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Are there still places where you can stream tv shows for free? Back in the GOT days I would watch everything on a Putlocker knockoff because the torrents took forever to seed. However I don't see shit for Putlocker these days. I think Putlocker must have been gassed. What do you guys use?


There's a lot of them that are always changing.
Pretty sure putlocker was shit compared to what's out there now. I would say one but it is broken and goes to some fucked up unsecure site.

Literally just search "moviehd stream" lol


Just about everything mainstream is easy as pie to torrent. I never felt it was necessary to go to these sketchy bootleg streaming sites.


That's why I don't link them.
I kept getting notices from my provider for torrenting because I always fuck it up.
Plus now that I know everything is shit, I don't care about quality.


Some of these sites actually have an impressive library. Often times I'd never be able to find the torrents I was looking for.


I only got one nag letter in 20 years of torrenting. You've got to do your homework for sure, but once you know what you're doing, it's smooth sailing.


What kept happening to me was I'd open and close my laptop causing the vpn to drop connection briefly because it reset every time it went into standby, and I didn't realize this until I had gotten several noooootices. Last warning is an ultimatum saying service will be disconnected if caught again.
So now I just stream which is somehow totally legal.


In short, basically what need to do is set firewall rules to only allow traffic over the VPN tunnel. As an additional precaution, I have qBittorrent set to only transfer data over the VPN tunnel. If you prefer, many popular VPN services have GUI apps containing killswitches which accomplish the same thing.

That said, if you're on your last legs with your ISP, my advice would be to carry on with what you're doing instead of tempting fate.


Is that like a Putin thing?


Right. Now that you mention that I remember setting that up, but I think I fucked up again by manually doing something. Maybe I only just began looking into it.


>Can't find a good pirate stream site… needs to have your hand held

You know you dumbass beaners are just as bad as niggers.


Just pirate shit, why is this hard


Fuck yourself, shit eater.


I had to pirate'd the X-File movie yesterday to watch with my wife.

Streaming services are such a fucking joke. But the politics are more worried about taking such sites down instead of dealing with actual criminals.


from 1998? I found it in one search click


kill yourself kike.

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