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Y'all keep embarrassing yourselves lol


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Why do you keep saying that


After the 2016 mass purge, of course the only problematic group remaining are the liberals from yesterday.


Low effort reply harvesting obviously. Thanks for obliging ;)


Do they actually mention britpol somewhere?


I find the reaction to this Willy Wonka thing slightly pathetic. You never went to some slightly shit entertainment event when you were a kid? Kids love stuff like that, because they're stupid. I would have enjoyed it.
I remember once I got taken to a forest to see a man dressed as a pirate, who served us sandwiches, and we played some stupid party games. That was a "day's entertainment". That's what you do when you're a kid, isn't it?
>oh, dude, we're taking the kids to a farm to pick pumpkins
That's not fun. That's shit. And that's the kind of thing people do.

People are just addicted to outrage now. They really are.


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They charged 35 pounds a ticket, that's the reason for the controversy


>Low effort


Kids would have enjoyed the gate. 35 pounds isn't that much either.


It's funny and that's all that really matters.


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I agree but half the kid oriented things are total shit and have always been a grift. Just didn't have phones to document it. Even most adult themed events are grift just to sell you booze.

I went a haunted corn maze years back for adults and it turned out to be the shittest haunted house ever. Had literal shipping crates you walked through and about two actors with zero haunting themes just a corn maze for a 20 minute walk in group of 20 people. Never went to a haunted house since.


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>20 minute walk
Was it a haunted house for Americans?


That can't be real.


Do Americans really?


It's not, it's europoor cope for their jealousy of having to walk and take public transportation everywhere because privately owned vehicles are unaffordable there.


Sounds like Amerimutt cope for being fat, lazy and brown.


Further proof that facebook faggots, qanon retarded boomers and r/TheDonald ruined based political imageboards forever.


Fuck you I like picking pumpkins.


Corn mazes are fun if you find a farm that gives a shit, last year I went to one where the maze was only about the size of a football field but it was cut in such a way that there were shitloads of dead ends and even if you were only a couple feet away from another path you still couldn't see it through the corn.
I've also been to really terrible ones that were huge but they only bothered to cut a handful of paths because they just wanted to rip people off.


How lazy does someone have to be to have a problem walking in warm weather?


>*slurps HCFS corn syrup drink*
Nowwww y'all listen here son

>*slams a fistful of freedom fries into open gullet*

Legs ain't made for none this "walking" y'hear

>*ozempic sharts in the walmart unregulated firearms aisle*

We muricans do thangs a lil' different, we got big ol' trucks for all 'ar moving around

>*adjusts belt which is dangerously taut with tension*

So why don't you talk all that librul commie nonsense bout using ya' damn legs, and get me another freedom burger and freedom fries and freedom soda and freedom condiments?

>*has a mini-stroke at the epcot center*


Try a 2 hour corn maze most people quit.


Hot weather tires you out quicker than cold weather. You become really sluggish and can't do much of anything. It's why Southerners have the reputation of moving slowly, because moving any faster in the heat would kill you.


I went to a fuckhuge one a few years back that took about that long, I found a couple passed out drunk people on the way through.


Imagine being british or american. What a fucking hell.


What nation left is there to be proud to be born from?
I take it you're Israeli?


good marning sar


Being from Mongolia would be cool


>see a man dressed as a pirate,

Did he molest you too?


Dios mio, I've been found out!


Indians are only brownoids because their real pale skin is covered in shit.


They haven't done anything to be proud of since the invention of the machine gun basically destroyed their way of life overnight.


As soon as the world turned cringe they dipped out, which is respectable.

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