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The mere physical attributes associated with the half-race artificially-engineered by the Enslaver should be all that is required to lead a rational, sapient being to the path of hate, or in our case, the path of determined survivalism and instinctual pattern recognition that is nowadays but taboo "hate-speak" that directly opposes the set status quo that is, in certain ways, physically crushing the backs of the hard-working kind, the aforementioned "rationals", the sapient kind who are for now partially unaltered by genetic experimentations that the Enslaver conducts upon it's subjects.
And bringing up the mere physical attributes, or to be more accurate - de-attributes, are enough to permeate the reality of the bestial, impulse-driven "nature" of the subhuman kind, those altered completely by the Enslaver's conduct. Through a certain set of pre-determined events, we have come to the rather unfavorable conclusion that those genetically unaltered, have been completely shifted into beings of thoughless conformance and consumption, and no regard for relevant matters, such as the aforementioned reality of the physical attributes of the genetically-altered untermensch half-race. It is thus the only solution to, bio-physically erradicate all the bio-mass that makes up this part of the population, for it is now obvious to us that they serve little to no purpose to us, other than being a mere hinderance, a weight on our already worn-out backs, cogs in the machine, if you will.
And it is because of this reality that we have been left with but one option, the total extirpation of the subhumans and those without a comprehensive, consistent perception, those who are cogs in the machine, those whose bio-essence of evolutionary development has degraded to mere leeching off of the fruits of Bureaucratic industrial technocracy that has enveloped all of Earth by this point.


Seems like Christians don't are very fond of TND



File: 1720182932962.jpg (61.25 KB, 757x633, 757:633, Patrick S. Tomlinson.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

The things Patrick S. Tomlinson says about black people…


File: 1720207100152.webm (3.64 MB, 1088x544, 2:1, Total Aryan Salvation.webm) ImgOps iqdb

TKD first


What do you expect from a man who turns niglets into sausage?


What about the nips?


Don't scroll past this thread please! This is urgent!

Anon#6525 must be permabanned from /ch3/ for trolling, calling me names, and believing LAIR 4 IS INVINCIBLE AND CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED when IT WILL be the opposite!

THEIR ACCOMPLICE AT tvch.moe/ch3/res/5815.html#q7403 should be permabanned too!



Nobody cares.


Kill yourself faggot.


Where's Zyklon Ben When we need him?


File: 1720558248209.jpg (199.9 KB, 1901x1063, 1901:1063, lvgHIEj.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Give the signal a try. He'll show up if he's not busy.


God I love zyklon ben.


>da jooos

Kikes and their servants really can't handle being called out


>but call him a jew and see how he recoils


File: 1720690242744.png (31.3 KB, 1190x560, 17:8, latrino acting like a kike….png) ImgOps iqdb

>be called out for being a kike lover and a latrino
>says anyone using the term "golem" are the true latinx
why zoomers and shitkins can't banter neither make any sense?



Zoomers? More like zogmers, quite odd of them dicksucking circumcised cock despite hating on Israel.


>despite hating on Israel
They hate Israel for the wrong reasons. They hate them because they perceive them as being heckin' white colonizers oppressing those poor brown people.


So they're basically the hipster version of /pol/tards


What the evil /pol/ users did this time around, sister?


First of all I'm male and not into such things as 'cat boys' or 'bussy' as the zoomstormies always seem to be.


How the hell normalizing sodomy can make them based and redpilled? Is colon cancer the new black?


>partaking in sodomy
>partaking in sodomy while complaining about it
Funny how simply not partaking in sodomy is unthinkable to zoomers


>First of all I'm male and not into such things as 'cat boys' or 'bussy' as the zoomstormies always seem to be
You seem to know a lot about the tastes of zoomstormies, faggot. Bet you are you a catboy and bussy connoiseur yourself.

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