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R: 35 / I: 6
>Reservoir Dogs
crime film with a twist
>Pulp Fiction
crime film with non-linear narrative
>Jackie Brown
crime film
>Kill Bill
revenge film
>Kill Bill 2
revenge film
>Death Proof
revenge film
>Inglorious Basterds
revenge film
revenge film
>The Hateful Eight
revenge film
>Once Upon a Time
revenge film
R: 35 / I: 4

New ‘Free Blockbuster’ Boxes Lets Locals Donate and Borrow Movies

We've all seen the little free library boxes in neighborhoods, but Ryan Daley had a better idea: free movies. The Arlington, Virginia, and D.C. native was inspired when he saw something similar in Philadelphia and decided to try the same at home. His first location? A Free Blockbuster box - filled with movies, popcorn, and candy - directly across the street from the Arlington eatery, Bob and Edith's. Why? "I feel like diners and movies go together," he said. Agreed.

The box, complete with the nostalgic colors and logo, was a love letter to a place he spent part of his childhood.

"I wanted to do something special for the movie lovers in the area, for the ones who enjoy movies as much as I do," Daley said, noting there are now over 50 locations across the country. "I went to several thrift stores and pawn shops in the area and hand-picked over 100 movies, all movies I thought were amazing and worth watching."

Brian Morrison was the first to set up a Free Blockbuster in 2019 and was inspired by two seemingly random events: a friend with a large movie collection who was unsure how to transport them during a cross country move and LA Weekly's empty newspaper dispensers after they decided to reduce their print publications. Need, want, and opportunity. Morrison found all the hallmarks of a potential business idea.

Obviously, the trust factor comes into play here with Morrison adding that "we generally hope things make their way back" to the boxes, but he remains undeterred in his quest to bring the Blockbuster experience back to a whole new generation and to those who still feel nostalgic for that blue and yellow cultural hub.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to make a Free Blockbuster," Morrison continued, and he's serious about that goal. If you would like to set up a Free Blockbuster in your neighborhood, a quick trip over to their website will provide you all the materials you need to get started including a Free Blockbuster box, logos, decals, and even "membership" cards.

You can follow their progress on their official Instagram page, @bluetapemovies.

R: 43 / I: 11
Is the new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe really as bad as everybody says?
R: 28 / I: 11
What was it about the late 90s that everyone was obsessed about simulations n shiet?
R: 8 / I: 1
Why are all these ex-disney harlot's who've probably been passed around a hundred times suing one of the six biggest companies in the world?
R: 22 / I: 9

Warner Bros. Pictures

Are they the only studio producing good movies this year?

Released in 2021:
>Locked Down
>The Little Things
>Judas and the Black Messiah
>Tom & Jerry
>Zach Snyder's Justice League
>Godzilla vs. Kong
>Rurouni Kenshin: The Final
>Those Who Wish Me Dead
>The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It
>Space Jam: A New Legacy
>The Suicide Squad

Upcoming in 2021:
>Malignant, a James Wan horror
>Dune, a French-Canadian second-rate sci-fi adaptation
>Cry Macho, another timely neo-western from Clint Eastwood
>The Many Saints of Newark, a Sopranos prequel flick
>King Richard, oscar bait about the father of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams
>Untitled fourth Matrix film
>The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, about an autistic kid who is obsessed with Sherlock Holmes
R: 3 / I: 0

Movie pitch

Okay, hear me out.

What if there was an Italian movie, but all it was for the entirety of the movie, was some italian guy introducing characters? Something like Bronx Tale, but only character introductions…

>and here comes sandwhich magee, they called him sandwhich magee because he always had a sandwhich, legend has it, he still has the same sandwhich

>and here comes donny shoes, they called him donny shoes because he wore these shoes and everyone laughed at him
>and here comes johnny internet, they called him johnny internet because he was always on the internet shitposting, legend has it, he still shitposts on tvch.moe
R: 50 / I: 11


Why aren't you watching the Olympics Anon-San?

>Viewership for the Tokyo Games has been down more than 40% compared to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016
R: 102 / I: 40

The Little Mermaid

>Contact between humans and mer-folk are forbidden
>Ariel the mermaid is thirsty for humans
>Her father King Triton forbids her to go up to the surface world
>Ariel disobeys her father, peeps around and falls in love with the first person she sees, Prince Eric
>she likes Eric because…he's handsome…and he's a prince
>in reality Eric is some self-centered schmuck who is chasing after his "dream girl"
>Ariel makes a pact with the devil, loses her voice and gives up everything in her life to be with Prince Eric
>Ariel is rude to her family and friends, runs away from home
>Ariel defies her father's ultimatums and customs
>she's not punished for any of her actions
>King Triton realizes Ariel can only be happy with trophy husband Eric, Ariel's heinous actions are vindicated
>the father has a change of heart, humans and mer-folk are fraternizing at the wedding during the end of the movie

Moral of the story? Defy your parents, act like a spoiled brat and you'll get what you want if you just follow your heart.

Looking back, The Little Mermaid is the one movie in the Disney canon which caused the most damage. Notice how Disney treated parental figures in their films before and after The Little Mermaid. Before The Little Mermaid you had a few cruel evil stepmother types like in Cinderella, or absent parents like in The Jungle Book. But for the most part, parents were good and nurturing like in Dumbo and Bambi or Lady and the Tramp. Before The Little Mermaid came out, you could usually find a positive portrayal of a parental figure. After Little Mermaid, things got much worse and parents were diminished into negative stereotypes.

Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin or Tarzan you had Belle's, Princess Jasmine's and Jane's comical dopey foolish fathers. Some fathers are too overbearing and expect their children to follow tradition, which isn't what the child wants, like King Triton and Ariel, Chief Powhatan and Pocahontas or Mulan and her father. Some of these fathers also implicitly trust the villain in the story.

What's more common in the Disney movies post Little Mermaid are absentee mothers. With the exception of Mulan, basically all of the Disney Renaissance characters are raised by single dads. The purpose of this is to highlight the feminine qualities and independence of the so called heroines like Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Jane, etc because the father is too weak and oafish or domineering. There is no competing female figure to suggest that the heroine requires guidance or support. The heroines eventually act like surrogate mothers to male figures (Pocahontas gives sensitivity training to John Smith, Quasimodo becomes humanized by Esmeralda, Beast is taught to love by Belle).

After The Little Mermaid it became more common for Disney to include patriarchal oppressor figures. Patriarchal oppressors are always male and almost always white, except for Jafar in Aladdin. Patriarchal oppressors are leaders and pillars of their community, and they hate those who are weaker or different from himself. The patriarchal oppressor is always out to exploit those beneath him, like Frollo and the gypsies in Hunchback, Clayton and the apes in Tarzan, Ratcliff against the indians in Pocahontas, or even in the 2000s you had a Disney villain like Commander Rourke against the Atlanteans. Patriarchal oppressors like Gaston, Jafar and Frollo always desired the heroine and tried to force her hand in marriage, it's an inversion of when Ursula tried to go after Prince Eric and staged the wedding in The Little Mermaid.
R: 3 / I: 1

Jungle Cruise mostly white male audience

Hey I decided to ask you guys since you're the whitest people i know….ummmm why?
R: 15 / I: 0

Faggot: A bundle of Niggers

<Is there anything more cucked than having daughters.
Well I guess the meme is real and alive.

Matt "The Faggot" Damon said he'll no longer say the word "FAGGOT" thanks to training he received from his daughter, a child.

>Matt Damon first made his name playing a coarse M*sshole who happens to be a reluctant genius. Since Good Will Hunting, he's built a very different persona: Nice, affable, polite, often endearingly bumbling. (A rare exception is as the Gruff Midwestern Everyman he plays in the new film Stillwater.) But you can't take the Massachusetts out of a Massachusettsite, which is why - for some reason - he decided to confess that he only stopped using the "f-slur" semi-recently.

>In a new interview with the UK's Sunday Times (as caught by Vulture), the actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter opened with an anecdote about how his daughter stopped him from using an epithet that went out of fashion among polite society quite a long time ago. He called it "the f-slur for homosexual," and he was apparently still throwing that one around, at least among family and friends.

>To get him to retire the term took, he said, a "very long" plea from his daughter. "I made a joke, months ago, and got a treatise from my daughter," he recounted. "She left the table. I said, 'Come on, that's a joke! I say it in the movie Stuck on You!' She went to her room and wrote a very long, beautiful treatise on how that word is dangerous. I said, 'I retire the f-slur!' I understood."

>Why would Damon self-own like this? And why did it take so long, especially since he's played two prominent LGBTQ+ characters, in Behind the Candelabra and The Talented Mr. Ripley? Who knows! But for some reason he never got the memo that the only people who still use the "f-slur" are old school bigots, or certain rappers. Indeed, this bit of news was dropped during a recent epidemic in homophobia amongst the hip-hop world, which saw DaBaby get booted from Lollapalooza due to an anti-gay tirade.

>When the news hit social media, it left a lot of people confused.

>Anyway, welcome to 2021, Mr. Damon!

R: 22 / I: 5
What killed him? The fat? The depression? OR the drugs?
R: 41 / I: 16

‘Arthur’ Canceled at PBS After 25 Seasons

After 25 seasons at PBS, the beloved cartoon Arthur will no longer continue. One of the show's writers, Kathy Waugh, broke the news during an episode of the Finding D.W. podcast (via Entertainment Weekly).

"Arthur is no longer in a production," she revealed. "We had our wrap party two years ago. I think they've made a mistake, PBS, and I think Arthur should come back. And I know I'm not alone in thinking they made a mistake."

Waugh went on to say that she doesn't know if it was a ratings decision to cancel the long-running kid's program centered around a bespectacled aardvark, but felt the show had been around so long that it would never end. "To me, it felt like evergreen, like it was never going to end, but it did end," she said.

With the news out, Carol Greenwald, the show's executive producer issued the following statement: "Arthur is the longest-running kids animated series in history and is known for teaching kindness, empathy, and inclusion through many groundbreaking moments to generations of viewers. In the winter of 2022, the 25th and final season of Arthur will debut. Arthur will continue to be available on PBS KIDS for years to come. Producer GBH and PBS KIDS are continuing to work together on additional Arthur content, sharing the lessons of Arthur and his friends in new ways."

Based on Brown's "Arthur Adventure" book series, the four-time Emmy-wining Arthur didn't shy away from controversial subjects in order to teach children moral lessons. In 2019, Alabama Public Television pulled an episode titled, "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone," that included a same-sex marriage (via the New York Post). The network responded to the backlash by reconfirming its commitment to reflect the world its audience sees. "PBS KIDS programs are designed to reflect the diversity of communities across the nation," they said in a statement. "We believe it is important to represent the wide array of adults in the lives of children who look to PBS KIDS every day."

R: 157 / I: 64
Does having a cute gf improve your movie watching experience?
R: 4 / I: 1
Has Cole said or done anything relating to his mother getting raped by his half-brother? Asking here instead of on /dunk/ because I figured Cole being the world's smartest film critic would make this question /tv/ related.
R: 3 / I: 2
Was this the only believable female leader in cinematic history?
R: 325 / I: 83

Brie Larson Shares Captain Marvel 2 Training Video

Brie Larson takes to Instagram to share a video of herself training for her upcoming role as Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2, aka The Marvels.

R: 10 / I: 3
What message was this episode meant to convey?
R: 4 / I: 1

femcel /tv/ schizo

R: 29 / I: 13
R: 19 / I: 7
What are the quintessential /npc/core kinos?
R: 8 / I: 1
Remember when you wouldn't spend hours a day on the computer?

Remember when you didn't watch porn?

R: 6 / I: 0
R: 5 / I: 0
R: 1 / I: 1
Now that the dust has settled, who made this?
R: 34 / I: 3

Season 3 is objectively the best season of the Simpsons

>episodes are well written stories with real character development and emotional crescendos instead of a series of unrelated gags
>mostly grounded in reality which makes the occasional absurd jokes stand out more
>social commentary is relatively subtle and usually takes a back seat to the rest of the story
>characters are fairly believable; they have quirks but those are not their defining traits
It's odd that it was considered irreverent at the time but looking back, most of these episodes seem wholesome.
R: 13 / I: 7
Naked frasier
R: 73 / I: 75

Do you think Mackenzie Foy has somewhat receded from the film viewing publics eye?

i can see something receding in that picture
R: 8 / I: 2
>tfw used to talk about Stargate back in /tv/ one decade ago and even before that when I was a shota on forums talking about scifi shows with a bunch of adults
R: 7 / I: 1
R: 36 / I: 17

Malina Weissman nudity and nude sex scenes in future roles?

does anyone know if Malina Weissman is in anything new yet? and does anyone think we'll see her doing any nudity and nude sex scenes? and if so what makes you strongly suggest this, what insight, info or observations make you say it?
R: 5 / I: 4
The original Emma Stone
R: 16 / I: 2
What was the last movie to make you laugh?
R: 31 / I: 2
They did Bam dirty…All those new diversity hires but no room for one of the guys who was fundamental in jackass taking off and helped to write a bunch of the memorable stunts because he developed a drinking problem? Half of their shtick was being degenerate alcoholic frat boys but now he has an actual issue he just gets tossed to the curb? He has other revenue streams with all the royalties even if you don't include the ones from jackass I guess but it's still super fucked up how this has been handled imo. Not that I actually give a shit about jackass or bam but this kind of shatters the image of le zany friends who have each others back despite le eccentricity just filming fun pranks with a camera. What a bunch of kikes!
R: 2 / I: 1

Maisie Williams considering going back to school

What the fuck ?

R: 17 / I: 8

‘House of Gucci’ - Official Trailer

Ridley Scott has some big end-of-the-year plans. Not only does he have the historical epic The Last Duel hitting theaters in October, a month later will see the release of his star-studded House of Gucci. Based on the non-fiction book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden, House of Gucci covers the true story surrounding the Gucci fashion empire, and the murder of Maurizio Gucci, an Italian businessman and the head of the Gucci fashion house.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga star as Mr. and Mrs. Gucci.

"This project has long been a labor of love for both Ridley and me," said Giannina Scott, who will produce the film alongside her husband under their Scott Free banner. "The story is so epic, the stakes so high and the characters so richly drawn."

MGM's film chairman Michael De Luca expressed his excitement in a statement to have been a part of the studio bringing the project to life. "Nothing typifies bold, audacious originality more than a film by Ridley Scott."

Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and Salma Hayek round out the cast.

House of Gucci will be released to theaters on Nov. 24.

R: 9 / I: 2
What is Steven Seagal's best movie?
R: 2 / I: 0
Underrated kino about Dup
R: 10 / I: 6

Filming Halted On The Flash After Batcycle Accident

Glasgow Live brings word that production on Warner Bros.' The Flash movie has been halted following an accident on set in the UK. According to the outlet, a camera operator "collided with Batman on his Batcycle from behind" during filming on Renfield Street, injuring the crew member.

The camera operator was reportedly "on a motorcycle shooting Batman from behind while travelling at speed down Renfield Street, before he collided with the stunt double and went under the Batcycle near to the junction of West George Street."

An ambulance was called to the scene, and an eyewitness shared with the outlet that "the crew clapped as the ambulance then left the scene, suggesting the crew member was taken to [the] hospital."

The Flash movie sees Ezra Miller reprising his role as the DCEU's Scarlet Speedster/ Barry Allen, who he first portrayed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Zack Snyder's Justice League. He also made a surprise appearance in 2019 during The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.

Joining Miller are Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Maribel Verdú as Nora Allen, and on-the-rise star Sasha Calle (The Young and the Restless) signing on to star as Supergirl, becoming only the second actress to ever portray the character on the big screen. Golden Globe nominee Ron Livingston has also been cast to replace Billy Crudup as Henry Allen. It has been confirmed that Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck will be reprising their respective versions of Bruce Wayne/Batman for the film.

Warner Bros. first revealed that their Flash film would be inspired by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's Flashpoint comic as early as 2017, even going so far as to change the project's title to Flashpoint, but after last year's announcement of its 2022 release date, it was subsequently changed over to its current title.

The Flash movie is directed by IT's Andy Muschietti from the latest screenplay written by Christina Hodson. It is executive produced by Marianne Jenkins with Michael Disco and Barbara Muschietti set as producers.

R: 3 / I: 2
R: 11 / I: 3
>Historical movie
>no niggers in it
how does Ridley Scott get away with it?
R: 8 / I: 1


Recommend more movies like these.
R: 34 / I: 9

Ghostbusters 3 - Official Trailer

Sony Pictures has finally dropped a Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer for Jason Reitman's long-awaited sequel, which features plenty of new footage that gives fans a better idea of what to expect in the upcoming installment. The film is currently slated to arrive in theaters on November 11, 2021.

The new Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer highlights the new characters' connection to Harold Ramis' Egon Spengler as they try to discover the reason why he came to Summerville. The video also provides us our first footage at Ghostbusters alum Annie Potts' return as Janine as well as a glimpse of Dan Aykroyd's Ray Stantz. It also gives us a preview of the film's antagonist as chaos unleashes on the small town of Summerville.

In Ghostbusters: Afterlife, in hopes of starting a new life, a single mom and her two kids arrive in a small town to move into a beaten-down farmhouse in Oklahoma which they've inherited from their grandfather. However, they'll soon discover their connection to the original ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind.

The film stars Emmy nominees Carrie Coon and Mckenna Grace along with Finn Wolfhard, and Paul Rudd. It will also feature the return of original Ghostbusters stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts as they reprise their iconic roles as Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, Dana Barrett, and Janine Melnitz.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is directed by Jason Reitman (Juno, Young Adult, Tully) from a screenplay he co-wrote with Gil Kenan (Monster House, Poltergeist). Reitman is officially taking over from his father Ivan Reitman who helmed the first two films, with the original director serving as a producer.

R: 31 / I: 7
R: 19 / I: 6

CRT Thread

In an attempt to enhance my viewing experience, I got myself a Sony PVM 1340 CRT. Only problem is figuring out what cords and adapters I need to hook it up to my VHS/DVD player. See the pictures of both the CRT and the VHS/DVD player. Note the RCA ports on the back of the VHS/DVD player. I really just need help figuring out what the hell cords and adapters I need to go from RCA to whatever it is on the back of the CRT. Would anyone here like to enlighten me on that?

Oh, and let's just make this a general CRT discussion thread.
R: 3 / I: 0
Read this on variety wanted to share:

> Michael Che's eyebrow-raising attempt to score comedic points about Simone Biles' difficult decision to withdraw from Olympic events aired on NBC might be more surprising if this hadn't been his longstanding pattern. It points to his tendency to attempt to gin up controversy for a degree of attention even beyond the level a "SNL" star usually receives.

> Che, the co-head writer of the show and co-anchor of its "Weekend Update" segment, added a series of since-deleted posts to his Instagram story on Thursday, beginning with ""man, i wanna make fun of simone biles." He went on to share jokes other Instagram writers had made about Biles, including a crack about Larry Nassar, the former U.S. Gymnastics team doctor currently incarcerated as a sex offender. (Biles is among Nassar's accusers.) Che later claimed to have been hacked and wiped his Instagram, but the posts fit what has become a career-long modus operandi of punching down.

> Che's jokes about Biles, as well as his implication that there's an endless wellspring of things to mock about a young assault victim having a hard time on the world's largest stage, comes from a place of strange and familiar cruelty that has often been reserved for his critics. (A good summary of Che's history of using a style of aggressive posting that barely registers as comedy can be found here.)

>The comic's latest incident also rubs up uncomfortably against the current mood of "Saturday Night Live," a show that lately has attempted a mood of somewhat affected cuddliness. "SNL" is capacious and has room for a lot of different tones in a single episode, but an especially pronounced one in recent seasons has been a sort of celebratory optimism, epitomized, for instance, by Maya Rudolph's take on Kamala Harris as a cool, strong role model. The show has often seemed so hesitant to offend as to sidestep saying much at all.

>Che can certainly be edgy on "SNL," as in the envelope-pushing annual segment in which he and Colin Jost write controversy-baiting jokes for one another to tell. More often, he seems peevish and out-of-sorts, as if he's being constrained from doing what he really wants to do. His online output helps solve this riddle: Here is a person who desperately wants to offend people simply for the sake of offense, working at a show that's diametrically opposed to that goal. There's something eerily bratty and juvenile about Che's posts about Biles, which - in addition to dragging a person who'd done nothing worthy of being mocked - simply aren't that funny. For Che, humor and possible offense are braided together as to be indistinguishable.

Che is not edgy on SNL, he tells jokes about the people lefties want him to shit on now he hit the wrong person and they lament him as "punching down."

> That's a problem for "SNL" generally, although not one it's seemed particularly interested in solving. During Che's tenure co-writing and co-hosting "Weekend Update" with Jost (a comic not immune to the tendency to pick on people unlike himself for being unlike himself), the show around it has grown sprightlier and zanier. But the marquee fake-news segment has become a bog of bad vibes right in the middle of the show. And it comes to a head specifically around Biles, a figure who's been suddenly drawn into an ongoing and all-encompassing debate that our culture grows farther each day from resolving.

>Biles' decision to drop out of Olympic events and has catalyzed two reactions: First, a sort of angry critique of her as unworthy of the position she has achieved thus far in her career, and then a counter-reaction that in choosing to protect herself, she deserves our support and our commendation. This has rapidly become a proxy conversation about various issues - race, gender, generational difference, victimhood - that seem irresolvable.

>If you stand in public opposition to her, your positions on other issues are likely guessable, because your adversarial public position towards something that affects your actual life not at all is meant to signal a general stance of being on the cultural right. In the main, national media outlets on this side of the conversation seem especially interested in keeping this conversation going, in fueling our anger and discontent with people living their lives and harming no one. Each little flare-up becomes a days-long story, with the intention of holding viewers' attention. The collateral damage is people like Biles - a young woman who made an obviously difficult decision, and is rewarded with jokes about her sexual assault told by a comic who doesn't know how to pick on people his own size.

>"Saturday Night Live" may be attempting, post-2020 election, to assume a more fun and sunny place in our national discourse. But one of its biggest stars has found that what works for him - the only way he can consistently hold viewer attention when the show's off the air - is to try to place himself at the center of a story that seemed, first, to demand empathy and a touch of kindness. One wonders how much longer "SNL" and NBC will be willing to tolerate an act that's come to swamp the conversation about a show that's so effortfully all-things-to-all-people, that so plainly understands it's not built to withstand the culture war its star wants to wage

It's a hit-piece. Basically a warning to SNL this guy has pushed into a cultural divide that the Hollywood elites won't defend. Che has said his account was hacked.


This Daniel D'addario is doing this in an industry focused forum where he talks to people who, unlike Che, are possibly hoping to make money off Biles and want to promote a certain image of her. Obviously as one of that pervert's victims it's sad and all but if she genuinely couldn't compete, couldn't become a champion, why stay in unless you want money and recognition? Mere vanity as an excuse for wasting your life and parent's money on expensive gymnast clinics and camps.

Che won't have anyone defend him, he has shit on "all the right people" thus far in his career and that means he doesn't get a Ben Shapiro showing up to give him an out. The path he has used to rise in stature doesn't really have anywhere for him to go. Pretty funny shit if you ask me.
R: 5 / I: 3

Lamb (2021)

Well fellas, it looks like we've got a new bone chilling slow burn horror mystery produced by A24

>A childless couple, María and Ingvar discover a mysterious newborn on their farm in Iceland. The unexpected prospect of family life brings them much joy, before ultimately destroying them.
R: 57 / I: 15

Do you agree with this genius director?

"During my upbringing in Europe and then during my decades in the USA I learned and crystallized this feeling and certainty that the white man is the most abject and cruel creature in the world and we should be good humored and intelligent about our failures if we want to leave a better world for other creatures that deserve more this planet."
R: 67 / I: 25
>is meant to be a critique of imperialism and fascism
>is a movie enjoyed by everyone including the right-wing audience it was meant to critique
Was this a fuck up on the director's part or did the message of the movie go over people's heads?
R: 11 / I: 2

‘Lord Of The Rings’: Billy Boyd & Dominic Monaghan Say Peter Jackson Was Pressured To Kill A Hobbit

Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings has universally been recognized as the best telling of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic series. However, things could have gone a lot differently in the films, according to two of its stars.

In a recent interview with IGN, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd, who played Merry Brandybuck and Pippin Took, respectively, revealed that at one point in the trilogy's production, Peter Jackson was facing pressure "from above" to kill off one of the film's four main hobbits. Of course, this would have been a huge deviation from the source material, which has all four hobbits surviving their journey through Middle-earth.

The actors said that eventually, Jackson was able to fully reject the request from the producers, and was able to deliver a more true version of the books as a result. When asked which hobbit he thinks would have been the one to bite the dust, Monaghan said that he was fairly certain it would have been Merry.

"It's a good job that didn't happen because it would have been me," he said. "There's no way they are killing Frodo and Sam, and the only ones that would be left would be Merry and Pippin. They wouldn't kill Pippin because Pippin has a really strong story with Gandalf."

Thankfully for Monaghan and fans of the classic story, no hobbits were killed in the film adaptation.

R: 41 / I: 3
Why don't women like Pulp Fiction?
R: 17 / I: 3


You are now 100% jewish and hired to screenwrite the first porno for children. You are asked to submit a synopsis. Go!
R: 23 / I: 2

Group meeting. I need all of /tv/chan here. NOW

George Takei just tweeted this shit.
I could have sworn he died 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 years ago.
What the fuck is happening? People call it the Mandela Effect, but could everything be getting scrubbed to impose psychological warfare on us?
Anybody else remember him dying?
His death was a big deal for social normies.
R: 18 / I: 1
*Ruins your childhood*
R: 17 / I: 3


He is an insufferable, arrogant, moron. Theres an interview with him from danish tv, where he is literally crying and talking shit about other danish top directors, saying he is much better than all of them, and that he is envious of them because he flopped big time early in his career.
He also trash talked his idol and former mentor, based Lars Von Trier, and threw him under the bus after his Hitler incident at Cannes years ago instead of defending him, eventhough Lars tried to help him get back on his feet after he flopped. All just to try and make himself look better and to improve his own career.
He is a sleazy, backstabbing, untalented, hack that cares about nothing more than being famous.
R: 148 / I: 26
R: 12 / I: 1
Stonebros… if she loses, it could ruin her career forever.
R: 4 / I: 0

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Did moviegoers in 1985 recognize how incredibly gay this movie is?
R: 2 / I: 1
Is this the cuck anthem?
R: 1 / I: 1
The Drake and Josh reboot is looking great
R: 2 / I: 0
Who will play them in the inevitable biopic?
R: 0 / I: 0
Are there really hidden Transgenders in Tinsel town? If so which "actresses" do you suspect are biological males?

I'll start.
R: 27 / I: 3
Best Tom and Jerry art style? It's the 50s for me.
R: 9 / I: 6
Will you protect her smile?
R: 9 / I: 3

Actor Tom Hanks has left the earth, put to death by a military tribunal that found him guilty of pedophilia and child endangerment. HALLELUYAH

On June 12, the U.S. military apprehended Hanks after a plane he had chartered in Greece, where he holds dual citizenship, landed at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy, where Hanks had been scheduled to attend a foreign film festival. FUCK FOREIGNERS

U.S. military sources told RRN that members of the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade and INTERPOL were awaiting Hanks' arrival when the Learjet 75 reached the airport apron. Weapons drawn, they boarded the plane and found Hanks seated beside longtime friend Peter Scolari, who in 1980 starred alongside Hanks in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies, in which the duo portrayed transvestites living in an all-female college dormitory. Hanks would later say it was his favorite role, and that wearing women's clothes made him feel more manly. AND FUCKING LITTLE BOYS MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A GIGA HANX

The military released Scolari but shackled and promptly ushered Hanks aboard a waiting C-130, which had to be refueled twice inflight to reach Diego Garcia, where the Office of Military Commissions has built a penitentiary near its B2 bomber base. Upon landing, Hanks was placed in a holding cell to await his military tribunal.

Ten days later, MAKE THAT NIGGA SWEAT Hanks had his day in court, with the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps presenting proof connecting Hanks to a child trafficking ring that, the military alleged, had worked in the shadows for 30 years. It presented into evidence many electronic devices-laptops and cellphones-that held photographs and videos of Hanks engaged in sexual intercourse with male children who were obviously below the age of consent.

Other videos showed Hanks involved in adrenochrome parties, gatherings at which the liberal elite and Hollywood A-listers comingle and inject into themselves an ungodly chemical compound made of oxidized adrenaline, which is extracted from frightened and tortured children, and synthetic opiates. Those who partake in the luciferian ritual believe the compound prevents illness, extends life, and enhances sexual prowess.

One video showed Hanks and songstress Lady GaGa injecting each other while an unseen child's screams, the wailing sound of death, echoed in the background.

The military's case was built on 50 video clips and 2,000 images, sources told RRN. POST THAT SHIT

The 3-officer panel, however, found the content so disturbing that it reached a verdict of guilty after watching four snippets. THIS WAS ONLY A FORMALITY

Hanks, when asked if he had anything to say in his defense, showed no remorse for his crimes and told the tribunal that adult-child intercourse was "natural" and that he proudly supported NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a pedophilia and pederasty advocacy organization in the United States. WITH HIS FINGER POINTING FIRMLY DOWNWARD, TOUCHING THE TABLE

The tribunal declared Hanks receive capital punishment and asked that his sentence be carried out expeditiously.

"My death won't stop anything; we are everywhere," Hanks said. MEN ON A MISSION

Three days later, Hanks received an injection other than adrenochrome. He was strapped to a gurney and had pancuronium bromide, potassium chloride, and midazolam injected into his veins. If any adrenochrome remained in his blood, it wasn't potent enough to protect him against lethal injection. BTFO

It's real.
R: 1 / I: 1

One of the ZZ Top guys is dead.

R: 1 / I: 0
Is it wrong that Midsommar left me wanting to join a cult?
R: 13 / I: 3

Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney Over ‘Black Widow’ Streaming Release

>Star alleges simultaneous release of the latest Marvel movie in theaters and on Disney+ service was a breach of contract
>Scarlett Johansson, in 'Black Widow,' is fighting Disney over the financial fallout from releasing the 2021 movie on Disney+ at the same time as in theaters.

Who are we rooting for, /tv/? The jews or the jewess?
R: 7 / I: 5

Weekly Film Club: Kampf Um Rom (1968)

>Kampf um Rom is a West German-Italian historical drama film starring Laurence Harvey, Orson Welles, Sylva Koscina and Honor Blackman. It was produced by Artur Brauner and was the last film to be directed by Robert Siodmak.

NEXT WEEKS THEME: Localized Remake
R: 3 / I: 0
Thanks to the anon who recommended Kindaichi in that anime thread. The first case, in particular, was amazing. I've been watching the original anime and it's fantastic so far. Is Case Files R any good?
Also does anyone know where I can find a torrent with all 148 episodes? I could only find one with the first 114 episodes and they were all taped off of tv, with network announcements scrolling across the bottom of the screen.
R: 7 / I: 1
For me, it's Gene Tierney in Leave her to Heaven
R: 2 / I: 0
It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right
R: 0 / I: 0

Beef was the good guy

Post the mom actress boobs pls
R: 6 / I: 3

Are period tv shows with romance catered to women?

Do men watch this?
R: 8 / I: 1

‘King Richard’ Trailer: Will Smith Transforms Into Venus and Serena Williams’ Father

Warner Bros. has released the official trailer for the upcoming biopic King Richard, starring Will Smith as Richard Williams, the father, coach, and mentor to tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams.

Inspired by the true story, King Richard tells the story of Richard Williams (Smith), an undeterred father who was instrumental in raising Venus and Serena Williams (Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton), two of the best tennis players in the world. Driven by a clear vision of the future, Richard executes a plan that moves the girls from the streets of Compton, California, to the global stage as sports icons.

Richard Williams, who had no tennis background, overcame tremendous hardship, skepticism, and his own troubled past to raise two of the game's greatest players. When his daughters were around the age of four, Richard Williams drew up a 78-page plan for their professional tennis careers. He began giving them tennis lessons and the girls learned the game on cracked, weedy public courts in Compton, reportedly after their father brawled with young toughs who were not fans of the sport and would not make way. The Williams sisters went on to become two of the greatest players in tennis history.

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green (Monsters and Men) and written by Zach Baylin (Creed III), the sports drama also stars Demi Singleton (Godfather of Harlem) as Serena Williams, Saniyya Sidney (The First Lady) as Venus Williams, Emmy nominee Aunjanue Ellis (Lovecraft Country) as Brandy Williams, Richard's wife and mother to Serena and Venus, Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) as Rick Macci, Tony Goldwyn (Scandal) as Paul Cohen, and Emmy nominee Dylan McDermott (Hollywood).

Tim White and Trevor Write produce via their Star Thrower Entertainment banner. Smith will also produce through his Overbrook Entertainment banner. Allan Mandelbaum, Adam Merims, Lynn Harris, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Caleeb Pinkett will serve as executive producers along with Venus and Serena Williams alongside their sister Isha Price. James Lassiter also produces.

King Richard has a current theatrical release date of November 19, and will also be available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days following the film's theatrical release.

R: 8 / I: 1

Dmx was right

Rapper Da Baby and his bodyguard were flirting and all extra stuff!!

R: 1 / I: 0

Don Cheadle Defends 'Avengers' Co-Star Brie Larson After Trolls Criticize Her 'Psycho' Body Language

R: 2 / I: 0

Michael Rapaport

What's your favorite Michael Rapaport movie? Mine is Illtown (1998). I also like Cop Land (1997).
R: 33 / I: 11

Erotic movies that arent cucky

Anyone have good recommendations of erotic movies that don't have cuck fantasy elements? There are plenty of movies that are not pornography and are tactfully made but are very sexy (possible comparison with Sidaris movies or Tinto Brass)-but many of these films are kind of cucky in that they revolve around a woman wanting to, or being screwed by many guys. Frankly neither my thing, nor a thing that you'd want to watch if you somehow lured a kinothot home. Lesbo stuff and Female Female Male threesomes are chill.
Any Kinosseurs here with good recommendations?
R: 4 / I: 4
R: 25 / I: 6
You WILL watch Eraserhead

You WILL watch Elephant Man

You WILL watch Dune

You WILL watch Blue Velvet

You WILL watch Twin Peaks

You WILL watch Wild at Heart

You WILL watch Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

You WILL watch Lost Highway

You WILL watch The Straight Story

You WILL watch Mulholland Drive

You WILL watch Inland Empire

You WILL watch Twin Peaks: The Return

You WILL read Images

You WILL read Catching the Big Fish

You WILL read Room to Dream

You WILL read Lynch on Lynch

You WILL listen to BlueBOB

You WILL listen to Crazy Clown Time

You WILL listen to The Big Dream

You WILL watch every Lynch short film & web video
R: 17 / I: 6

Bob Odenkirk Collapses on ‘Better Call Saul’ Set

>Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of AMC's Better Call Saul set and was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday, sources confirm to The Hollywood Reporter.

>Odenkirk was on set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, filming the sixth and final season of the Breaking Bad spinoff series when he collapsed. Crew members immediately surrounded the 58-year-old and called an ambulance. Odenkirk is still receiving medical care.

>The cause of his collapse is unknown.

Just take the vaccine, goys.
R: 9 / I: 1
Why are all of the best movies and TV shows made by Jews?
R: 18 / I: 10
Can china save /tv/ ?
R: 16 / I: 2
Did Charlie Sheen really fuck Corey Haim in the ass on the set of Lucas?
R: 6 / I: 1
Absolute fucking state of the USA
R: 6 / I: 1

How many more movies do we need based on Disneyland rides?

Please, make it stop.
R: 0 / I: 0

Weird or interesting things that were cut from movies

I was reading through an early draft of Mean Street's script and came across this part that I'm pretty sure wasn't in the movie; at least not the version I saw:

> CHARLIE is dreaming this sequence. He and TERESA are both
> nude. She is lying face down on the bed. He approached and
> ejaculates prematurely - However, he doesn't ejaculate
> sperm - instead blood. They are shocked. The blood is on
> the bed, her legs, back, and his hands. Charlie cries out
> in pain.

Would this have added or detracted to the movie in your opinion?
R: 6 / I: 3

The Card Counter - Official Trailer

Focus Features has dropped the official trailer for Paul Schrader's upcoming revenge thriller The Card Counter, starring a stellar cast led by Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe. The Card Counter features Isaac as an ex-military interrogator turned gambler who gets haunted by the ghosts of his past decisions. The film is set to arrive in theaters on September 10, which pits it against two other competitors in the form of James Wan's newest horror thriller Malignant and the Kristen Bell-led comedy Queenpins.

The Card Counter is written and directed by Paul Schrader, with long-time collaborator Martin Scorsese set as an executive producer. It stars Golden Globe winner Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight), Tiffany Haddish (Girls' Trip, and Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One), and four-time Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse).

In the film, William Tell's spartan existence on the casino trail is shattered when he is approached by Cirk, a vulnerable and angry young man seeking help to execute his plan for revenge on a military colonel. Tell sees a chance at redemption through his relationship with Cirk. Gaining backing from mysterious gambling financier La Linda, Tell takes Cirk with him on the road, going from casino to casino until the unlikely trio set their sights on winning the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. However, things get difficult when Tell realizes that trying to keep Cirk on the right path proves to be an impossible task as he gets dragged back into the darkness of his past.

The Card Counter is executive produced by William Olsson, Lee Broda, Ruben Islas, and Stanley Preschutti. Producers are Braxton Pope and Lauren Mann and David Wulf.

Schrader is best known for writing the screenplays to Martin Scorsese's iconic films such Taxi Driver, Bringing Out the Dead, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Raging Bull. The project marks their fifth collaboration together.

R: 49 / I: 19


<Disney is making strides by introducing its first openly gay character in the upcoming "Jungle Cruise" movie, which will feature a big coming out scene … but there's one important step that's missing.
<A test screening of the film took place and sources who attended tell TMZ Disney avoids using the word "gay" when Jack Whitehall's character, McGregor, comes out to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. We're told at one point, McGregor has a heart-to-heart with The Rock's lead character, Frank, about dating history … and McGregor makes it very clear he isn't into ladies. Keep in mind, this flick isn't set in modern times.
<McGregor explains to "Frank" his family had tried arranging marriages for him with several women, but he didn't wanna marry any of them - or any woman, for that matter. He also says Emily Blunt's character, Lily (his sister in the movie), was the only one in his fam to accept him and support him regardless of the "person" he loves.
<We're told the scene was well-received by the audience, but the glaring omission of a pronoun to describe McGregor's love interest did not go unnoticed.
<Unclear if the scene will make the final cut - but ya gotta imagine it will, given how significant a move it is for Disney to include a gay character in an action blockbuster.
<There was already backlash from the LGBTQ community over Whitehall's casting earlier this summer - he's a straight guy playing a gay character - and now, it's obvious Disney's watching its step even closer as it tiptoes into the 21st Century.

R: 1 / I: 0

Black Panther 2: First Look At Set Revealed

Marvel's Black Panther: Wakanda Forever may be one of the most highly anticipated films coming from the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks to some early footage that's surfaced online, we can get a good look at one of the sets being used for the upcoming film.

In our first glimpse of the upcoming sequel, a Twitter user posted a brief video to the social media platform, sharing what looks to be the set of the Wakandan throne room, a place that was heavily featured in the original film.

Of course, it's unknown exactly what purpose the throne room may serve in this film, but with Chadwick Boseman's unfortunate passing, it's possible the film could touch on finding a new ruler for the country.

Based on the Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will continue to explore the incomparable world of Wakanda and all of the rich and varied characters introduced in the first film.

The sequel will once again be directed and written by Ryan Coogler. It will see the return of most of its original main cast including Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia, Danai Gurira as Okoye, Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross, and Letitia Wright as Shuri. In addition, Tenoch Huerta (Narcos: Mexico) has also reportedly been cast as the film's antagonist, with some fans and outlets speculating that he might be playing the role of Namor.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently slated to hit theaters on July 8, 2022, nearly two years following the untimely passing of titular star and acclaimed actor Chadwick Boseman, who died at the age of 43 after his four-year-long private battle with colon cancer.
R: 0 / I: 0
He's back!
R: 19 / I: 22

“Indiana Jones 5” Filming In Glasgow; On-Set Images

Indiana Jones 5 is currently filming in Glasgow with several streets draped in star-spangled banners to represent New York around the time of the first moon landing. City-goers have spotted American flags, bunting and vintage shop fronts around St Vincent Street, Renfield Street and West Nile Street. For anyone looking out for plot details, the set appears to be a celebration of the astronauts' safe return home with one banner reading: "New York welcomes Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins".

It does suggest the film is set - or partly set - in 1969 when lavish parades took place in New York and Chicago with millions in attendance in August of that year.

Many onlookers lined both sides of the street by Glasgow City Chambers, near George Square, to see events unfold with those lucky enough to attend getting a glimpse of the action as cameras rolled on Wednesday July 15.

Local newspaper, Glasgow Live, reported that rehearsals took place yesterday in a car park in Govan, near Ibrox Stadium, with a parade of vehicles. This included a number of vintage American cars joining floats with one described as a "moon-like object" and another hosting a beauty pageant.

Indiana Jones 5's production was brought to Glasgow by the city council's economic development team, enabling the film's makers to hire out shops and close roads in order to shoot scenes. Colin Edgar, Head of Communications, said the economic benefits were so significant the council does not charge film companies for such a takeover. There are loads of people from all over taking photos and FaceTiming their friends because it's just really exciting to see your home city transformed in this way," he said. "It brings people into the city who spend money but it also supports the jobs ecosystem around film and TV production - so it's actually quite an important part of the city's economy now."

The film has been gestating for quite a while after initial plans to shoot in mid-2018 were shelved. Disney's acquisition of the franchise's rights following its takeover of Lucasfilm meant renewed attention for this much-loved series and original director Steven Spielberg was initially set to return behind the camera.

Despite a disappointing fourth installment of the franchise with Shia LaBeouf, the character remains one of contemporary Hollywood's most iconic heroes. With the recent success of the new Star Wars movies and the omnipresent "action hero" in 21st century blockbusters, Indiana Jones, despite his age, appears to be a natural fit.

Harrison Ford said he was "delighted to come back to these characters" and that the "opportunity to make another" made him determined that his and the rest the production team's "efforts are as ambitious as they were when it started." He added, "You have a sense of responsibility to your customers. I think of the people who go to my movies more as customers than I do as 'fans', 'fans' feels kind of weird to me, always has. But the fact that these people support my business, and I'm responsible to them for the quality of the service that I offer."

Ford stars alongside Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Boyd Holbrook, Shaunette Renée Wilson and Thomas Kretschmann. There's no room for Shia LeBeouf. James Mangold is in the director's chair with original director Steven Spielberg serving as producer on the project with the franchise's long-running composer John Williams providing the score.

Disney has said Indiana Jones 5 will arrive in US cinemas in July 2022.

R: 0 / I: 0
>One more time for the uh… for the meth addicts.
Is Comedy really this easy?
R: 6 / I: 3
Keeping Up Appearances > Are You Being Served?
R: 145 / I: 27

Jerome Weiselberry

She watched Road to Perdition last month and thought it was great
R: 27 / I: 9
>the absolute state of actresses under 30
what the hell happened why are they all so bland
R: 19 / I: 6

jim carrey is cringe


R: 2 / I: 0


what is she spending her wages on if she can't even afford to pay for her van?
R: 0 / I: 0
What was she laughing at?
R: 0 / I: 0
Is there actually money to be made by churning out low budget, straight-to-VOD garbage? Are streaming sites really that desperate for content?
R: 4 / I: 1

The Exorcist: Ellen Burstyn to reprise role in new $400m trilogy

According to The New York Times, Universal Pictures and Peacock have successfully acquired the rights to Blumhouse Production's follow-up trilogy to William Friedkin's iconic horror film The Exorcist for a whopping deal of over $400 million. This acquisition comes after it was reported last December that Halloween's David Gordon Green was in talks to direct. Now, it has been officially confirmed that he has signed on to helm the first film in the planned trilogy, which is expected to arrive in theaters in late 2023.

In addition, acclaimed actress Ellen Burstyn has also agreed to return to the franchise and will reprise her iconic role as Chris MacNeil after over 40 years since the original film made its debut in 1973. For her performance as a mother to a possessed child, she earned her second Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

Blumhouse's The Exorcist trilogy is not being developed as a remake but rather as a direct sequel to the original horror feature. Joining Burstyn is Oscar nominee Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton, One Night in Miami) for the leading role of a father of a possessed child whose desperation leads him to track down Chris McNeil.

"Blumhouse has always experienced incredible partnership from the team at Universal, and I'm grateful to Donna Langley and Jimmy Horowitz for believing in the vision of David's film and having the foresight to be flexible with distribution, so the team feels top-notch support through the lifeline of the film. They're committed to theatrical exhibition and will also serving streaming viewers well by bringing an exciting franchise like the Exorcist to Peacock too," Blumhouse CEO and Founder, Jason Blum said in a statement (via TheWrap). "I'm grateful to be working with David Robinson and the great team at Morgan Creek on this iconic franchise."

Based on William Peter Blatty's 1971 novel, the original film was directed by William Friedkin from a screenplay also adapted by Blatty. It starred Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Jason Miller, and Linda Blair. The Exorcist centered around the sudden demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl named Reagan after encountering an old Ouija board. In a last attempt to save Reagan, two Roman Catholic priests are enlisted to conduct an exorcism on her.

"There's no better time to be joining forces with the team at Peacock, reuniting with the great team at Universal and finally getting to work with my friends at Blumhouse, than on this classic franchise," Morgan Creek president, David Robinson said. "David Gordon Green, Danny McBride, Scott Teems, and Peter Sattler have put together a compelling continuation of this iconic tale and I can't wait to bring this to fans around the world."

The Exorcist sequel will be directed by David Gordon Green from a screenplay he will co-write with Halloween writers Scott Teems, Danny McBride, and Petter Sattler. It will be produced by Jason Blum, David Robinson, and James Robinson with Green, McBride, and Couper Samuelson to executive produce. It will be a co-production between Blumhouse and Morgan Creek Production, with Ryan Turek to oversee the project on behalf of Blumhouse.

R: 6 / I: 2
Movie with the Gahoole essence ?
R: 12 / I: 2
ITT: It's not satire, it's real.
R: 3 / I: 1

Cooking With Paris | Official Trailer | Netflix

Paris Hilton can cook…kind of. Check your smoke detector and get ready - Cooking with Paris comes to Netflix August 4th!

The show will seemingly serve as a continuation of Hilton's YouTube show of the same name. The official synopsis for the new streaming series reads: "Paris Hilton can cook…kind of. And she's turning the traditional cooking show upside down. She's not a trained chef and she's not trying to be. With the help of her celebrity friends, she navigates new ingredients, new recipes, and exotic kitchen appliances. Inspired by her viral YouTube video, Paris will take us from the grocery store to the finished table spread - and she might actually learn her way around the kitchen."

The season consists of six episodes which will stream all at once when it premieres in August. Guest stars appearing on Cooking with Paris will include Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, Lele Pons, and Kathy and Nicky Hilton.
R: 6 / I: 0

Vince McMahon Limited Series on 1994 Steroid Case Set From WWE and Blumhouse

Blumhouse Television has officially teamed up with World Wrestling Entertainment to develop a brand new limited scripted series titled The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon. The series will be centered around the 90s steroids case where McMahon was accused by the government of giving steroids to wrestlers.

"Jason, Chris, and their team at Blumhouse create amazing work and we look forward to delivering an inside look into one of the most pivotal moments in our company's history," said WWE Executive Producer & Chief of Global Television Distribution, Kevin Dunn said in the statement.

Should the project secure an official series order, this would mark the first-ever scripted dramatic portrayal of a chapter in WWE's history as well as the first scripted portrayal of McMahon along with many of the legendary Superstars of that era.

The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon will delve into WWE during the 1990s, at the time Rupert Murdoch had purchased the New York Post to further his massive infiltration into the U.S. media landscape. For years, infamous Post writer Phil Mushnick regularly hammered WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon in his column. Headlines like "Legislators Give WWE A Free Pass On 'Roids" and "McMahon Skips Through the Cemetery" eventually captured the attention of the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of New York - the nation's most prestigious federal prosecutor's office with a conviction rate of over 96 percent.

In 1994, the U.S. government indicted McMahon for allegedly supplying anabolic steroids to WWE talent. McMahon, with his liberty at stake, two school-aged children at home, and WWE on the brink of bankruptcy, refused to take a plea deal. Ultimately, McMahon stood trial and was acquitted unanimously by a jury of his peers and went on to build a multi-billion-dollar global sports entertainment empire.

"We have a dramatic, riveting saga - one that's crazier than fiction - that will appeal to the cross-section of Blumhouse and WWE fans," Blumhouse Television President, Chris McCumber said. "To say I'm thrilled about collaborating again with WWE is an understatement."

The United States of America vs. Vince McMahon will be executive produced by Jason Blum, Chris McCumber, Jeremy Gold, Kevin Dunn, and McMahon. This marks Blumhouse Television's latest project following acclaimed shows such as The Loudest Bird, Sharp Objects, and The Good Lord Bird.

R: 12 / I: 0

Shutter Island

So the glowniggers successfully gaslighted Teddy into thinking he was crazy, right?
R: 55 / I: 10
This movie is based, right? Some people really are born subhuman trash who need to be put down like animals before they tear society apart.
R: 54 / I: 21
Moore was best Bond, Craig is the embodiment of soy and these quads prove me right.
R: 32 / I: 7
Delete cuckime.
R: 26 / I: 8
Why do you hate her, /tv/? just because she's successful, strong and geeky?
R: 23 / I: 6

Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)

Some fag told me I should watch it before I kill myself. It wasn't as profound as promised, though.

It has great hand drown animation, with a little 90's CGI in the OP that is nostalgic at this point. It really nails the 90s-Y2K vibe, and has a lot of references to weebshit and Niponnesse society of the time. Made me laff. Also it has an optimistic view of a dying society that we don't see anymore, where a teacher is a person who's duty and passion is to give good and hard lessons to his students.

So watch it before you kill yourselves, fags. See you in the next level of hell
R: 48 / I: 24


It's over for you, stonefags, and I mean that in the most literal sense.
All throughout these 5 years, you've been drooling over an actual tranny and now the truth has come out.
My sponsor has commissioned this exposé on your beloved castrato, her faux feminity revealed to all as a farce.

Coming this September, production delayed due to COVID-19.
R: 8 / I: 2
>kino means yesterday in Japanese
That says it all, doesn't it? Yesterday (the past) there was kino. Today (the present) there is no kino. Will there be kino in the future?
R: 6 / I: 0

Dexter: New Blood (2021) Sneak Peek Trailer | SHOWTIME

Starring multiple Emmy nominee Michael C. Hall as America's favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan, the special event series DEXTER: NEW BLOOD will premiere Sunday, November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME. Set 10 years after Dexter went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, the series finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, New York. Dexter may be embracing his new life, but in the wake of unexpected events in this close-knit community, his Dark Passenger beckons. Joining Hall, the cast also includes Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Sylvie's Love), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe), Jack Alcott (THE GOOD LORD BIRD) and Clancy Brown (The Crown, BILLIONS). Reuniting Hall with original series showrunner Clyde Phillips, DEXTER: NEW BLOOD is currently in production on 10 one-hour episodes in Western Massachusetts.
R: 2 / I: 1
>What the fuck was her problem?

Cthulhu is nothing compared to the terrifying reality of a modern woman who takes almost 6 years to accept her own motherhood.
R: 0 / I: 0

‘Pokemon’ Live-Action Series in Development at Netflix

A brand new live-action Pokémon Netflix series is in early development at the streamer, according to a recent report from Variety.

Not much is known about the upcoming project, but the report does mention that Joe Henderson is attached to write and executive produce. Henderson most recently served as the co-showrunner and executive producer on Lucifer, which is preparing to air its sixth and final season on Netflix.

Similar to the film Detective Pikachu, this Pokémon series is also set to be live-action. However, it's unclear if the Pokémon Netflix series will follow the animation style and choices that the film made in 2019.

After the surprise popularity of Detective Pikachu in 2019, it isn't exactly shocking to see Netflix move on another live-action journey into the iconic franchise. The streaming platform has also recently become home to tons of Pokémon content, including Pokémon: Indigo League and Pokémon Journeys. Netflix has also been making a strong push into anime in recent years, having previously announced original series based on "Far Cry," "Splinter Cell," and "Terminator." Netflix has been moving into more live-action adaptations of anime titles as well, including the upcoming "Cowboy Bebop" and "One Piece" live-action shows. The streamer previously released a live-action "Death Note" film in 2017.

With Netflix looking to expand their development of more animated properties, it seems as if they're ready to capitalize on the Pokémon franchise in a different way.

R: 5 / I: 1


can anyone get more JUSTed than this?
R: 56 / I: 13

Jennifer Connelly thread

Best movies?
R: 20 / I: 13

‘Walking Dead’ Final Season Will Air in Three Parts Through 2022

During the show's [email protected] panel, The Walking Dead Season 11 trailer was released, teasing the beginning of the end when the series returns on August 22 on AMC. The premiere will be available to stream on AMC+ starting on August 15.

Season 11 will air in three 8-episode parts, with 11B and 11 C airing in 2022 following 11A's debut in August.

The virtual panel featured Chief Content Officer for The Walking Dead Universe Scott M. Gimple, showrunner Angela Kang, and cast members Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Khary Payton, Christian Serratos, Josh McDermitt, Eleanor Matsuura, and Michael James Shaw.

Kang promised that in "Season 11 - we're going to go out with a bang. We're back to our big, scopey, massive, extravaganza."

Laila Robins and Josh Hamilton have joined the previously announced Margot Bingham and Michael James Shaw as new Season 11 regulars. Robins will be playing Pamela Milton while Hamilton portrays Lance Hornsby.

Previously on The Walking Dead, our survivors confronted past demons and combated new threats, with friendships and relationships suffering from the mounting collateral damage that is the apocalypse. Alexandria is severely compromised, left a former shell of the home it once was from the carnage and devastation left behind by the Whisperers.

Now all who live in Alexandria struggle to refortify it and feed its increasing number of residents, which include the survivors from the fall of the Kingdom and the burning of Hilltop; along with Maggie and her new group, the Wardens. Alexandria has more people than it can manage to feed and protect. Their situation is dire as tensions heat up over past events and self-preservation rises to the surface within the ravaged walls.

They must secure more food while they attempt to restore Alexandria before it collapses like countless other communities they have come across throughout the years. But where and how? More haggard and hungrier than ever before, they must dig deeper to find the effort and strength to safeguard the lives of their children, even if it means losing their own.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those at Alexandria, Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess are still being held captive by mysterious soldiers who are members of a larger and unforthcoming group.

The series currently stars Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Cailey Fleming, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It also features Nadia Hilker, Lauren Ridloff, Cooper Andrews, Callan McAuliffe, Eleanor Matsuura, and Cassady McClincy. The Walking Dead Season 11 will consist of 24 episodes which will also introduce new cast members Margot Bingham as Stephanie and Michael James Shaw as Mercer.

Based on Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard's comic series of the same name, The Walking Dead is executive produced by Kirkman, Scott M. Gimple, Greg Nicotero, David Alpert, Joseph Incaprera, Gale Anne Hurd, Denise Huth, and Angela Kang, who is returning as the showrunner for the final installment.
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>You have men on men relation
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>312 replies on cuckchan.

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Why hasn't Silence of the Lambs been canceled for transphobia yet?
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Anyone have a good torrent of "Mike Tyson's Mysteries"? I can't find one that works. Also, who's the best comedic cartoon side kick and why is it Norm McDonald as pigeon?
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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck reunite in the first trailer for Ridley Scott’s ‘The Last Duel’

The last time Matt Damon and Ben Affleck shared a screenwriting credit they won an Oscar for "Good Will Hunting." Now, two decades later, the real-life friends and Hollywood A-listers have reunited for another script: Damon and Affleck, along with acclaimed writer-director Nicole Holofcener are the screenwriters behind "The Last Duel," the new medieval drama from director Ridley Scott.

Based on true events, "The Last Duel" focuses on France's last-ever sanctioned duel between Jean de Carrouges (played by Damon) and Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver), two former friends whose relationship is undone after Le Gris sexually assaults de Carrouges' wife, Marguerite (Jodie Comer). Le Gris denies the accusation, but Marguerite "refuses to stay silent," according to the official plot summary released by 20th Century Studios, "stepping forward to accuse her attacker, an act of bravery and defiance that puts her life in jeopardy. The ensuing trial by combat, a grueling duel to the death, places the fate of all three in God's hands."

In addition to Damon, Driver, and Comer, Affleck also has a supporting role in the film as Count Pierre d'Alençon.

"This film is an effort to retell the story of a heroic woman from history whom most people haven't heard of," Holofcener, Affleck, and Damon said in a joint statement. "We admired her bravery and resolute determination and felt this was both a story that needed to be told and one whose drama would captivate audiences the way it moved us as writers. As we further explored the story, we found so many aspects of the formal, codified patriarchy of 14th century Western Europe to still be present in vestigial ways (and in some cases almost unchanged) in today's society. We chose to use the device of telling the story from several character's perspectives in order to examine the immutable fact that although often multiple people who experience the same event come away with differing accounts, there can only be one truth."

Added Scott, whose film "Gladiator" won Best Picture at the Oscars but who has never triumphed in the Best Director category, despite four nominations, "I love working with Matt, so it was an added bonus to be able to work with him and Ben as both actors and as screenwriters, along with Nicole Holofcener, and I knew it would be a great result. I had admired the show 'Killing Eve' and had been looking for the opportunity to present Jodie Comer with a challenging role. Her performance as Marguerite will make her one of the great actresses of her generation."

Scott and Damon previously collaborated on "The Martian."

"The Last Duel" is out in theaters on October 15.
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Why do men and women have such different taste in romance films?
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>Last name "Cook"
This changes everything
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I thought Tom was /ourguy/ but the events from the last year have proved me wrong.
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This is Ice T's daughter

Say something nice about her
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>Experience the future with BLADE RUNNER: BLACK LOTUS - an Adult Swim and Crunchyroll original animated series inspired by the award-winning and critically lauded Blade Runner movie franchise, coming this fall.

>This thrilling thirteen episode series is directed by Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama and produced by Alcon Entertainment and animation studio Sola Digital Arts, with Shinichiro Watanabe serving as a creative producer.
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Is this kino?
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Rodney Alcala dead at 77

Rest in peace sweet prince.
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What are the essential midwit core films?
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Star Trek: Lower Decks | Season 2 Official Trailer

During the virtual Star Trek Universe panel at [email protected], the official trailer for Paramount+'s adult animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 debuted. The new season is set to premiere on August 12 on the streamer.

Season 2 will pick up with Ensign Boimler (Jack Quaid) aboard the "U.S.S. Titan," as captained by William Riker (Jonathan Frakes), while his old compatriots - Ensigns Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Rutherford (Eugene Cordero), and Tendi (Noël Wells) - toil away on the far less glamorous "U.S.S. Cerritos."

Set within the Star Trek universe in 2380, the animated series centers around the support crew serving on one of Starfleet's least important ships, the U.S.S. Cerritos. Ensigns Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, and Tendi have to keep up with their duties and their social lives, often while the ship is being rocked by a multitude of sci-fi anomalies.

The voice cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks includes Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler, Noel Wells as Ensign Tendi, and Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford. It also features the voices of Fred Tatasciore as Lieutenant Shaxs, Dawnn Lewis as Captain Carol Freeman, Jerry O'Connell as Commander Jack Ransom, and Gillian Vigman as Doctor T'Ana.

Created and executive produced by Mike McMahan (Rick and Morty), Star Trek: Lower Decks is It is executive produced by Alex Kurtzman, Heathan Kadin, Rod Roddenbury, Trevor Roth, Katie Krentz. It is a production by CBS' Eye Animated Productions, Secret Hideout, Rodden Entertainment, and Titmouse animation studio.
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‘The Last Of Us’ Series May Cost HBO More Than ‘Game Of Thrones’

A Canadian union's president has stated that HBO's The Last of Us, which is being filmed in Alberta, is a "monster" with five art directors, hundreds of technicians, and a budget that's well over eight figures per episode. That's anywhere between $10 million to $99 million so while we don't know specific numbers, Sony and HBO seem to be firing on all cylinders here.

IATSE 212 President Damian Petti's comments were published in a CTV News article, which talks about the town of Fort Macleod becoming one of Alberta's most popular filming locations.

"The Last of Us which commences photography this week is indeed a monster," Petti told CTV News Calgary. "It has five art directors and employs an army of hundreds of technicians. It has had six months of prep and shoots (in Alberta) for 12 months. I cannot confirm the official budget numbers but will say it is likely the largest project shooting in Canada. This project well exceeds the eight figure per episode mark so there is a multiplier effect on our economy in terms of its impact. There are hundreds of related businesses benefitting from the plethora of work."

The Last of Us will begin filming this month, following which its cast and crew will move to Calgary for production work.

"We are just so honored that we were one of the towns that were selected to be the host of such a magnificent storyline as well as all the special effects and everything that are going on with it," added Fort Macleod's Chief Administrative Officer, Sue Keenan.

HBO's The Last of Us is scheduled to premiere on HBO in early 2022.

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Schrader made a spicy post on Fbook
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Trailer for the trailer for Dune

And some more bland images.
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Cinema is shite

Almost everything has a slant, a bias, a nauseating moral tale behind that makes the act of watching unbearable once you're old and receptive. Terrible characters with terrible motivations, fake love stories, manichean villains, clumsy writing… the dreaded sense of being preached for 2 hours. I would go to the church or read the news if I wanted that.

To me the only good films are those where all pretense is abandoned like a whore on the side of the road; films where the director embarks it almost like a scientific experiment, deprived of tropes, where the characters have their own motivation and not those of the director/writer/politics of the time. Abstraction, simplification; expression limited to stylistic & narrative choices. Nonexistent psychological studies; characters should be like microbes under the microscope of the filmmaker -absolute objectivity in the writing aspect.

Something like Un Flic by Jean Pierre Melville is the perfect example of a film deprived of all the ills that plague the medium. Only films like these are the ones I can watch without feeling repulsive afterwards.
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What will be the next fad after capeshit finally dies out? We've been stuck with this shit for so long I don't remember what the previous one. Zombies I think?
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seems that /tv/ can't find its groove tonight
so I will share a discovery from my last ban:
objectively the best tv show that exists
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When will this man receive his JUST reward, James Cameron?
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Are there 2 walls or something?
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Weekly Film Club: The Thirteenth Warrior

>A Muslim ambassador exiled from his homeland, Ahmad ibn Fadlan (Antonio Banderas) finds himself in the company of Vikings. While the behavior of the Norsemen initially offends ibn Fadlan, the more cultured outsider grows to respect the tough, if uncouth, warriors. During their travels together, ibn Fadlan and the Vikings get word of an evil presence closing in, and they must fight the frightening and formidable force, which was previously thought to exist only in legend.

NEXT WEEKS THEME: Sword-and-sandal/pepla
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Zombie Flesh Eaters


The vax is turning people into zombie. Wear the mask or die.
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Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Developing Black Superman Project For HBO Max

Michael B. Jordan and his black Superman project may have not gone anywhere a few years ago, but it looks like that is about to change as a new report claims that such a project is finally underway at HBO Max.

Collider reports that Jordan and his production company, Outlier Society, are making a project surrounding Val-Zod. The company has hired a writer, but their identity is still a secret. It's also unclear if it is a series or a film. Jordan's role has not been identified either as he is set to produce, but it remains to be seen if he will star in it as well.

It's important to note this is separate from the film that Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams are working on. That film centers around a Black Kal-El, who is usually white. This HBO Max project with Jordan centers around Val-Zod, who is always black.

Jordan said he was flattered by the compliments of the wave of people wanting him to take the role of Kal-El for the Abrams and Coates film. He told TheHollywoodReporter that he would just be "watching on this one." Jordan also tried to pitch a black Superman project in 2019, but it didn't get off the ground. BlackGirlNerds' sources say that Jordan was not interested in racebending Kal-El, hence the focus on a Superman that has always been black.

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Space Jam 2 Watch Party

cytu (dot) be/r/cinekop1_foutre_humide
cytu (dot) be/r/cinekop1_foutre_humide
cytu (dot) be/r/cinekop1_foutre_humide