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"Sports recovery drink"




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ÿeah they have been kiking it up here too, basically all flavor no electrolytes. And they managed to pretty much kill off a local brand that wasn't just cheaper (600mL for the price of a 500mL Gatorade) but actually had more electrolytes but no marketing budget. I think Powerade started the race to the bottom here and then Gatorade followed suit. Fuck them both.


Energy drinks were always a joke. Just drink water and don't jerk off the day before a sporting event. You'll have more energy when you compete.


What if its a jerk off competition and I have to practice


Better than the version we get in my country. After Powerade showed up with its cheaper price and lower electrolyte content Gatorade followed suit and the local competitor was driven out of business but never compromised.
Before Powerade arrived both Gatorade and the local competitor (not gonna dox myself) were very effective at preventing cramps.
Nowadays I use potassium/sodium mix salt in my food instead.


Oh God I just read the first post in the thread and it's mine lol.


Anon, electrolytes aren't energy drinks (energy drinks work though, and saved me from getting injured after all-nighters I pulled before morning sports). Monster I found was the best, because it also helped my vision by making the iris able to close or something like that.


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LOLed irl

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