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What is an NTF exactly and why does it cost so much


NFT is Non fungible Token that runs on Blockchain. Think about it a copyright system, You tokenize your old artworks, photographs, video, gif, meme , collectable etc & then no one could counterfeit it. It runs on Ethereum blockchain. Tokenizing one of your artworks is called Minting.

Now this Minting requires a small amount of gas fee or transaction fee, There are other sites like Mintable which let you mint your artworks for free. After minting them you can put them on auction or sell it on a fix price. Some other sites like rariable will also give you a 10% commission for every future sale of your product, Mintable doesn't give you.

NFT exclusively runs on Ethereum & price of every listing gets decided on Ethereum. Right now 1 eth costs almost $2000. That's why this is so costly.

You can put your artwork either on Auction, Auction with a immediate buy & at fixed price like I did.


NFTs are ridiculous for a casual artist to consider using Ethereum. Ban I would use the Ravencoin blockchain to create an NFT, much cheaper, 5 to create, 500 to burn, ravencoin is currently at .20 of a dollar and runs on a bitcoin blockchain fork.

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