this so vividly. I got a massive election right when I started kissing her, it poked her in her stomach because we were standing up, and she laughed in an awkward way during the kiss, and she just reached down and rubbed me off over my clothes. High-school was great. I don't think it's possible to have sex in this "adult" world of today. You just don't have women like that anymore.


Oh yeah, this particular one, I chased her into the gym one day during recess or whatever the fuck it waa called, she ran into the girls locker room i guess because she thpught she would be safe because "no boys allowed." I just went in lol. I remember straight up not giving a fuck. I barged in and no one else was in there besides us, and she was staring at me in the middle of the locker room with a kind of nervous smile on her face and she raised her eyebrows when i locked eyes. I mean, we both knew what was going to happen lol. You see this all the time in nature when the female animal runs even though she really doesnt want to run. Women are strange. But yeah, she was great. Highschool was really good. Life was so much better.


Op again.
I was weird in highschool. I was socially an outcast in my grade but i was naturally strong and I am very handsome in the face, so I ended up having sex anyway with the girls a grade below me. I think i was an outcast in my grade level because i did not play football. I did not want to be around niggers which is what football was.


It just goes to show you that there is no formula for success with women. It doesnt matter if you are Tom Brady, youre not safe because that isnt really the point. They will already destroy anything they touch if given freedom, but if you mix in a bunch of liberal shit appealing to their worst instincts, like resentment and vindictiveness, they become unfuckable.


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>I fucked girls back in high school but can't get laid now, I don't know what happened
Black dick happened.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


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Lmao only on tvch would this post happen.


>reality is just like my cuckold pornos!


Fuckoff Louis


I'm getting real tired of all the cuckposting.



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Deal with it, whiteboi. /tvch/ is a CUCK MAN'S BOARD


Didn't Zach used to LoisCKpost?

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