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My family has a long history of abductions and I've had so many encounters with shadow people, greys and a succubus (not a pretty one), but I always wanted a pale vampire gf with a cold pussy.
Is it possible to somehow attract and maintain a relationship with beings like that? Has anyone here had any such experience?


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No. Shut the fuck up, nigger.


Ngl wish I had a vampire gf as well.


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No, shut up. It totally happened.




Back to zzzchan with your lame posts.


I want a demon girl gf but that is because cuckime.


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The brunette or the blonde, buddies?


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New video is out


>ayy features
>faint glowing luminescence
>gets a feeling of impending doom and death whenever she touches his neck
Anon fucked a succubus and died. What a retard, even if it was in pursuit of dicking the undickable. Rest in peace, fa/tg/uy.


<when it's a hot alien girl


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>a cold pussy.
You don't want that as much as you think you do.


have you ever fucked a woman while it's 30 degrees Celsius?
I suggest to you to try jerk off in the cold shower and in the hot shower and you will notice what the difference is


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Good channel


is this cute his daughter?


Whoever she is, she's highly breedable.


she belongs to werewolf dick.


supernatural beings see you as food. can you date a grizzly bear? no. but it might help you satisfy your vore fetish along the way.


somebody clearly has been neglecting their mckenna studies


Does anyone have the high quality version of Super Ramon fucking a vampire shemale?


No and kill yourself niggerfaggot. Homosexuality can potentially be cured by dewormers and turpentine further proving how unnatural it is if I can link it to fucking gut worms and parasites altering behavior.

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