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>cia faggot plays cringey /pol/ maymays on the radio before "shooting up" a "mosque"
>suddenly all of 8chan collectively gives up except like 5 retards who populate the webring to this day
They really expect me to believe this crap?


File: 1715791549994.mp4 (743.12 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Pregnant Spider.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Being one of the last 5 retards from 8chan makes me feel special. I do have a theory about this though. a game theory It's something that oldfags have understood for decades. Containment. Why the need for all of these different boards? It's not simply about organization, but more about containment. I don't want a bunch of furfags yiffing in my vidya and I don't need vidya in my politics. Glowfags understand us in terms of deep/darkweb and (normie) surface web. If you kill 8chan, you just destroyed the containment, not the users. Where did those users go? Well, they're all now on facebook, twitter, youtube, tiktok, etc. When you destroy the containment, you inadvertently spread the cancer. In yesteryear, the JQ was something being discussed on 8/pol/ and now it's a viral tiktok and campus riots. Our message has reached the surface web and it's all thanks to you faggots from Langley for killing 8chan. We couldn't have done it without you.


File: 1715792896266.gif (163.1 KB, 389x297, 389:297, lol.gif) ImgOps iqdb

And I watched the video from Tarrant when it first hit 4chumps. Something doesn't seem right about it. Maybe it's because I'm not a killer and I don't know how normies respond, but do you mean to tell me that 50 raghead dudes just dogpiled in the corner of the room like that? Nah. Something ain't right. Then Jim gets called to the carpet in Congress while he's rockin a Q lapel pin. Whatever Q was, that killed it. And 8chan became a honeypot and PsyOp, along with Q.

It's hard to believe that there's seemingly only so few of us oldfags even left at this point. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm honestly surprised that the spooks haven't come to hire me yet. That'd only further confirm my main protagonist syndrome. If truly there are so few of us left at this point, then we have to ask ourselves, how many posts are shills and bots? Or AI?!

And it's all talk when I claim to be an oldfag. You're just taking my word for it. Then you realize that you lost the game. And then you know.


When you cut out /v/, and /pol/, 8chan was actually a tiny community.
And I'm sure about half of /pol/ must have been glowwies.
And on top of that, pretty much everyone just got eaten up by Discord.


>cia faggot plays cringey /pol/ maymays on the radio before "shooting up" a "mosque"
Being on the fed payroll is better than working at Taco Bell.


8chan was on a decline even before then. It all started with that infinity next disaster, it was supposed to be a huge crowdfunded deal that was going to revolutionize imageboards. Instead of using that money to pay people to find bugs or improve existing software so all imageboards could benefit and doing it piecemeal to not waste it all and figure out how to spend it properly they hired some nobody who was friends with Brennan and paid him less than minimum wage for a year to make brand new garbage that ended up unusable due to a licensing dispute.

Wasn't it the sports board that was moved over to infinty next? After that they made their own site to not have to deal with them ever again.


> Our message has reached the surface web and it's all thanks to you faggots from Langley for killing 8chan. We couldn't have done it without you.
Seriously. I just wanted the yids back in yidrael to fend for themselves (lol, we all know how that would end), but scattering some of those posters (the good effort posters) into the normalnigger winds of even just Twitter has totally blow up in their (ZOG) faces. Now the kids want to do things to Yidrael that have never been done.
Oh well, should have fucked off with the subversive bullshit. Enjoy the Akmeds fucking everywhere your cousins and grandparents let in, kikes.


Basically this board is filled with CIA Niggers that glow in the dark.


It was also Patrick Crusius and a few others.
It was just a crazy, revolutionary time, and 8chan was dead in the middle.
Plenty of /trannypol/ shooters but you don't hear about those because obviously they are part of the regime.


Oh, don't worry, the pigs are out there still, watching us from the shadows. You just had really good opsec. They will definitely come visit you if you reveal too much personally identifying data.
Never use a website requiring an email or account, which means you must stay on altchans. Use a VPN, and you're good.


File: 1715823370241.png (211.45 KB, 586x469, 586:469, 1715651376361828.png) ImgOps iqdb

What payroll do you think ex-Anon feds are on, hypothetically speaking, if they were in our presence, infactofcourse.


File: 1715827608506.gif (4.36 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

True story. It really gets the noggin joggin. Elon told us that the Fedcoats had their own offices inside twitter HQ. And we all know that Faceberg has worked with other (hostile) foreign nations to have dissidents rounded up and executed. And these are surface web social media. I'm sure there's an office of glowies getting paid to shitpost. Imagine being a fed trying to impress your friends with your badge and they say, "Wow! That's cool! What do you do?" and your answer is, "I shill BBC on 4/pol/."

>You just had really good opsec.
You're too kind, sir. I try to use ORM in all that I do. I won't reveal my pro-tips because loose lips sink ships.

It's really hard to say. I will say this, from my time as a military ZOGbot (not glowing), there are schemes in place to create massive slush funds. Here's how they do it. There's ONE BOLT on this aircraft that's super duper special. It's the most special bolt on Earth and it can only be made by this one person's backyard garage (who just happens to be a Congressman's nephew). The USAF needs 30 of these bolts per year, but these bolts cost $30k each. That's $900k to make 30 bolts in your backyard machine shop.

Something anons need to understand is that we're not talking about just one nation anymore. Our rulers have switched to globalist mode. We're talking about the combined WEF, Israel, and 14 Eyes. Their combined wealth and power is unfathomable. Spending $900k for bolts is a grain of sand on the beach considering our military budget. I'm not even asking for much to sell the fuck out. I'd be cool with $100k of circulated, unmarked, under the table and off the books $20 bills in a briefcase. (I always wanted a briefcase full of money, gif related)

Maybe the only reason they've never bothered to fuck with me is because I don't say or do anything retarded or illegal. But, if they do come for me, I already know where they'll get me. It'll be in my only "safe space" where I'm unarmed and my guard is down… and on fed property of all places. They'll get me at my VA doctor's appointment. When the spooks flash their badges at me and say, "Sgt (redacted), come with us." I'll reply, "Well, it's about time you butt fucking faggots showed up. You better have my briefcase full of money." And we'll all have a hearty chuckle about it, or I'll end up floating face down in the river that night.

How will it end?


And this might be the last thing I say to verify my authenticity. At the VA yesterday, there's rainbow faggot flags in the elevators. Next time I go, I'll take pics with timestamps because I seriously don't give a fuck anymore because everyone needs to know.

At my appointment the other day with the pharmacist, there was a poster on the wall with a black man and white woman and a halfbreed kid. The pharmacist asked me if I had any questions. Being the IRL shitlord that I am, I said, "Y'all got the blacked race mixing covered, but why isn't this half breed child wearing a dress? So close, but you missed the mark and neglected the LGBT community. Do better, VA." He looked at me, knowing that I just sarcastically shit all over him. But, he's just some zoomer intern doing his time at the VA. I wonder if he knows that I'm the most dangerous man in the room and how close he is to not making it to the end of the day. Since 9/11, we've reached peak saturation of vets after 20 solid years of war. If a revolution is going to happen, we're ripe for it.


We don't just come recruit people who're untrustworthy, irrespective of whether or not their skills are needed.


You have to know for sure they're evil I take it.



halfchan glownigger detected. The only people to ever use that phrase were a select group of cringey namefags in a force spammed "general" thread on halfcuck nobody else seemed to give af about. Obvious fed-op is obvious


File: 1715868077337.mp4 (471.08 KB, 640x360, 16:9, A lovely cheese pizza.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Glowniggers talking about "trust."

I suppose I'll never get my briefcase full of money. I genuinely hate the Synagogue of Satan, denounce the talmud, there's only 2 genders, and I won't bake cheese pizzas for Mossad. :(


Lurking on 4/pol/ might've been where I picked that up. I liked it so much I adopted it. It reminded me of Redcoats and we all know that blasting Redcoats in the face is a patriot and American thing to do. Although, I'd never condone any form of violence against a federal employee of the United States. Violence is never the answer. Unless you're police or military, in which case violence is ALWAYS the only answer for everythihng.


File: 1715871239147-0.jpg (134.36 KB, 960x940, 48:47, 1715817255774295.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1715871239147-1.jpeg (198.54 KB, 1000x900, 10:9, 0b1081e3c1b2ac52add410cb3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Imagine being a fed trying to impress your friends with your badge and they say, "Wow! That's cool! What do you do?" and your answer is, "I shill BBC on 4/pol/."
Wouldn't that be GCHQ / MI6, not the NSA / FBI?

>Something anons need to understand is that we're not talking about just one nation anymore. Our rulers have switched to globalist mode. We're talking about the combined WEF, Israel, and 14 Eyes. Their combined wealth and power is unfathomable.

That's cool and all, but I literally do not fear it in the slightest. Not because they probably do exist, but because you can shut down remote power lines with a RC Helicopter, a rubber band and a piece of hooked metal wire, power transformers / fire hydrants are exposed pieces of critical infrastructure that are easy to locate, easy to destroy and annoying to replace, you can make napalm with nothing more than a bucket + gasoline + styrofoam, you can make a heat induction bomb with a metal piece of cutlery + some duct take + a gas cooker, and then there's the variety of screencapped wannabe retard /sci/entists that have tried to make DIY crystals over the years and ended up giving us cool recipes for nerve agents and mustard gas - among various other methods of greatly inconveniencing people higher up on the totem pole. Even without getting yourself involved with the-usually-illegal-to-view shit like the Anarchist's Cookbook, or the schematics to 3D printed guns.
The amount of completely legal resources the average civvie has at hand, paired with the absolute razor-edge that infrastructure is away from total implosion, and it's almost laughable to think that the tippy-top of the pile are the ones to fear. The biggest domestic attack in burger history cost $5,000 dollars to manufacture and made numerous obvious fuckups; against the infinite legal power + infinite money slush fund exploit that the feds are working with. The guy responsible for the biggest online black market in history almost got away with it just by using tor, at least if he didn't attach his name to his burners and leave his laptop unattended in a library. They can't monitor everyone, and they can't monitor everything. In fact, they probably get so caught up on the easy mask-off retards, that the "everyone else" part just slips their minds as normalcattle not worth the time of day. Blend in with the cattle without compromising yourself, and they just look right over you.
Marble columns might be strong and heavy, but one droplet of water in the right crack, at the right time, at the right temperature, followed by the lightest nudge - and it all starts tumbling down. Nothing lasts for ever. The Romans didn't, the Egyptians didn't, the Babylonians didn't, the Ancient Chinese didn't, the Spanish Empire didn't the British Empire didn't - and neither will Modern Climate of Globalist Neoliberalism. At the time, all of them were at the impossible-scope cutting edge of technology, ahead of any other known time in human history.
So when the system itself is so obviously decaying, the only thing you need is time, patience and timing.

Think of it this way. If a grand "They" do exist, and are all powerful, you have two options - live in fear, and do nothing, ensuring the grand "They" continue to exist, even as opportunities come and go. Or, carry on undeterred, and continue to wait on and prepare for an opening *(because the grand "They" are gonna getcha anyways, so what's the use in bothering being scared of them)*. Shit's like the boogieman as a kid. Or, if you're an edgy 00's radical atheist, God - because the fear of feds is the nu-age moral-consequence check for nu-age sinners, against the divine ordainment of Our Science™, Our Progress™, and Our Holy Democracy™.
Sure, I have no doubt the grand "They" exist in some capacity, but honestly, half of it's in the marketing, because it's cheaper to project an image of competence than keep 5,000+ retard feds under lock and key monitoring every possible potential threat imaginable + all the ongoing ops in the countries they're bombing. Look at how shit Apple is, yet how many normalfaggots think it's top-of-the-line tech because clever marketing. I'm sure the feds do indeed have many spr sekrit backdoors and keyloggers on all the major platforms you shouldn't use anyways because they're shit, but until you're on the level of international most wanted drug lord, the departments doing mass surveillance likely have neither the time, clearance nor expertise to use them until you're passed on up to the higher level tardwranglers. The only ones that seem to target Anonymous Imageboards are just the mudrakers getting some department numbers up to justify their salary and keeping an eye out for any manifestotards - bait some retard / underageb& into a honeypot, call it a fixed problem without needing to monitor every single user on every single thread on every single board on every single site. I mean, what do they get from all the effort of unmasking just one of >us? They find some twig-armed hapa NEET jacking off to Emma Watson with no intention of ever doing anything except illegally torrenting anime? And how is that easily distinguishable to the future revolutionary in the midsts on the surface? And that's just the low-hanging fruit users, let alone the advanced privacy schizos running fucking Linux Debian 9 proxy SuperTor on hardware secured whatevermajig - most of which are just paranoid tech nerds, and have nothing genuine to hide either.
Think the Broken Window Effect. Even if you're in a run down area, unless you see broken windows, crime doesn't proliferate. The moment one window smashes, they all start smashing because psychology or some shit and the crime rate goes up because people think they can get away with it - so it's important to cover up any fuckups, nice and out of sight, and maintain the veneer of "everything is fine". As long as the public think 14I's & the glowies are hypercompetant superduper haxxx0rs on steroids, that's exactly what they are to them, and not degenerating / rotting under the same effect as the outside world. Military performance is down across the board, and what, we're supposed to believe the mass surveillance division isn't succumbing to the same slow march of unearned / entitled / nepautistic boomers, jeets and troons in tech? Doesn't add up to me.


So what's going to trip them up then?

Maybe it's going to be cost of living as a breaking point - housing is up to such an unreasonable degree that most people are unable to afford a mortgage that would run to the end of their lives. The bread half of Bread and Circus? Circus is getting kinda shit as of late too. Maybe all those environmental energy limitations comes to bite them on the ass and jack heating prices up in a bad winter. Or the petrodollar getting fucked with. That shit's not flying with normalfaggots, and you've even got dirt-digging construction workers aware of how hyperinflation is a second form of tax. Tax too, which is already higher than most of the rest of Western human history….. for uhhhh what reason do we spend it on again?
Maybe the migration shit is going to be the snapping point - one thing I heard recent is that Canada is taking in over 1.5mil migrants this year (before illegals / undocumented). The native Canadian population (as in Canadian Canadian, not Native American) is ~20-25mil, and the country is already at a population of 40mil. In less than 2 decades, Canadians went from a majority to a minority in their own country. Maybe the Canadians get sick of it and flip - because not even ultrashitlibs can ignore that they're outnumbered and strangers in their own country. Maybe the "new Canadians" start shoving their weight around and start acting the part of foreign conquest they are with exclusion or cultural conflicts (they already are there with anti-Canadian hiring and housing policies). Maybe it's going to be the Turks in Germany, or the Algerians in France, or the Pakistanis in the UK, or the Afghans in Sweden, or or the [fucking everyone] in Greece. Maybe epic baste Hungary will finally get the ball rolling all by themselves, or Poland, or fucking Estonia or whoever. Maybe it happens in one country and starts a domino effect, like the numerous peasant revolts before / most recently the red wave of commie revolutions in the early 1900's. Maybe a massive attack on a massive event (Paris Olympics are just around the corner, followed by the Sodom & Gomorrah Los Angeles Olympics) that the whole world is watching - pinned directly on the system's decay. Maybe a non-international, but national event that shocks the nation. Maybe just a local event, that spirals out of control. 14 Eyes is cool, but are the Australians going to give a shit about putting down a riot in a medium-sized Spanish town, when they have their own problems to deal with?
Maybe the federal reserve scam they've been crutching on for the better part of a century is going to pay it's dues and collapse in on itself (aka infinite money exploit = over). Most fedscum justify their traitoring with their paycheck and the good feels for the 1-2 somehow-more-evil-fucks-than-them they catch every decade - what are they gonna do when their money ain't worth shit, and their boss just ran off with 1.3% of Fort Knox (back when it wasn't empty). Maybe Chyna, or Russia, or anyone else takes over and begins outright counter-funding instability - pulling the same shit that the current powers pulled on them. What about dissatisfied countries that haven't been all-for being forced to do whatever the fuck the US says on threat of US interference, backed by infinite money.
Maybe we'll see another poor basketball american get killed by DA PO-PO, DA 5-0; and it kicks off yet another wave of indiscriminate riots, and destruction. Maybe people are wisened up to it, and deal with it and snowball it into something bigger (what without COVID restrictions this time). Maybe the useful idiot rioters just do most of the work themselves; and the wreck / Empire of Dust left over is ripe for the taking. Lotta people don't talk about the memoryholed Hurricane Katrina minor racewar in the communication shadow, because it was the first time ever that the looters didn't have the police protecting them.
Maybe it'll be a antibiotic-resistant disease pulling a COVID-but-real. Maybe the Samson Option finally gets triggered because the Muzzies don't like the idea of the 3rd Temple. Maybe AI makes the internet unusable in a few years, shutting out almost all connected services. Maybe that transhumanist brain-interface shit that Elon successfully trialed a few months back kicks something off. Maybe another massive shipping route gets disabled because some retard Jeets moor their ship again. Maybe the incels finally rise up, No Pussy No Civilization. Maybe fucking aliens or some other left-field /x/ shit.
Maybe all of that is a complete shitheap nothingburger. But it only takes one of them to not be a nothingburger. Just one.
Who knows?
*Who cares.*
The bigger a structure, the more foundations it has. The bigger the foundations, the more critical points of weakness emerge. The bigger the structure, the more random points of attack it's vulnerable to. Feds are dangling at the top, trying to juggle every threat possible, as it collapses under it's own weight.
All that's certain is that it will happen. All you need to do is be ready to take full advantage of it if the opportunity ever arises, and not flag yourself up too early, while at the same time ensuring that you're not sat on your laurels expecting it to happen without a helpful nudge at the right time. You don't need to take a picture of the fag flags at your VA - I trust you babe. Keep yourself safe; because if you're somehow not on a list, posting an image they can reference-check / triangulate / read the metadata for sure as fuck will if any glowie finds it. Don't forget >we figured out where the plane scene was shot just off of a few airplane trails and clouds on the day.

Until then, I think I'm just going to lift and shitpost. And work on getting some cool, likeminded, reliable and trustworthy friends irl.
Order is finite and is limited by it's own scope, Chaos is infinite and comes in many forms.

>So, after all, there was not one kind of Eris alone, but all over the Earth there are two. As for the one, a man would praise her if he could ever come to understand her; but the other is instantly blameworthy: and they are wholly different in nature and grandeur.

>For one fosters evil, war and battle, being cruel: her no man loves; but perforce, through the will of the deathless gods, men must pay this harsh Eris her reverence due. The cruellist tricks of seeing that screaming infants made sick, just to watch the tears stream from the face of a bestrifed mother. Famine, just to watch how the merchant deals with his loss of trade, when such easy pickings lie in the hands of another. Stray arrows and misheard harrows, turning friend on friend and guiding ruin to the gates of peace.
>The other is far kinder to men, and sees to the collapse of tyrants then. She stirs the shiftless to toil, and sets blood to boil; for a man grows eager to work when he observes his neighbor in his ivory tower, a rich man who hastens to plough and plant and put his house in good order; and neighbor vies with his neighbor as he hurries after wealth. As potter is become angry with potter, and craftsman with craftsman, and beggar is become jealous of beggar, and minstrel of minstrel. This Eris is wholesome for men, as conflict is generative when.
>The only question is why the two identical twin Erises are never seen together then.

*As long as the State maintains a monopoly on violence.


File: 1715993030105.mp4 (20.93 MB, 854x480, 427:240, what they deserve.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

That's a high quality post, lad. Thank you for that. If it makes you feel any better, I read every word of it. And we agree on many things.

I think C0V1D is what broke me. Elites jumped the shark. After 2020, everything became super fake and gay. To such a degree that even normies started to wake up. The whole C0V1D fiasco was a litmus test for tyranny. Normalfags were fist fighting over toilet paper at Walmart and getting 20 booster vaccines. I knew better.

I believe we're in the "Great Reset" timeline now and we're on the cusp of global governance. It started in Y2K, but we're only noticing it now in it's final phase. The year 2030 is their goal. That said, western civilization only has 6 years remaining.

Even if it gets shit on or called propaganda, I really did like the new "Civil War" movie and I think it gave us all a fair shake. They want me to lynch niggers and faggots, but I'm not going to do it. There was a school principal who went along with drag queen story time. That's where we win the hearts and minds. I'll not off some faggot, I'll hold the enablers accountable.

I won't hunt faggots, I'll hunt the people who were responsible for allowing it to happen. Then, it'll get spicy.

America has gotten fat, lazy, and complacent because death isn't on the menu. If I learned anything from the spooks, kino gore is the cure for what ails our society. And once the normies see enough doctors and educators LARPing as Ghost Rider, they'll take notice. Do this in the "fog of war" and the cops will be too busy to even care.

When it finally happens, it'll be awesome and revolutionary. America needs a taste.


File: 1715993088836.gif (2.73 MB, 334x498, 167:249, alizee-dancing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

You guys are profaned, you'll never understand it.


And if one of my Muslim allies can translate what is said at 3:55 in the video, I'm curious to find out.


File: 1716023429481.mp4 (6.86 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fonzie Jumps Shark.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

INB4 take your meds, schizo.

What I mean to say is that Americans haven't gotten a taste of the ultraviolence that the rest of the world deals with on a daily basis. We live in "The Land of Make-Believe" and stuff like that only happens in third world nations.

Well, *record_scratch_sfx.wav*, not anymore, kiddo. It took a Pearl Harbor to /dup/ us into WW2 and a 0/11 to /dup/ us into 20 years of war in the desert. It took a C0V1D to /dup/ us into tyranny.

It's gonna take a CW2/WW3 to /dup/ us all once again. And if Americans finally get a taste of the action, they'll cry out for someone to save them from it. It's gotta be something real that hits close to home this time or nobody will believe it.

We're reaching peak shark jumping.

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