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First of all you may wonder why I draw this? well I just have 2 reasons to make fanart of this series: First I love it, I really love cartoons still show a slice of life with crude sense of humor on them, and second, I have some kind of resemblance with the pic feeling, and Im sure some of you too, if you are a fan of Rick and Morty you may notice Rick is a person that can handle everything except himself, he is a brilliant person but way too lonely that unplug from reality with science and alcohol to avoid the fact he is a sad person, and sometimes really dont see the point of keep living, and if you get what Im saying you will see lots of times its impossible to see life without the gray filter on your eyes.
Also you may notice Rick try to commit suicide some times along the series but for some reason he never get it, and not because of him, just because life or destiny avoid death from him, those persons who seen death close before and still breath will know what Im talking about. but why Rick is so miserable why an extremely smart person like him battles with the idea of end with his life sometimes well easy because his smartness mind, he really cant see lifes point because he already lived alot, he saw alot and he dosent have someone next to him to support his madness and feel how is it to feel real life, according to his creator Justin Roiland the closest character could be compared with Rick could be Dr. Gregory House, extremely smart but a miserable person, both are persons who are great characters because both are clever guys, pervs, genius on what they do, manipulative, careless about the rest of the people,bith are nihilists to the core, and both fail in love, but while Dr. House avoid his loneliness with drugs, Rick does with alcohol, both characters dont see why life is so important, and the the straw that broke the camel's back their messy lifes with love, both cant get a couple and if they do it dosent endure cuz its barley what they want in their lifes.
Also if you are a fan of Rick and Morty you will see Rick tries to commit suicide when he fails in love, and this is why I feel some kind of familiar feeling with this pic, people may think know you but the true is you can mask how you truly feel but inside your mind screams sometimes "whats the fucking point of all of this?" you know Albert Einstein used to say: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" and I can tell is fucking true, after lots of tries is madness to keep trying to achieve what you most wish?
And when you realize you keep failing your mind tells you "Isnt it enough?" and yeah maybe is right I mean people would tell you life can be nice without that dream on you but really inside you, you know its not true, because once the idea is planted in your mind nothing will stop it, even when people, family and friends dont believe in your dream after lots of years, pain and tries you start to wonder if its like try to catch a ghost or achieve a mirage, and you only wish to escape, to take away that ball and chain, but you just cant because the fuel of your life, so basically that's the feeling of all of this, Even when a dream is not as hard at it seams but for some reason life deny it systematically and you see other persons get it so easy without any kind of cost or dicipline to get it and you only wonder "do they really deserve it?" and the only thing you can do is wonder how it taste that flavor you that flavor that you've spent all your life dreaming of knowing what it tastes like.
like one of those fucking dreams you know its a dream but you cant wake up, your mind begs for help but your body dont answer, and feel the heavy charge over you and none around really want to help you.


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