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I don't agree with Robert Sepehr in everything, but I enjoyed some of his books and videos, but in recent times I am noticing that both Christian larpers, Pagan larpers, spics and niggers (at least some sects from both)really hate everything he says and writes, but are unable to prove or argue against him, only using ad hominem.


I am literally every single one of the things you listed and I don't hate him at all.


>both a christain AND a pagan larper at the same time

how anon?


You're a spic mullato pagan christian?
I know this is an alien concept these days, but this used to be popular in Europe until the twelfth century, at the time there were many pagans who actually believed that the God of the bible existed, even though they were pagans and Christians who actually also worshiped gods and pagan traditions depending on the occasion, even if the church saw it in a negative light.


>Christians who actually also worshiped gods and pagan traditions depending on the occasion
That's basically latin american christianity


Q predicted this


Well Christianity is a Frankenstein of a religion, same about Judaism for thousands of years.


Cuckchanners love him, your post makes no sense. Either reverse psychology kike or something else. Unless you hang out on blueboard /leftypol/ outposts where they bring up cuckchan /pol/ every other thread then of course they'll hate him


Qanon, anon. Qanon predicted this.


/pol/ and /x/ cry about him all the time


Nigger most of /pol/ likes him you don't even fucking use the board I bet


He's a jew with fake stories about Atlantis, Hyperborean etc to turn people away from the truth in the Bible.


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Yes, Atlantis is super-fake, it's a story by Plato and Socrates, people took any idea of possible "lost civilizations" and swept them under this and other fantasy RPG ideas.

If there are good traces of lost civilizations they wouldn't be lost, like the stuff about Sea Peoples we only end up with somewhat obfuscated facts more than an actual lost civilization of note.
We have an effect, there must be a cause, and we just have poor info at times about what group was the cause.
Was watching this "Heathen" guy talking about Odin, how he was a real person who just sort of obtained godhood, so really this paganist was an atheist, in the sense they don't really imagine any supernatural influence. What they really want to do is go against Christianity, à la the Church of Satan. Yet in their framework Christianity is the same thing, fake thing people treat as real, so there isn't really a problem with following Christianity they just don't like the rules and crave a more hedonistic morality system based on kin and such.
Many want a system of magic that conforms to their predisposed ideas of leftism morality, so they've purposefully chosen to follow a path that guides them the least away from all their earthly sins and problems.

Meanwhile, Catholics just blame everything on Protestantism while they suffer one profound corruption scandal after another, really we're seeing this trend of a search for meaning post 20th century everyone talks about, claiming every old system is broken and doesn't work, whether with science and it's progressive advancements or with innate and essential human qualia, they attempt to diagnose the patient post-hoc without regards to the body of the patient. So it's all just this failed post-hoc medicine ignoring elements if the patient they don't want to look at, the patient being something none of them can agree to m so they're not really having the same conversation/debate on their cure.

Much like how to fond the right political perspective you must agree on history in this great matter of the human we have to fond what it, in solitary and group settings, has as a relationship to the soul. This is humanness, and we find ourselves at a loss yet still willing to put the patient through any manner of treatment.


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le cactus jack murderer mcdonald's man was an atlantean


Kys faggot nigger, stop spamming this shit all over tvch.


File: 1642803921908.jpg (270.77 KB, 1098x1500, 183:250, The Toy.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Fuck you, BBC 4 lyfe nigga


>noooooo! people can't discuss whatever they want to discuss or it bothers me :( :( :(


Just ignore him, he's probably some mentally ill mutt.


File: 1642915696495.jpg (152.2 KB, 560x845, 112:169, Heil_dir_im_Siegerkranz_(c….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>people are talking about things I do not personally enjoy

>Aha! I have it! This means they are… mentally ill AND mulattos!

Suck a dick you mentally ill faggot


Kys yakuzapedo, you're spamming this McDonald shit all over the site for weeks now.


>one guy does everything I don't like :(


Just ignore him, eventually he return to cuckchan


File: 1645171675511.png (299.83 KB, 562x437, 562:437, 1492377709485.png) ImgOps iqdb

>People who hate him shill TRS and Keith Woods




Jewsh Moon is fucking retard


Also, majority of Robert Sepehr haters are feds larping as e-Christians.



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>leftists crying about "weaponizing" anthropology for political purposes
my sides.

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