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Hey guys.




Her name is Dawn Hikari. She has 'The' Bubble Butt and she Defeated the ISIS and turned them Gay.


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Welcome back. Super hot chic btw. Vids are cool. She's wearing a Qatar shirt. There's a yacht. She sure is beautiful, but I think I know where this is going. I lived in Qatar for a year because I'm a retired ZOGbot (mercenary) Don't hate me for it, it was actually the most red pilling time of my life. Kikes and Saudis did 9/11 in cahoots with our elite rulers in the US. Iraq and Afghanistan really was about oil and opium, and reclaiming ancient Babylon. The left was correct on this one, but the left is now a bunch of braindead corporate faggots who would die for this ZOG, MSM, and MSM. It really blows my mind. The "Left" isn't the old Left anymore and the "Right" isn't the old right yuppies anymore, but seem more like lefties of old, while the "New Left" are like fascists. Shit has gotten so stupid that I don't know what side I'm on anymore. I suppose you could say, "I didn't die a hero and lived long enough to see myself become that bad guy." Such is my fate.

These girls are either in for a good time or a bad time. These oil rich rag heads from Qatar and Emirates pay these girls fo be "yacht candy" and cock sleeves. Like an IRL 3D living breathing "Fleshlight" and they're ALL going to use you like a cum dumpster. You're living your best yacht life, but the ride ain't for free, hoes. If you pop off at the mouth or piss these guys off, you'll have a cinder block tied to your ankle and toss into the ocean or be thrown out of a 10 story window. Many such cases. Or you simply just disappear. Doha is a big pimpin Oasis in the middle of a huge ocean of sand, full of oil. There's a phrase for this, but I forget what it is, but it roughly translates into "taken behind the sun." They'll never find the body. It's rumored that journalist Jamal Khashoggi was chopped up and eaten by the palace dogs of the Saudi royal family. Bitches, buyer beware if you ever take one of the yacht deals. Watch your fucking mouths if you know what's good for you.

Mass immigration is a capitalist consumerist scam. And they're creating the climate problem by doing so. We're going to rape the planet dry because everyone is moving to the first world. "Gotta have my Ford F-350 monster truck, my Super Sized Big Mac meals, and my PS7 premium on my 91 inch 2160 super duper ultra HD big screen for 240 fps vidya. Yeah, my rig is liquid nitrogen cooled. Do you even gayme, bruh? Get off our server with your laggy potato piece of shit."

Man, that was one heck of a rant, but I can really belt them out when I'm drunk. If we can both agree that Zionists need to be uninstalled, stop crony capitalism, stop mass immigration to slow climate change and stagnating worker wagers, Pump the brakes on the military industrial complex because we've already had like 50 non-stop years of it, whether is was cold, proxy, or hot.

Our minor differences aside, I think we can both agree that we have bigger fish to fry.

We have to stop these people.
Everyone pretends to be a gangster till it's finally time to start doing gangster shit.


Seriously, don't jew me, tell me her name, I'm trying to compile a list of Tiktok girls to follow.

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