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lets discus the power of black magic and satanic rituals,
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okay asmodeus


It's a picture from a limited release (((Art))) DVD that costed thousands of dollars.


>Mason cuck trying this hard to subvert


Pot meet kettle


>not being a brainwashed moron means you're a Mason
Put down the crack pipe.

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So what do you say to this?


File: 1619279553317.webm (3.68 MB, 478x360, 239:180, what the fuck is going on.webm) ImgOps iqdb

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Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ )

We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u

File: 1619100586480.webm (8.77 MB, 540x360, 3:2, ghostfu bop.webm) ImgOps iqdb


Alright lads, time for a legit happening that took place last night.
>taking a nap before work
>during the nap, dream that there's something in my kitchen
>in the dream itself, the kitchen and first floor are lit up like it's early morning but everything looks like it's in fog
>there's a brown smudge in the right top corner of my viewpoint which looks like i'm seeing through long bangs
>it's not me in this dream but i'm seeing things through somebody else's vision
>whoever this is, they seem to blink and things go dark but there's an impression that they are heading to walk up my stairs
>at this point, i wake up because lo and friggen behold there is the sound of somebody walking up my fucking stairs
>as i hear the steps creaking as this thing reaches the landing, there's this feeling like a pressure
>i can feel this thing as it exists in its space and in its relation to me in mine
>i can literally feel this thing moving through the middle room and into my bedroom
>for a moment i'm going for my knife until the idea pops into my head that it would be pointless
>this presence stops right next to my bed and hovers there while i'm pretending to sleep like a bitch
>there's this weird feeling, like i'm being told to turn around and open my eyes
>it's not spoken, it's an idea, except it's not my idea, and there's an emotion of bemusement to it that sure ain't coming from me
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Shadow person. I used to get terrorised by them when I was a kid and into my teens. The last time I saw one, it said I would die the next time we met. I'm told that the only thing that can stop them is truly believing that something stronger will defeat them. It's kind of like in Terry Pratchett books, where belief in something is strong enough to force it into existence. It's been over a decade since it last happened.


I've seen this shit since I was a kid. This one was just really pumped up. As an update, I did find the dateplanner, only it was in a drawer where I keep my sewing kit. Far from where I always have it. There's no reason for me to have put it there, purposely or accidentally. Nothing scribbled inside, either. Was just sitting prim and perfect right on top of the box. The only reason I found it there, btw, was because I had to go pick up my car from being inspected. Before I left, I had the thought that I'd need my checkbook, which I keep with my sewing kit. But then when I got to the businesses, I realized that I didn't need the checkbook at all because, obviously, they take card. So now it's bugging me as to why I thought I needed it at all and if the thought was planted so that I would end up finding the planner.

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Who was Matt Watson /truth/?


Probably a mix of all three theories from EmpLemon's video. Matt Watson was some start up no-name, edgy, leftist youtuber that couldn't make it in mid-2010's YouTube's algorithm. Then one day, Matt Watson got into contact with some big corporation group to help them to fuck YouTube in the ass because they didn't got the amount of money they wanted from YouTube.

File: 1618304824924-0.jpg (665.37 KB, 1920x1530, 64:51, 23b7e2d202c4af2bccde3f0b4c….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1618304824924-1.mp4 (7.08 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hamar-Daban tragedy.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


We've all heard about the Dyatlov Pass incident of 1959, but I had not heard about the 1993 Hamar-Daban pass incident till just now.
The Hamar-Daban mountain range is in Siberia, not far from Lake Lake Baikal. In August 1993 six members of a seven person hiking group died under very mysterious circumstances, and the lone survivor, who was 17 at the time, wandered alone through the wilderness for four days from 5 August to 9 August before reaching people. In a 2018 interview, she remained rather vague about what happened, but said was happened was "like in a horror movie" (translated with Yandex):
<The wind was so strong that we were sliding down instead of walking. Suddenly Sasha fell. He was foaming at the mouth. Korovin sat down next to him, hugged him, and that was all. I didn't get up again. And such a madhouse began. And I still don't understand how long it lasted. Like a horror movie. Everyone falls, everyone is bleeding, foaming at the mouth, bleeding from the nose.
<The only survivor, Valentina Utochenko, 17, later wrote in a statement how, during the difficult descent, carried out in near zero visibility, one of the members of the group was struck down hard, foaming at the mouth and bleeding from the ears. The rest of the group shortly developed the same symptoms.
<The six members who died had done so almost simultaneously, after rolling around on the ground, tearing their clothes off and clutching their throats. The young woman was left alone. Nearly unconscious, she navigated the power lines until she reached the river at the bottom, where she was rescued by a group of kayaking tourists.
Beyond the Dyatlov mystery: 2 other creepy tragedies in the Russian mountains - Russia Beyond: https://archive.ph/08n6y / https://web.archive.org/web/20210204110631/https://www.rbth.com/history/330020-russia-dyatlov-pass-mystery-analogues

This seems at odds with the official cause of death given after the autopsies, which was hypothermia.
https://en.wikipedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some interesting takes in the comment section of the 2018 article/interview. Some suggests that Valentina murdered the others, but it seems very odd how a seventeen-year-old girl could have killed the group leader and the twenty-three-year-old guy. Poisoning? Only to wander around the wilderness for days alone? And I would have expected a much more elaborate story if she was lying.
There is mention of Valentina having to sign a non-disclosure agreement and that the government did cover up the case. As for the autopsy finding signs of poor nutrition/protein depletion, this is rural Russia in the early 1990s and people from former Soviet Kazakhstan we are talking about: how do we know this lack of proper food was not a widespread case all over the former Soviet states? There are some quite bleak descriptions of life in Russia at the time in the comment section, people struggling to earn enough for their food.
It appears that the Russians refer to it as the Buryat tragedy (бурятской трагедии).

Two excerpts from another article on the tragedy, translated with Yandex:
<The helicopter descended, and everyone on board witnessed a terrible sight: "The picture was terrible: the bodies were already swollen, the eye sockets of all were completely eaten out. Almost all of the victims were dressed in thin tights, while three of them were barefoot. The supervisor was lying on top of Alexander…»
<What was happening on the plateau? Why did the participants of the hike take off their shoes when they were freezing? Why did a woman lay down on a dead guy? Why didn't anyone use their sleeping bags? All these questions remained unanswered. From the place of death, the group was taken out by helicopter by rescuers from Buryatia. In Ulan-Ude, an autopsy was performed, which showed that all six died of hypothermia. By this time, relatives of the missing tourists arrived in the capital of Buryatia, who eventually took the bodies home.
<Alexander Kvitnitsky, discussing the causes of the group's death, suggests that the group developed mountain sickness, which appears in high-altitude conditions: "It can be assumed that due to oxygen starvation, they could have changes in the brain that cause different reactions, including affecting the heart, blood vessels, causing hallucinations, and so on. But at the altitude that the group was at, mountain sickness almost doesn't hapPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm assuming it's a real phenomenon that has become the go to catch-all to dismiss cases like this (much like all ghosts are muh sleep paralysis, all cryptid sightings are muh owls). It's often trotted out for the missing 411 cases where it doesn't really work.

>Be in the end stages of extreme hypothermia

>Strip off just muh boots because they feel so damn hot, neatly stack them under a rock
<Walk another 10 miles over mountainous terrain barefoot
<Stop and have lunch overlooking a nearby town that is clearly visible
<Leave my backpack and open thermus while wandering the opposite direction back into the wilderness

Muh paradoxical undressing just doesn't cut it for most of the weird shit a lot of these cases have.


It's a very real and very well documented thing well before Dyatlov pass. Spend literally 10 seconds looking it up before you schizopost.


We aren't saying it's not real. We are saying it doesn't fully explain these incidents. In some cases it actually contradicts established facts.


Read the post again retard

File: 1613964378040.jpg (318.38 KB, 645x773, 645:773, feels nervous man.JPG) ImgOps Exif iqdb


theory: there are women on this website
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God I miss Oekakidup


I thought that was a ballgag on her face for a moment


>no tit pics
>no vagine pics
it's a tranny my dude.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
Is he right, /truth/?


not giving that cocksucker views, bye

File: 1617114961270.webm (1.39 MB, 464x848, 29:53, 1617068646139.webm) ImgOps iqdb


What are they?


You ever seen the videos where they have a speaker make a sound and put sand or something on a screen on top of it and it makes different shapes? Worms are like that for the magnetism of our reality.


Nigger worms. They're unemployed and looking for homes to invade.


They're not unemployed, you just think our system is the only option these brave black worms can exist in.



File: 1614285589439.jpeg (476.79 KB, 1125x813, 375:271, CD770934-EA9B-434C-933D-7….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


What's buried there?
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"snownigger nordcucks" works better for a shitpost than "online white people"


Which FF worldmap is this? Where is the airship housed?


>One thousandth post
>/truth/ wants the truth.


I used based triple nines on the Dup timetravel /truth/ post in the Elvis thread, but saved the most powerful digits for this one


there's no ice left in the arctic. and russia/USA/canada all fighting over who owns what part so they can drill for oil and make bank.

File: 1617569729650.jpeg (327.78 KB, 794x1190, 397:595, 951351B9-B5BB-4791-AFFB-B….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Rubber meets the road:

Were giants real?
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File: 1618015051495.png (801.11 KB, 1488x890, 744:445, the giants are alive.png) ImgOps iqdb

the giants are still alive


Earth isn't rich enough in oxygen for them to develop anymore.


As a thriving species, no. But gigantism does still exist and is seen sometimes, like in deep sea fish.




It's weird that this account mentions a spear but no shield. In the account I heard the giant had a shield.

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