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Hey George now I've said it before 'n' I'll say it again, you all know I'm a God, Guns and Gold man, a Bible, Bullets and Beans man.
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The Area 51 episode is up. Once I listen to a later episode which supposedly has the same caller again, I'll upload that too.


Bob Lazer? That guy is so full of shit it's amazing. The guy married a hooker ffs.


Bob Lazar is one of the most credible people in UFO related stuff, next to the Lonnie Zamora event.


Bullshit I asked him if he wanted to go do blow off this one chicks tits that I strongly suspected was a Betelgeuse shapeshifter in disguise back in 2007 I'm pretty sure in Atlanta?, and do you know what he said to me? 'No thanks I'm not into that kind of stuff' and the fuck he isn't I know for a fact he did rails off that nasty convention table down in Nevada I won't say when becayse we made eye contact. Fuck you Bob Lazar that chick turned out to be some kind of goat werewolf or something, fucking crazy.





George Napp who "broke" the story was good friends with Lazar. They're running a scam together and that's why Bob's story never makes sense and he claims to have a headache when he can't remember it right. The technology aspects he "predicts" were already being discussed in scientific papers of the era giving him his "predictions"


Lazar never made money from the story, and Knapp ruined a career in journalism. Pretty lousy scam to be pulling for decades.


Yes he did. Do you think speaking and convention appearances are done for free?


Any news on a site move coast anon?


Any news on the move?


Not yet, I'm a bit behind for reasons no one will care about, so there's two uploads today, and another classic tomorrow.


Most of the recent episodes have sucked any way. Constantly talking about UFO disclosure we all know will never happen. Or it's hippy dippy bullshit yet again. Best episodes are talk of cryptozoologists. The stories might be bullshit but they're interesting, UFO stuff is all the same 3 stories on loop.


Don't bother listening to Tuesday, it's a Fuchs episode and then some medium broad.


Who are these broads boning to get all this air time?


Probably Tom.



Hi, Tom.


Hey Coastanon, another classic recommendation for you. The Mad Man Marcum trilogy. Dude built a time machine on his front porch, went to jail for stealing the components, had two interviews with Art Bell in the 90s, and claims to have built a bigger time machine through which he traveled two years into the future. Apparently, as far as Art could tell, Marcum really went missing during those two years and he assumed Marcum had just fried himself. But he resurfaced for one more interview with Art in 2015, where he told the full story. The first and third interviews are on youtube, but I have no idea where to find the second.


I don't remember the second interview, I thought it was just the first one, and then the one on Midnight. Do you have the date?


If you suck off Tom from Myspace you get on coast to coast? NICE!

Whoare the best guests?


I'm not sure what the exact date was but I remember them talking about it in the third one. I think it was two years after the first one.


I'll have to dig up some Midnight archives, I'm sure they're around, that might give me a lead.


Any news on a new host coast nigger?


>listening to Art Bell
>spends 20 minutes talking about a baby that died for something like 12 hours before coming back to life
>"wow this is a miracle"
>you have to be fucking retarded to even entertain such nonsense but this is coast to coast so it's cool
>random caller calls in talking about how the elites are trying to create a one world government
>Kike Bell begins kvetching
>blows it off as nonsense
>hangs up on the guy
>goes back to talking about the baby
Stopped listening to the shill and never went back. Art only existed to distract people from legitimate concerns in the world with nonsense like shadow people and other dumb shit. George Noory will always be the superior choice since he never pretended to be more than someone who hosted a fun/ridiculous show for shits and giggles.


Noory spends half the fucking program talking about mundane politics. Knapp > Noory.


most of coast 2 coast is shit. It's very rare a good topic comes up. It's shilling things for the fringe people since everyone else makes a podcast instead.


Ghost to ghost, if they would let us go and not mind our business we wouldn't have to kill them all with happy accidents.


I made a Rumble account, the faggots want me to give them my phone number and shit. BitChute is also being a total cunt at the moment. Dunno if I'll upload today, it's all so tiring.


Hey coast anon. Any chance you could start uploading full episode of mysterious universe (plus episodes) and shit?


Coast anons dead. No new uploads in a month.


Either the feds got him, or he was taken by ayy lmaos.


File: 1633203095942.jpg (151.23 KB, 652x1100, 163:275, des0m7a-ae23b788-63d3-4e7e….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Coast anon, here. Bitchute became a massive cunt, Rumble wants me to give them my telephone number, and Oddysee just wants money or some shit. Also my wife is pregnant and in the hospital now, her waters broke on Sunday.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Area 53 is kino
raven, nice


Buy a burner phone?

If the baby comes out black will you keep uploading episodes for us?


If it comes out black I might become a black supremacist for the lulz.


Isn't that just being a normal nig?

Is there any way to listen to the episodes with title descriptions? Podcast form would be cool if I could tell what each episode was before some woman comes on to tell me about her psychic ovaries.


I always look on the C2C website for descriptions of upcoming shows. If you want to listen for free, zfirelight.blogspot is probably the easiest.


Bitchute channel made it easy, didn't have to jump between websites and avoid music. Do your job you lazy fuck.


Do it yourself when you have a hand free from whacking off punks fifteen dollars a man.

Also nice trips, faggot.


Your kids blacker than coal and has your work ethic.


My child is white as the purest snow and will continue the white race, your dick has fallen off from lack of use.


Nigger kid.


Any similar podcasts or youtube channels with long and nice paranormal or UFO related shows?

Every ufology channel I know is being infected and subverted by spiritualists.


File: 1642738784510.jpg (124.69 KB, 1206x886, 603:443, 1642609843317.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

this is my kid


Of you want to listen to free just find any am radio station online. They all have audio players, I don't know if being a foreigner is a problem but it's super easy. I find my local station has bad sound on the radio but sounds great on the streaming platform on the website. Used to be some list somewhere with all the stations but almost all US AM stations have c2c on at night.


This is the link from the show, next episode plays in an hour, ten.



File: 1642778968158.mp4 (3.2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1602098566615.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Be sure to pick up the new Travis Scott meal at McDonald's while you're at it!

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