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File: 1714326327829.mp4 (5.92 MB, 656x960, 41:60, bam.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Who is stalking Bam


"Bam" is the sound of my finger hitting the mouse button that hides your thread



So like… you're seething then.


>uuuwaaaaahhhhh I got rich as shit from drinking and drugs and doing stupid shit that hurt myself uuuuwaaaaaaahhhh why can't I see my kids my life is sooooooo haaaaaaarrrrrrd uuuuwaaaaahhhhhh who tf is stalking meeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee
Fucking hate this faggot. Steve-o is an obnoxious annoying retard too but at least he took responsibility for his substance abuse, Bam is just an overgrown rich child fuck him.


File: 1714339633683.jpeg (202.36 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, Hogan Bambam.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Now let me tell you something, brother. Bam Bam isn't just some meal ticket, brother. He's the real deal. He's a real American. And when all the Hulkamaniacs see what this dude can do, there ain't a referee alive that can keep that match contained, brother. We're going to blow the roof off the Silverdome in front of a million Hulkamaniacs. You just wait, brother.


He got what he deserved because he took jew money to make a TV show that was a negative influence on goy kids.


File: 1714342425143.jpg (58.95 KB, 720x480, 3:2, 1382688_04790_720b.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



Nigger porn


sup, Zach.


Did he ever build that skatepark?


Pre-tranny Ramon has a whole different vibe to him.


Just a note to the mod that warned me for "samefagging is illegal": I have zero idea what the fuck you mean by that, I'm not the same as either of the people I was responding to, and I'm not trying to pretend like i didn't double (now triple) post or anything.

You retards are just getting more and more unhinged and schitzophrenic by the day.


You mean to tell me that the day after I told you you're the only one posting Ramon since the /tv/ awards (practically the only one), that some totally hecking different guy showed up to post ramon across all boards exactly like you do?
Wow… It really is /tv/ culture.


Correct, that isn't me you autistic faggot. Note how it's not my IP address and you ban me, endlessly, on this same IP address, for months now. You've probably banned me for "spam" that isn't spam five hundred times by now, always on this IP. I haven't even been home all day until right now you stupid shit. There is more than one person on here that likes to shitpost. I know you morons think it's your jobs to ensure nobody can post fucking anything on this dying-ass website, but not everybody you don't like is the same person you retarded fucker.


P.S. I can't wait for you to fucking ban me again for daring to point out how absurdly retarded the glorious and based moderation team (probably just you tbh) is being and calling it "spam" because anything you don't like is spam, always and forever.


Bro, you're the only ramon poster since the /tv/ awards. I didn't give a single ban for anybody else ramonposting other than your IP since the /tv/ awards.


And is the guy that posted all the low-resolution ramon pictures everywhere, with all lower case zero-effort text accompanying them, which I never do, none of which are the usual trans500 DVD covers I like to post, using my same IP that you've banned eighty thousand times for no reason other than that your feelings are hurt? Because you said it yourself, faggot, it's always my IP. Then why isn't it my IP all of a sudden, or even remotely close to the way I post things in general? I have no idea where the fatass ogre finds you fucking troglodytes. Should start handing out bans for being "nuzach" again, that'll sure be epic, because EVERYBODY you don't like is the same person, right?


And since for the first time in months you're seemingly willing to not just immediately ban me on sight, why the hell is posting a picture of an ugly-ass cuban faggot grinning a bannable offense? Gahoole has said, many times, that it's fine and allowed. Why does it bother you this much? It's a fucking reaction image, why does it make you so sad?


When was the /tv/ awards again?
6 weeks ago?
You're the only person I banned for ramon posting in 6 weeks. The couple times someone posted ramon it was maybe once or twice and that was it. You post ramon every single day in multiple threads, every time your ban expires.


Okay. So again, I've done this a bazillion times, on the same IP. Answer my question. Is this guy doing it on my IP? I have never, a single time, done it anywhere but this one IP. Most neurotypical people who don't "work" as the tvch stasi would take that to mean it's just a second person because multiple people can post stupid-ass memes for shits and giggles.

I know you're an imageboard moderator so you're a special kind of subhuman lifeform so learning might be hard for you, but generally when you throw a bitchfit about something for weeks and months it makes the type of sped that comes on here more likely to want to do it, especially when it's as petty and stupid as your little crusade here (which, again, the website owner has said many times is perfectly permissable).

Are all Balvinposters the same person? I'm sure you think they are.

That all being said, answer the fucking question, is this guy using my IP? That I'm posting from now, and only ever posting from, that youv'e banned a gazillion times for no reason.


Did you just call yourself a sped?


> it makes the type of sped that comes on here more likely to want to do it
That special type of sped being you, right


The way I hear it is you're mad at me for MAKING YOU post ramon daily for 6 weeks.


Okay, you're mad that I think you're being stupid and am not going to let you alter what I post. That's great. Banning something for no reason has the effect of making me go "well fuck you I'm going to do it again". Deal with it.

Now. Is the guy posting Ramon on here using my IP address that you've banned fifty million times? You're still not answering the question, big brain genius. You've said a million times now that apperantly everybody you don't like is me on my IP. So is this guy on my IP or is it the first ever instance of me doing something on a different IP that isn't really anything like how I normally post?

>Did you just call yourself a sped

You are so fucking stupid it's a wonder you can breathe and type at the same time. You are a moderator on an imageboard that like six people use, that's hellbent on repeatedly banning seriously probably an entire tenth of your userbase for literally zero reason other than that seeing an ugly cuban man hurts your feelings.

I know it's your first day on an imageboard, but insulting yourself is a thing people commonly do on here. When somebody refers to themselves as a "faggot" they don't literally mean they're a homosexual. I know, it's confusing, but if you stick with imageboardposting for long enough you'll start to learn this sort of thing, too!


Why do you have such a twisted headcanon about all this? Is it because we fucked with you too hard?


You're dodging the question, nigger. Is that guy using my IP?

You said it yourself, it's all me, from this IP. So is this guy, who you think is me, using my IP I'm posting from now?


I'm not dodging. I'm stupid, remember? I don't know whatan IP address is. pls halp
I can play childish games too. I'm a sped.


File: 1714363505357.mp4 (7.01 MB, 720x720, 1:1, nuzach and mod.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Was the guy, who you are saying is me, using my IP address, that according to you I always use?


>that according to you I always use?
Please, whatever you do, do not become a lawyer. If you're in law school right now, drop out immediately. You've probably heard this advice already.


>Okay. So again, I've done this a bazillion times, on the same IP.
Holy fucking kek


File: 1714365451851.jpg (40.25 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 20231130_132829.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Don't point out their shit behavior, they will act like niggers and kikes.
If they ban or delete your posts for silly reasons, just stay away of here for a few weeks, eventually they will be begging for you to come back.
That happened with me, over and over again. But eventually I will never return.


>Astroturfing will save me.


If we've established that you're a sped, by your own admission, according to your definition, then it's not beyond you to samefag ITT to astroturf like you're likely doing now.
>I left because I was banned, but now I'm back instantly for this thread alone.

>it makes the type of sped that comes on here more likely to want to do it, especially when it's as petty and stupid as your little crusade here (which, again, the website owner has said many times is perfectly permissable).

Gahoole said ramonposting is ok. He didn't say your crusade against the website was ok.


So it is my IP, then?

I've never done this before, according to you. I've only ever posted with this IP. Is it possible… just maybe… you're… le wrong????

Is it possible not everybody you don't like is the same person?


I am not, and have never, crusaded against this website. I probably post on here more than like 80 percent of the ten other regular users on here. Where did you get the idea I'm crusading against the website? Again, posting an ugly cuban man isn't really doing a coup against tvch or anything. There is actually a large distance between "constant CP bot spam" and "typing a coherent post and spoilering a picture of Ramon attached to it". Again, you guys are just getting more and more fucking detached from reality by the day.


I know you think it's modmanbad, but it's all in your head. You often get reports. There's reports right now against ramon posts that were recently posted. There's multiple mods, and we all have to figure out how to deal with things according to Gahoole's wishes. You obviously are a seething faggot with absurd levels of autism, and we fuck with you.
Your word means nothing.


How have I crusaded against this website?

I'm sure the guy that responds to every balvin/ramon post with the "cooncooncoon" thing reports everything, yes.


Just give up. In the time you've been going around in circles with this argument, you could've watched a movie.


You're just going to deny it with some weak ass argument and strategy. Even if he were the only one to report it, at what point would you acknowledge that you're the asshole? 2 distinctly different people? 3? 4? It's not always the same guy, and it doesn't really matter if it is or not.


>How have I crusaded?
>I was a sped
Ok so you cruspeded. Can we just shake hands now


So again, by your own logic (I post the same thing, constantly, from this IP, but now that you get something similar from a seperate IP it must be me too because it just must be okay) what you're saying makes no sense, and you don't need to explain yourself because you just don't. That's lovely, faggot.

It's not me. The guy you were ready to ban me for samefagging is obviously not me. You are wrong about this. People you do not like are not always the same person. Again, do you believe every balvinposter is the same person?

Multiple people can make the rest of the corral of faggots on here angry for multiple reasons. It's not always the same person you stupid faggot.

I would love to know how I'm crusading against the website, but again, you're not going to tell me that either because you don't have to okay :( because you're a fucking faggot.


>You obviously are a seething faggot with absurd levels of autism,

You are a moderator on a barely used imageboard that gets insanely mad about a picture of an ugly cuban man and believes everyone that hurts his feelings is the same person. Don't you fucking talk to me like you're above the level of humanoid garbage yourself, you fucking nigger.


How about you stop posting ugly things to troll the board and then crying about it when you get the banhammer? In other words, grow up, faggot.


Yeah, I know, man. You going to bed soon? I'll see you tomorrow.

You have no self-awareness. You just accused one guy of making the reports. Now you're projecting saying I'm the guy that thinks multiple people are the same person.
Round and round we go.
>gets insanely mad
This is your imagination.
>hurts his feelings
Ok, faggot. Allow me to translate for you.
You wrote in a post that ramonposting hurts a mod's feelings, so when I banned you for your usual shit, I wrote "hurt my feelings" as a joke, and you are leaning on it like a pillar of absolute truth. It's hilarious. Like… you need to calm the f down.
haha I just read the rest of your post. Dude… kek

Are you seething right now or am I seething


I must admit I'm surprised that he hasn't so far just banned you and deleted all your posts. Because they are doing it with me and other posters for months now. That's why I had to resort to speaking directly to Gahoole, since this place apparently doesn't have real rules, just crazy "women" making decisions without thinking, while hearing voices coming from the walls.
The site's moderation has unironically started acting like a WOKE company over the last year, by that I mean they are kicking and attacking their loyal old users. See who hates JBalv and Ramon, the same guy who for over a year is on /cow/ crying about everyone here being pedos and only visiting the site to post blacked and sage all threads. The vol don't see to care when he is the one "shit posting", spamming or derailing threads.
When they barely paid attention it was better, despite having the same bad faith actors all across the site trying to create dramas and even site wars, like with alogs and zzzchan.
You could always ignore them.
It's a different story when we just have mods banning you when you are trying to make a serious post about movies or politics, because some shit post on /dunk/ made they mad, and even dumber when you see that certain "things" posted by certain "people" are ignored even when against the rules, but you, for some reason, are not only banned, but all the posts made by you for the past hour are deleted too, even when are honest replies about television or politics in other boards.
Things like that made so many people leave the site.
I never had to deal with that kind of shit back in the 8chan days.

Don't waste your time anymore. The mods here deserve to have people like emojitroon and Nuzach and the ones trying to dox Wrist etc.
Just start using another /tv/ boards, you will be happier.


You left but you found this convo in a thread of a different topic within 20 minutes of it happening.

Why should anybody believe this? Because you can't type as a person that makes spelling errors and as a person that types with a complex grasp of grammar?


>Hehehe he fell into my trap. Now I'll call him a schizo for thinking I'm the same person.
Gayops me harder, bro(s).


I am too, because this is the first time the retard has actually bothered explaining anything in months.

He thinks we're one person talking to ourselves right now, by the way.


Keep up the LARP or it'll collapse.
I needed to find out you were the only one spamming Ramon since I gaslit you into posting under the same IP.


Calm down, dude. I've been pretty much the only active poster in this place for at least two years.
Just in the last few months I've been going without posting for days. So I come, because of /dup/ in particular, to talk about politics, end up talking about shows and posting some Ramon or whatever.
And I almost always regret coming here nowadays.
Today I came, I posted some stuff hours earlier, then I saw how a single pictured of Ramon made a drama.
That's why I decide to reply.
Just like me, you just need to understand that as much as you have fond memories of this site and old community, it's best to move on. Visit less and less and unless things get better, leave for good.
Gahoole himself keeps this place more as a souvenir and a favor to people like us.


This is basically my thoughts on it too, and I doubt gayhole really gives a shit anymore, he barely uses this board anymore and there aren't really rules. If the mod doesn't like it it's spam, and it's only extremely recently they even bothered saying which post you made it is that actually hurt their feelings enough to be deemed spam, and complaining about it all is an instaban.

The thing that just made me mad in the first place was when some dipshit moderator nuked like half of the /lit/ writes a book thread like half a year ago because of some joke I made (that he didnt' bother explaining which one). It was, you guessed it, spam, so like half of that thread had to go when he deleted my post history.

Ever since then it's just been an unending cavalcade of shit culminating in this "everyone that posts ramon is you, period, and even if you prove otherwise fuck you, it's you okay?" mental illness power hour. Fuck these people.


Which persona is this?


I've been posting under this same IP for like over a year now or something. I'm too fucking poor to afford a VPN. Fantastic gaslighting, you retarded nigger, you managed to gaslight me into being unable to afford an expressvpn subscription for a few months now.








And I'll ban you if you disagree!


>It was, you guessed it, spam, so like half of that thread had to go when he deleted my post history.
How long ago was this? This sparked your cruspede? Could have been me, but I don't remember.


>I've been posting under this same IP for like over a year now or something.
You will never be able to prove this, so I don't know why you keep saying it.


I really don't remember, but a while ago. Probably 5-6 months, something like that. I don't honestly remember. It was the like "oh they're just being hysterical women, fuck them all" spark for me.

As a side note, you're a hysterical woman, fuck you, you've basically killed this website.

You can't either, so I guess I don't know why you keep saying it either. What I'm saying makes far, far more sense if you have basic pattern recognition abilities than the "NO NO NO NO! EVERYONE I DON'T LIKE IS ONE PERSON!" kicking and screaming temper tantrum you're throwing.


>A new ramon thread on /dunk/ from a new IP with no other post history.
>Yes, this is totally organic.

>they're being hysterical women

I think you're forgetting which persona you're talking under because the other anon said that.

>What I'm saying makes far, far more sense

That's your biased opinion. I'm here to volunteer for the site. That often involves deleting CP maybe 6 times a day. What do you do here?


correction, post is on /dup/, but the rest still stands. I discovered that fact btw.


>NO NO NO NO! You ARE all the same person talking to yourself! You ARE You ARE You ARE!

>the other anon said that



File: 1714369285955.jpg (812.81 KB, 866x1300, 433:650, comp_tomb.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Like I said, just move on. Cuckchan is bad as fuck, but even there it's looking more promising.
The webring was a huge failure, some of the worst people on 8chan with a bunch of pretentious mentally ill newfags decided to create this place and it just can't work.
When neither you, nor I, nor emojitroon and Yakuza post here, the site is deserted.
The no-holds-barred sperg mod He sabotaged this place for everyone, including himself. He fed the vipers that hate this place, while banning and attacking the people who actually enjoy posting here.
Here's what he got. Two or four threads in /cow/ full of people who really pray to see everyone here dead and an extra-slow if not empty board without discussions.
I won't even reply more since I need to get ready to work.
Most likely I'll post something here in a week again, since despise subhuman such as Nuzach, emojitroon, and the mental mod I still feel like sharing certain things with the few anons left.
If you are gone for good, good for you. If you stay, I hope you can create more ocs, especially with Ramon.


You're just seething, pal. I've been throwing you olive branches, but you've been seething non-stop and gayopsing.


>I won't reply more.
Gayop completed.


Did you know you repost my OC a lot?
That should piss you off.


So is there anybody in this thread you DON'T think is me? How many me's are in the room with you right now, you maniac?


>More gayops
I thought you had a job to get ready for


I like how you replied to yourself in another thread to make it seem like you're not samefagging.


Last thing.
As Weasel himself says, the mod ITT is a faggot who posts on imageboards as someone posting on discord.
Always posting to different replies, one after the other. Further proof that he is a discord newfag.
Case closed. Detective Conan won.


Do you think that you're me also?

Who else do you believe is me? I'd love to see a list of just how many mes are on here at any given time would be enlightening.


Butt fuck


It doesn't matter if you're the same person or not. You (guys) think I'm evil, when I'm just trying to follow the rules. You have a completely fucked up headcanon imagination of who I am or how I mod because you conflate multiple mods as the same person. You are oblivious to the fact that there are reports from people that have to be considered. You terrorize the site with constant gayops because it's game for you. There have been meta threads in the past about the gayops. I come here, I try to have fun. I delete cp. People are posting porn. I have to do shit about it. They rebel and post more for hours on end. A faggot has a meltdown and spams nigger dicks. I try to make peace but continue to get blamed even when you admit to being a sped.
What's your fuckin' endgame


File: 1714370277205.jpeg (163.76 KB, 980x1024, 245:256, slippery slope :tv:.jpeg.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I made this because I think it's funny. What do you guys think


>Always posting to different replies, one after the other.
I hate discord.


So if I report something over and over and over it just becomes against the rules?


At no point, ever, have I posted porn. As far as I know every picture of Ramon I have ever posted has been non-pornographic, and they immediately get banned anyways apperantly because if some random lunatic reports something enough it magically becomes against the rules and you just kinda have to ban it or something or else I don't know.

What's my endgame? To be able to shitpost in peace on here, like I used to be able to, until Fathoole got this new crop of absolute fucking lunatic nigger mods that have decided to just do whatever they want, fuck rules, fuck what's allowed, fuck content, fuck like both of the semi-organic as organic as fast food shilling can be lel memes this website's come up with, fuck it all, it's spam so just ban fucking everything.

This place used to be run far better before you and honestly I don't find it hard to believe that there are more than one nigger retard mods on here, but it's irrelevant came along and started "improving" the place so hard that now fun basically isn't allowed and nobody posts here anymore.

It's dying, it's the moderation staff's fault that it's dying, and I don't like it, and increasingly it's just obvious that nobody cares and nobody's going to do anything about it, because after all all the wreckers are just one guy talking to themselves.


I said they have to be considered. Sometimes people report things that are against the rules, sometimes not. The ramon thing in the past was frequently legit tranny porn mixed into normal posts of memes. You often don't spoiler nudity. It's a fucking mess. And when your entire post history is ramon pics, and there's a heap of reports, yes, it can be considered spam. One mod might delete, one might sage, one might spoiler. If you're being a fucking faggot, like you have been, it's a war. I don't like it. You constantly try to use it to spark drama. Gahoole gets pissed.

Gahoole is a saint. He bends over backwards for anons even if they are shitters. When I see your 5,000th attempt at posting some tranny tits between CP bot posts, yeah, I become "tranny janny," and start deleting your shit.



>and so, the moderator continued gibbering in a corner about how every ramonposter and balvposter and everyone that thinks he's doing an incredibly bad job is the same person. His skin black as a thousand midnights, his afro perched tall on his head, his eyes bloodshot and dilated, blunt in his mouth and 40 in his hands. He continued to mutter to himself "they're all the same! Everyone's the same! God dammit why won't they listen, it's all one big terrorist gayop, there's no way anybody's just shitposting for fun, let alone that multiple people would do it!" as drool flew from his mouth and piss stained the floor.


>At no point, ever, have I posted porn.
Stfu nigger. Your word is garbage. Every time we have these discussions you lie. You constantly try to interpret what the mods are doing, and we just let you guess because no attempt at explaining has ever solved the problem. You are either retarded or intentionally malicious.


I gave you an answer and you started pissing and shitting yourself.


Ah man… you're going to samefag so hard in the morning aren't you.


If I had to guess, I'd say you're going to spam the report button to try to get stuff deleted, then throw a tantrum about things being deleted because of reports or something fucking ridiculous like that. It's always something.


Metashittery was a fucking mistake.


File: 1714390386320.webm (638.99 KB, 640x360, 16:9, THE JANNY.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You both, the janny and the anon are obvious mentally ill, especially the vol. probably addicted to drugs too. The word schizo have lost a lot of power, but it's true in this scenario. Straight up schizo shit.


If I don't ban/delete after about 6 of his posts, he starts mod drama posting. If I really get under his skin, it's his first post that he comes back after ban expires.


Oh wow I just realized the ban list per IP has a history limit. We've been playing this game for longer than 6 weeks. I thought the /tv/ awards were months ago… That would mean he's practically the only ramon poster for 3 or 4 months.
And the day after I told him this in another thread, a totally different guy shows up to spam ramon in exactly the same fashion.


File: 1714400866864.png (594.35 KB, 1238x670, 619:335, hmm.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Says he left the site because of a janny.
>Magically appears within 25 minutes of a meta convo breaking out in an unmarked thread.
>Accuses someone of being a discord newfag.


You are extremely mentally ill, very bad at explaining yourself, and I don't really get what you're trying to get at. However, I do kind of expect that from an anon. Everybody that uses image boards is autistic, if you've been using one longer than a few days you really should be used to this by now.

YOU, however, are a terrible mod/mods. Nobody cares if it's multiples or just one mod that behaves like you all do, to a user mods are just a monolithic entity. I do not know what it is about the caliber of person that wants to moderate a chinese smoke signal BBS that makes them into insane conspiracy theorists, but this website's staff has clearly caught it good and hard. cuckchan did it, 8chan did it, the turkroach was probably the worst example of it I can think of, operatorchan did it, countless other boards eventually succumbed to their moderation staff inventing numerous insane conspiracy theories about why minor things were happening.
I remember this with the brownpill. It was always, as you say, "gayops", or someone trying to sabotage whatever obscure board it was posted on, or the JIDF, or many other theories. It was never just "some bored-ass autistic motherfucker funposting for the hell of it", which was exactly what it was.
I don't really find it hard to believe that someone/s are posting ramon shit just because the mods overreact to it that hard to believe.
But moderators always do this. Everyone's nuzach, everyone's bui, everyone's a discord tranny, it's always some bizarre conspiracy against the website and never just the fact that anonymous imageboards attract weird people who do weird shit for fun.

This is the most disheartening, though. It's like if someone called themselves a newfag and a *moderator* replied by saying wait are you admitting you're GAY?!?!?! xD. Go back to reddit, jesus christ.

And now I leave. This place is basically dead anyways. And I'm the guy that posted the picture of Paddock above me there. I'm also the Ramonposter, and I'm also the moderation team. That I'm the brownpill spammer goes without saying. I'm the maisefag, and I'm also gahoole himself. I'm every boogieman of the week, and that is the only sensible explanation to my post.


Why are you on a different IP?


How is this post having so many posts? Wasn't it made like twenty-one hours ago?


I took my dogo for a walk.


Here's the problem. You project a lot, so I can't even explain things when you're in the wrong frame of mind. You misinterpret a lot of nuance while accusing me of misintepreting nuance. You are fighting this like a court case as if nobody here is allowed to read between the lines or interpret events on their own. Your strategy to compensate for your weakpoints is to call in a discord buddy or samefag or falseflag. This is just how it is.

>Ah ha it was a separate IP. You think my discord buddy and I are the same person.

I know, I know, you're going to have a meltdown because I'm accusing you two of being discord buddies. Ok, so let's try to backup for a sec and deal with one issue.
Let's go to the sped topic.

Now this is going to be difficult to read because it would require you to admit "defeat."

Let's take your quote about being a sped.

>but generally when you throw a bitchfit about something for weeks and months it makes the type of sped that comes on here more likely to want to do it, especially when it's as petty and stupid as your little crusade here (which, again, the website owner has said many times is perfectly permissable).

You're accusing me of throwing a bitchfit and overzealously moderating you. You're saying that when and if I do this kind of moderator action type behavior to people other than you, that it can cause other people to behave like speds and do more often what they're being jannied for.

Now in our case, you are the one that is doing more and more of what I'm allegedly overzealously jannying you for. So you're saying that you're behaving like a sped because of my actions. You tried to say "generally" as if to imply that you're not talking about yourself.
This is where I step in and say, "did you just call yourself a sped?" Because I don't think you have self-awareness. Giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are aware of what you're saying, I can then accuse you of trying to overgeneralize in a manner where you leave yourself out of the equation, free of guilt. However, we both know you've been a sped.

Does this make sense? I get that you didn't want to admit to being a sped, but you did, and trying to quote IB nuance as a get out of jail free card is just laughable in the face of how you've been behaving for months.

Now if you're projecting what and how it is people will behave when they are moderated because you're the one behaving that way, and you assume everyone else will, then it brings into question everything else you're saying to be categorized as projection like the subhuman bit or being dumb or a slow learner or about how I'm the mad one or about me throwing a bitchfit.

I get upset when I see CP. I get irritated when people don't spoil nudity then repost it or seethe about it. I mod yakuza because he spams threads and posts nudity. We try to sage at times, but he is always disrespecting and reposting and ban evading. I don't know if it's yakuza or fake yakuza. I don't know if it's you or one of the boogeymen. I don't care. There's obvious board disruptions, there's reports, and there's blatant rule breaking mixed in.

If you're just going to chime in later saying "that wasn't me even though I had the same argument and attraction to these points," just fuck off.


You're both retards and wrong




File: 1714571052682.jpg (403.03 KB, 1132x898, 566:449, J-Balvin.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Maybe [Censured] was right after all about a certain person here having a severe drug addiction among other problems.


You're addicted to me banning you.
You're now experiencing withdrawals.

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