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hello, when i animate walk cycles primary or anything that uses bipedal or arm it always end up limping and unbalanced or sliding…

what usually causes this and how do i avoid it? i ve considered just simulating it and then tracing it and even just get one feet right and the other feet just being a copy of the other but in different timing

is that okay? the second way feels very unnatural obviously and i havent even tried it out myself but then i dont know how to make straight ahead walking/cycles animation that is "correct/balanced enough" from the get go


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Never did animation, but my best advice is video record yourself doing the same motion and then animate yourself frame by frame to ensure the most natural look. I feel like when it comes to walking you have to account the legs carrying the weight of the body as well as the terrain and general motion of the walk cycle.

Do you have any examples? maybe sometimes it's just your own perception exacerbating the problems.

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