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What's YOUR opinion about his 4channel essay?


>that accent
Is this what the anglos call a "norf fc lad?"


Why would I make any effort to watch it and give you my opinion if you don't even give yours in the OP


I only watched one or two of his reviews and in some of them he is really smart and almost based. But this one posted by op is pure crap.






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How low of a standard do you need to have to think 2049 is a masterpiece, even as a standalone film?


File: 1713538558869.jpg (122.87 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, b81d1fd9110cbbc78cfa5bedd2….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Dawg, that Harrison Ford reveal.


Is that a selfie you took?


You need new one-liners.


Is a solid 10/10 movie, you are just being contrarian, boomer.


No dude you don't get, it Ryan Gosling acts like a depressed loser in 2049, and I'm a depressed loser in real life, therefore it's a solid 10/10 movie.


It is a masterpiece. You on the other hand are a retard.


I'm too white for this conversation.


This site needs a border wall.


File: 1713585587734.jpg (207.67 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1389941698714.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb




You are pale, mexicanshit, not white.


When you go on dates, do you tell women what you do for a living?


Bold of you to assume he has a job


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Meanwhile, this is the king of tvch


File: 1713745805615.png (743.59 KB, 930x662, 465:331, Bold One.png) ImgOps iqdb

Whoops. Forgot pic


If a film is made with the intention of being a sequel, but fails at doing so, it is a terrible film. I don't need some retard from Yorkshire taking half of an hour of my time to respond to critics of a film in his own video on it. Especially not one who says that the intention of everything about the film makes it clear Ana was Rachel's daughter, only to dismiss it by saying there are theories about who it could be, despite any notion of there being a question completely contradicting the story and sweeping away one of the most glaring criticisms of the film, that Villeneuve left no hint of mystery, an integral piece of the first film's cult popularity and a requirement for the categorization of a film as noir or neo-noir. He even dismisses the film's answering of whether Deckard is a replicant by a roundabout means of saying that since we're never told male replicants are infertile, it must be that only females are. This isn't taking into account that even Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford have said publicly that Deckard is a replicant, two controversial statements leading up to the film's release and likely meant to promote it, especially so since at every point beforehand, Ford had argued vehemently that he and Scott had settled on Deckard being a human during shooting while Scott had only changed his mind and started saying Deckard was a replicant after the turn of the millenium.

As for cinematography, Villeneuve is a hack. Every scene is bland or by the numbers, and the most striking images are only held together by color filters. The film's opening sequence completely misses the point of how show-stopping the original's was meant to be, though this may be because so few watched the ill thought prequel short films, and, while still abysmal, it would be leagues better if Ford was cut completely from the film. This isn't to mention the Jared Leto wank. Leto, for reference, is a real cult leader. Villeneuve compared his entrance onset to Christ.

The film is stimulating if you're an ape who gets excited by pretty colors and being talked to. We can only hope that 2099 is better, but it's at Amazon.


I second this completely. Not samefagging.
I didn't know there was a 2099 planned, but it will be complete shit, guaranteed. I'm completely baffled how every Ip is gaining shitty streamverses.


Guise I think Blade Runner 2049 is pretty good :(


Everywhere All At Once hag is going to be in a leading roll in 2099. Japanese (not Chinese, which she is despite being from Malaysia) dominance of America was meant to play on fears of their economic ascendance and a paradoxical fascination with their alien culture. An Asian should never be the lead actor of a Blade Runner entry. It's aesthetically incorrect. Dead franchise.
I may have been too harsh when I wrote what I did, but it's a frustratingly bad film.


Why are they jumping ahead so many years?

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