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instant ramen or cup ramen?


Cup ramen as in real home made ramen, or literally cup noodle ramen that's instant?
Whatever the case I like cup ramen. If you are referring to the homemade cup then it's obvious why. The instant cups are identical to the packages. I like it because the plastic cup adds more atmosphere to my lunch/dinner time.


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Also, out of all the ramen I've tried, I like the mama shrimp flavour one the best


I'm tempted to show you lads how to make your own noodles. Remember boys Carbs are the enemy


How do you do it? Does it require niche ingredients, and take time to make? I understand some parts like the stock, or seasoning satay could take a long time to prepare. But that's why we can refrigerate it to make it on the fly. But that's what I think.
Note: I am not so sophisticated in making noodles. Forgive me.


It requires flour, that's all.

Basically make dough (Flour and Water, that's all you need though I like to add egg for that additional 'yellow' color and for flavour) and continue to kneed it till it becomes mold-able.

Kneed the dough into long strands, as thin or thick as you like but ensuring they're atleast a bit thick.

Bring a pot (large) to a boil and watch them absorb that stuff.

Either eat once they turn a yellow or atleast a deeper tan colour.

If you want you can then take them out and fry them in oil which is nice.


Just thought I might add for the broth I usually like to add Miso Sauce (about two tablespoons), Soy Sauce (half a cup), Chinese cooking Wine (1/4 cup) and Crushed Chilli (how much you can take, for me about four tablespoons). Eat with a splash of vinegar and the vegetables of your choice whilst hot.


Either cup or instant. I like shin ramyun, it comes in both.


Teach them to make a Carbonara and watch the heart attacks start coming in.


Do you even nutrition matey


No. I make a Carbonara and fry my noodles until they're almost crispy. I'll use bacon if I can't find cured pork, or I'll use salted lard pork or sometimes I'll buy the pork back rib cut with the nice layer of fat and I'll remove the fat and a strip of some pork and make my own bacon strips. I like to use romano and parmasan obviously but sometimes provolone is good. I'm easy on the egg, it really depends on how I'm feeling.
I also usually enjoy a smoke after dinner, frankly though I'm sick of the prices of cigars, the taxes are incredulous. I've actually been trying out brands of marijuana to see if particular strains go well with anything.


Sounds beautiful, I might give it a go, thanks


Bombay badboy pot noodle.


I was just reading an article that said adding baking soda (or something fancier called kansui) was vital to make the noodles alkaline for the sake of texture and flavor. Let me know if you ever try it out and what you think




>The instant cups are identical to the packages.
I couldn't disagree more. Try a shin ramyun cup vs the package, the package not only has more noodles for the same price, the noodles are thicker and tastier.


shin ramyun is solid


Neither, I just eat cum.


Your own or other people's?


jesus this board is inactive. i genuinely cant believe this thread is still on page 2


It would be more active but why bother if mods are going to delete pictures of tasty tasty burgers. No good food threads for you!


gotta get those proteins


I remember watching some Sha Li videos and he was talking about maximizing his dollars per calorie
Ramen is def one of the best ways to maximize dollars per calorie. I honestly think I could live on 50 cents a day with ramen. shit makes you fat as fuck


some of the vietnamese variants are pretty nice


almost a year now, brothers.


is it done yet
i wanna eat now


the food will be ready when this thread hits 12 months old. hope you are hungry because there is a lot of ramen to go around


cup ramen is dogshit. it always tastes stale and is oversteamed.


>enjoys a smoke after dinner


I prefer big black cock.


>eats a steady diet of ramen, lard, bacon, pork back, lard pork, cured pork, more bacon, cheese, cheese, more cheese, an egg, and cigarettes

10/10 top wop


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