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>Civilization goes in cycles
>Strong men create civilization
>Civilization makes weak men
>Weak men let civilization collapse
>Strong men are born from the ruins
>Reach a technological level that requires high levels to farm basic resources
>Can't get oil to rebuild because high level tech took all the easy oil
>Can't use old knowledge because it's locked behind file formats you can't access any more
>Can't manufacture microchips so you lose access to computers entirely
>Elites and merchants radicalize the lower species across the planet against the higher ones making intelligence a lost asset
>Every race gets the internet, the next generation loses critical thinking
>A generation (Gen x/Millenials) become the final generation raised to understand technology while the next (Gen Z) only knows app stores
>All this decline means a collapse can never be recovered from and every planet ends up primitive before it can colonize other worlds.


Okay but where is civilization?
Did the 1920s create the last strong men?
Men were killed off for multiple generations.
I don't see how their void leaving room for weak men pin the responsibility on society.


Gahoole is the model for it.
He's currently working out to become strong now that society has gotten so weak and is collapsing.


Fermi Paradox is another dumb theory made to fool the blinded people from this world, same about the evolution theory of Darwin.


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the romans unironically were more advanced than modern humans and had super computers and AIs but then they discovered trannies and it all went to shit


Biofuels and biodiesels are good alternatives to fuel a civilization, perhaps not as one on our scale, but certainly smaller-scale civilizations.


>Strong men create civilization
>Civilization makes weak men
>Weak men let civilization collapse
>Strong men are born from the ruins
One of the most retarded Hot Topic slogans that gets repeated on imageboards


Care to elaborate? Or are you just barking out some retarded opinion you haven't actually thought about because the saying bothers you?


They are degenerates animals independent of any level of technology they had, Christianity came too late to save them.


it's true tho


t. spiritual negro


Fermi Paradox is interesting perhaps but is only one way of explaining the phenomenon we perceive as 'cyclical history'. one could describe the same process differently: like that global civillisation is wiped out every 25'000 years, with many opportunities for individual societies to collapse in that period, because the human experience is one of imprisonment on this planet and occasionally external force needs to be used when technology becomes to advanced. that is also one explanation.
seemingly there is some importance in the process. perhaps it is not a cycle but a question? in order for the human race to be ready for galatic travel it must first answer the question of how to prevent technology from degrading biological quality.




It depends on how deep and autistic you want to go, if you believe that much of our history taught by the mainstream is not correct.
I recommend to you two authors. Robert Sepehr even tho e-christians hate him for not embracing the bible view of the world and Cixin Liu for some good sci-fi books about Fermi Paradox and the universe as a whole.


One aspect you neglect to mention about civilization dying is that space travel is impossible. Populations literally have no way to leave their world and end up getting led down the primrose path to thinking "it's okay, the powers that be will get us away from all these problems".



Probably NuZach or another fag trying out new VPNs


>All this decline means a collapse can never be recovered from and every planet ends up primitive before it can colonize other worlds.

They don't colonize other worlds because it's easier and better to live in space ships.

Civilizations create specialization, specialization often produces technology, technology creates a surplus which allows a parasitic population to grow their population until their consumption surpasses the surplus and there's a revolt or civilizational collapse from a lack of necessities, such as domestic production when imports have been blocked by war or failure of payment.

Civilizations can easily bypass this obstacle with eugenics and multigenerational punishment. If you get caught racketeering or betraying the nation, you and your genetically defective offspring die so the defective parasitic population doesn't continue to grow.

In the case of the USA, the cost of living should be near zero, but they've got an exponentially growing parasite class in charge of the govenrment that terrorizes the population into paying them for nothing, a government that has transfered control of all assets to their incompetent hands, and their solution to the population dying off is to replace them with low IQ foreigners with no national allegiance to the parasites. So yeah, they're going to die and the USA will be no more. The USA gave away all its technology to rival nations though, and China just kills its parasite class when they threaten national interests so China's going into space and the USA just dies.

The USA gave China the technology to beat them in the space race for free because the parasite class that made money on imports, after having shut down domestic production with rackets, said it was geopolitically wise to give China all the USA's tech for free. China wouldn't have even invented the bicycle independently, much less spaceships, but the USA's universities taught them how because the parasite class demanded it to avoid other countries ceasing imports because the USA's failure to export goods.

Civilizations don't have to go through cycles of collapse. It's not necessary at all. But that's what happens when you don't take out the trash and you reward things that aren't in the best interest of the nation the civilization serves.

The USA is so batshit insane it doesn't even "believe" in nations, so there's literally no reason for anyone of any nationality to support it, since the USA will spit in their face and side with their enemies if they ever need defense from an enemy nation.

Why would you support a country that robs you and refuses to defend your people with its military? The USA is totally dead in the water and has nothing to offer any contributors; it only cares, ONLY cares, about some useless racketeers that should have been boiled alive with their whole family for giving China tech and shutting down the Western economies with racketeering that used the government to force people to pay them for nothing in the form of rent, fees, insurances, and gatekeeping access institutions and services necessary to participate in the economy.

The USA supports 20 million families with the government protected racket of "investing" by buying up houses on loans and then renting them back to the population for more than the mortgage payment. The total number of people that do literally nothing and live with 7 digit incomes is probably around 70 million, 70 million useless eaters living the high life while shutting down the economy with their fees to do anything. Letting those people and their psychopathic kids live is what destroys civilizations, that's the dysgenic shift and it happens when governments become corrupt and use the law enforcement to transfer all the wealth to them and their friends, even if it wipes out the whole civilization.


The USA is an example of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall".

The USA was given a tremendous amount of technology that allowed a tremendous dysgenic shift.

They had the surplus to make the cost of living obsolete, but instead the people that contributed got nothing and grew the parasite class to astronomical proportions in the tens of millions.

This is what happens when you give any kind of technology to a corrupt disloyal government, or the corporations they control, like the USA. Instead of making things better, they make more psychopathic rent seekers and when they grow too large to support, the ones that survive are the useless eaters that terrorized the productive population into paying them.

That's the dysgenic shift and if you want to be able to rebuild, you've got to get rid of the racketeers' and corrupt government officials' descendants, since they will be an immense burden on the survivors and prevent them from reforming a functional state.

When it's time to work to make a new state and survive, these racketeers' children will pay law enforcement to use terror against the population to feed them, preventing recovery.

Not everyone participated in the rackets, there is something genetically wrong with the families that did. They're anti-civilizational and will rob and starve out others of their own nation to live affluently. You've got to get rid of them or everything you ever do will be hampered by their psychopathic kids holding out a hand and saying, "pay me or I'll attack you", until they have the funds to pay other people to attack you.

Unless the USA is going to conduct a purge of all the racketeering families in the country, it's positively hopeless. You can't make a working civilization out of psychopaths.

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