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Who here has ever done some sort of art show or public presentation, like a theater play or public reading? Interested in hearing your stories if you got any, here's mine:

>Be me in middle school

>For English we gotta do a reading at the school poetry fund raiser thing
>"The more you read, the more extra credit you'll get"
>I'm borderline illiterate so this would help a lot
>Decide to read E. Allen Poe's The Raven
>Never practiced, never even fully read it, just thought of it the day of the "Night"
>show time and I get scared
>Read the entire The Raven, slowly and in a monotone voice, for an entire crowd of people
>It was so boring that even the parents gave me shit about it for weeks
>Still got the credit. Worth it.

I've had more positive experiences, but that is the most memorable one I can think of lol


I went to a private school as a kid and every year there were stupid numbers we had to do.
Then as a teen I had a rock band for a brief time, we did some concerts. It was fun. We even had some gigs that required going on a two hour trip, not a lot but for us it kinda was.
Then in college we had to do some skits once a year at the place I was staying at. A private dorm. I don't remember much from those but it was embarrassing shit.

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