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Sometimes I feel it would have been better if they never interfered with life on earth, like the interdict hypothesis formulated by astrophysicists.


They won't know about it for much longer. Economic collapse, constant factional struggles, and rampant inbreeding is going to send them into another dark age.


I think you're thread is gay because you phrase the post in complete confidence that these beings can only be exactly as feds and their normalnigger cattle want you to see them as which is extraterrestrials when really all their behavior and appearances line-up with ancient demonic encounters throughout the ages. Anal probing, sexual rituals, poltergeists
>like the interdict hypothesis formulated by astrophysicists
Are you from reddit?


are you an alien?
Kys NuZach, for real.


Go spam your limitless amount of deflecting boogeymen bullshit on the other boards you insufferable retard.


Stop trying to ruin ever single thread. Shut up for once and enjoy the video.


File: 1662075193593.png (343.5 KB, 404x708, 101:177, OMG THE ROCK COCK!!! I WAN….png) ImgOps iqdb

>*boop* *boop*
>uuuh hello, based department?


if extra terrestrial aliens truly exist then it is almost certainly a terrible idea to try to get their attention.
why do people assume all high technology civillisations are benevolent like in star trek? what if space is one big wasteland where only freaks and perverts hang out, who would want to enslave us to farm this planets natural resources?


File: 1663104959364.jpg (54.37 KB, 564x562, 282:281, 1514225014414.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

It's part of modern humans who love to act as prey and weak because being like that is "good".
In another thread I told you, check out Chinese writer Liu Cixin and his books.


>book rec
I am familar with robert sepehr and am fond of his work so I shall have to look into this chinamans books if you recommend them.
>modern slave mentality
yes. they want some space daddy to come down and zapp drumpf with a heat ray and tell them what 2 think. personally i wouldnt want space to know about me until i know EVERYTHING bout it.


As much as Nuzach tries to pretend when it suits to him that tvch is full of anons actually I think we have six or seven active anons, so is easy to spot someone, including myself.
>I am familar with robert sepehr and am fond of his work
I personally like some of his work, but obviously I don't agree with everything he write or have blind faith in him. I find it quite interesting how feds and e-christians seem to hate him, in one post/message they are defending the jews, but soon after anyone talks about Robert Sepehr works they bring up something about his dad making a documentary about the holocaust.
I've seen this standardized answer several times over the years to btfo'd anyone who talk about his books.
About Liu Cixin and his works, as I said in /lit/ before, his narrative style is sometimes bad in the opinion of some people, but the concepts are great. Also, westernoids left-wingers hate him because of how he portrays some things in his books, for example, women and weak people. Even if you ignore the sociological and psychological side of his work, the sci-fi aspect is amazing, especially if you are interested in physics and astronomy.

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