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By deities I mean much much more advanced beings that can radically change reality and the world if they want to.

Most, if they interact with humanity at all, do so only so that if they need to communicate with humanity later humanity will have some concept of who they are and don't just check into a mental asylum after coming across them.

There are a few that actually care about humanity as a whole and some that care about specific nations they've invested time and energy into. But in general they are disliked by the other deities for it and that sometimes translates into entire religions demonizing them, making it harder for them to influence human affairs.

And established human leaders tend to hate them since when they show up it usually means averting some crisis caused by the established human leader's rule and a change to the status quo that keeps them wealthy and influential.

One deity that keeps meddling in human affairs is "Prometheus" and the other deities really don't like him giving humans technology. The only reason they can't do anything about him is because Prometheus is actually more powerful than any of the other deities that involve themselves with humanity.

Within humanity there is a kind of proxy war between these deities that involve themselves with humanity resulting from a stalemate in heaven primarily between "Zeus" and "Prometheus".

Zeus prefers humanity as basic unorganized animals and thinks that they should evolve, if at all, over hundreds of millions of years.

Prometheus prefers that humanity be spoonfed technology, including civilizational designs, that force a rapid evolution through the selection pressures that intelligently designed civilizations exert on their populations.

Zeus' clique sabotages civilizations that Prometheus creates by introducing self destructive models of governance and turns them into dysgenic factories, instead of eugenic ones, reducing humans back to a primitive state.

Sometimes Zeus and Prometheus agree that a civilization and its population has to be destroyed though. When Zeus wins at corrupting a civilization, everyone just agrees it is to be obliterated.

Zeus has his own logic. There are reasons behind his rationale. But his ideas largely disregard human suffering and the amount. Zeus sees reliability in time hardwiring certain traits into humanity through a long and grueling process that might not pan out.

Prometheus cheats the process and introduces things before there is a physiological basis for them. Prometheus gave humans complicated languages before they were capable of them and as a result the human brain hardwired itself for them. He gave them letters and mathematics and as a result some humans became hardwired for them. By introducing advantages before there is a physiological basis for them, the ones capable of using them have an advantage and the genes of the population shift to make those most competent of using the tools the norm.

Zeus corrupts tools by teaching humanity how they can misuse them to create a dysgenic civilization collapsing spiral. Prometheus gives humans the concept of law, law specialists, and the economies they make possible. Zeus shows people how to use laws and law specialists to direct resources to dysgenic people, undermining the entire mechanism of Prometheus' gifts and turning them into something harmful.

You can more or less tell Zeus and his clique had a hand in something by whether or not it causes a dysgenic shift. When a civilization makes more idiots and psychopaths, Zeus probably did it.

This proxy war has been going on for so long.


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When Zeus corrupts a civilization, he tries to take over all the civilizations with it to reduce all of humanity back to a primitive state through dysgenics and the resulting civilizational collapse, using whatever advancement Prometheus introduced to facilitate the spread.

While it can look similar, Prometheus sometimes uses civilizations to wipe out the dysgenic people Zeus grew with civilizational corruption.

The way to distinguish between the two is whether the resulting population is smarter or dumber.

If you even so much as know how to light a fire, Zeus sees you as one of Prometheus' abominations, but that won't stop him from using you to wipe out people that are better than you in a race to the bottom.

The humanity that Zeus loves is pretty much extinct and he aims to recreate it through dysgenics. No tools, no language beyond a howl, no intergenerational knowledge at all where survival is totally dictated by individual strength.

Zeus' idea is that these artificial introductions of technology of various kinds produce dependence. Prometheus' gifts come with dependence on intergenerational knowledge and environmental requirements. Take for example mathematics that makes creatures that aren't capable of mentally processing complex systems accurately able to solve complex problems using a linquistic abstraction, but it's dependent on someone teaching you math because the process of developing it from scratch that takes longer than a single human lifetime and you're also dependent on the writing tools because your memory is so weak and things like computing software. Zeus' alternative is to just wait until the creature has the brain power to do it in their head without abstraction so you could drop any of these creatures anywhere and they could do all the mathematical operations without being taught anything, learning basic mathematical operations from their environment and extrapolating them independently like how you can calculate the trajectory of a rock and the force of your limbs to hit a particular target without any abstract linguistic calculations being taught to you at all because it's all hardwired physiologically and you learn how things work without language at all.

Prometheus wants a similar outcome, but he cheats by teaching humans things prematurely. And he has created some things that turned into genuine abominations, not in small part because of Zeus' interference though.

Hundreds of civilizations have been wiped out through these proxy wars and it makes you wonder if humanity would have been better off without Prometheus meddling at all. But almost all of humanity is Prometheus' abominations today, so humanity has clearly defined allies and opposition.


I have always found it interesting that Prometheus was apparently never revered or loved.


Reminds me of the Christian theory of Cain being the founder of the first large city with lots of inventions and tools for them to lazily depend on while Seth's children rejected depending on tech or large packed cities because a focus on efficiency disrespects Gods punishment he put for humans to struggle against the flesh and nature in this fallen world. It also happens to make you more materialistic rather than spiritual.
Just like how Zeus hated reliance on tools or efficiency because it creates sloth and weakness. Though I'd link Hepheastus heavily here as well in this theme to tubal-cain.


You're talking about Vampire, the Masquerade


Videogames take from inspiration alot of mythological themes so I wouldn't be surprised if whatever that is is doing that. Most videogame creators are in the freemason club anyway so they do the exact same symbolism in videogames over and over though usually in a subtle warped way with truths and lies than the whole puzzle piece of the truth.


>tabletop rpg


I'm sorry I've annoyed you for not knowing whatever escapist product that is.


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Than fucking God I will never be a swarthy mongrel with an IQ of 90 living in a sun-scorched shithole.


meds built society though


Greeks weren't mixed mutts then like they or you are today. Even simple statues of Greek figures are evidence of this alone without just DNA tests.




Please return to cuckchan with your braindead one-liner responses.


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