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>still being a spherecuck
take the flatpill
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>Believing in a psy-ops


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>still being a flatcuck
take the greathollowiceballpill


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>find this image
>decide to post it here
>you found it first a week ago


That's just Belsavis

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Recommend some documentaries about ghosties, aliums, samsquanches, and other spooky stuff.

Pic related, it's about the beings you see during sleep paralysis, from a documentary called The Nightmare (2015).


Why not make your own documentary, anon? Plenty of spoopy things out in the world. Go find them and try not to die.


File: 1615213871473.gif (1.8 MB, 500x378, 250:189, 0442c34b42e3cb7cdb828096fe….gif) ImgOps iqdb

If you don't mind 90s stuff then check out Sightings. Most of the episodes dealt with ghost with the occasional aliens/ufos it's on IA and jewtube. https://www.youtube.com/c/ParanormalMysteries/playlists https://archive.org/details/@chris85?and%5B%5D=Sightings&and%5B%5D=mediatype%3A%22movies%22


Tell me /truth/, what's the better genre, in depth looks at a particular paranormal occurence, or about a phenomena in general?

Would you rather watch a doc about Bigfoot, or the Skunkape of Swampy County? The ghosts of England, or the ghosts of the Tower of London?

I find that in deoth ones can be more compelling since we can really look at who the witnesses are and what they saw, but broader ones are usually more entertaining.

One good one which I watched years ago on Youtube was about the hauntings surrounding a now defunct asylum, including witnesses who used to be nurses, and the supposed notes and experiences of the (now deceased) head doctor. The occurence that stuck out to me was the supposed apparition of "old book", a patient who used to help in the library, appearing to visibly weep at the funeral of another patient in front of all the other doctors and nursing staff. I'll be damned if I can find it now, a search for "haunted asylum" just brings up an ocean of trash.


Documentary on Gorduck when?


It depends on the subject. I prefer alien documentaries that show a broad scope, but some of the best definitely focus on a single subject or occurrence.

I just watched My Amityville Horror. I can't help but feel it was a grift that Danny Lutz wasn't in on, but decided now to cash the cheque his name might print, and exaggerates / makes shit up.

File: 1615066499871.gif (125.62 KB, 90x94, 45:47, 1551891178428.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>/pol/ackies for years said that the jews are a powerful race that will stop at nothing to screw over the goyim forever
>Birth rate among Jewess are at the same rate as white women
>Israel's government collapsed last year and need an emergency election
>Rabbis in New York City were getting hunt down by the mayor of NYC last year because of them trying their best to keep the Shabbat going since everyone was tricked into the covid meme
>Worst of all the jew decided to let one of the most blatant election fraud in the USA to ever happened in recent memory to one of their best goyim presidents that help Israel so much and with no new forever war
>On top of that the USA is not at its' best shape to start up the military industrial complex golem again to fight for Israel because of how much of a mess the USA is in due the the covid meme and tensions between the common people & the corrupt swamp that is the USA government after said election fraud & covid meme
Can we admit that the jews are not all that powerful after all?
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This but the devil instead of the lizards.
>but was subverted by crypto-Jews to promote leftism within the Church
Since when did Mormons got a foothold within the Jesuits?


Only in the early degrees.


>Jews are human too, conspiratards BTFO

Binary thinkers like this are just as retarded as the ones who see jews as the omnipresent invisible puppet masters behind all world events. Maybe slightly more retarded since since die hard rabid antisemites are directionally retarded toward an unpopular truth, instead of toward a popular falsehood.

Maybe rather than goodbois who dindu nuffin, or 10-dimensional ultra puppet masters, they're just a well organised ethnic lobby that have had a lot of recent success capturing institutional power and agitating for their interests? Not in principle different from many historical minority ethnic political organizations, from Japanese in Brazil, Boer and English in SA, to even Armenians today. That their own preferred policies may come back and bite them is just proof that they're human and can err in their aims like anybody else.

Obviously they are one part of a very broad array of interactions between politically powerful actors, that doesn't disprove their broad influence, or suggest this influence is totally benign. Obviously the influence of ideologically progressivist jewish activists, intelligentsia, and institutional powers has been even more intensely destructive of diaspora jewish fertility than pregressivism has been to that of non-jews.

This is a very common theme of international propaganda turning against its authors; sodomite advocacy, anti-nationalism, and atrocity propaganda were/are useful cudgels against Germany, Japan, the USSR, Russia, China, Iran, Eastern Europe and the EU broadly (and pretty much anywhere and everywhere else the U.S. wanted to expand their influence/ domination). But the ideology and rationale behind foreign policy inevitably must be turned toward interior policy (since you can't easily signal to institutions "you know we only meant for them right?"), hence the hyper-subversiveness and anti-human posture of American Government toward Americans.



>/dup/ thread


It's so odd how much you faggots on this site love to talk out of your ass how it ISN'T the jews and how no one should like Hitler more than talking about libtards or commies or jews themselves. Fucking kiwifarm tier shit of attacking only other right leaning people and ideologies more than anything else. Makes you think.
You forget about the Rothschilds, Bilderburg group, Soros, bank owners, media owners, social media owners, news owners and all that?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the truth about the english language


English is interesting.
I think it was created as a slave language based on numerology so the elite could control law and society through latin and use double speak against the slave class in English.


File: 1614953055561.png (386.99 KB, 395x616, 395:616, the language crystal.png) ImgOps iqdb


There's lots of schizo ramblings in this but it's arguably mixed in with the truth about the English language.


i remember some fag on ol skool 8chan marking about this book because it was 500 bucks on amazon. nice to see it's on archive


Imagine being Bam lmao


This is just methbabble

File: 1614823315315.png (5.73 MB, 616x9402, 308:4701, Sign of the master of the ….png) ImgOps iqdb


Does anyone have proof that Stalin, Trotsky, Voltaire, Lenon, Karl Marx were freemasons/illuminait/jesuit. A lot of books and docs that i find that goes into conspiratorial history only has unsourced accusations.
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>it's just jews. Nothing more, nothing less
Literal retard. Even Hitler didn't believe this. The Third Reich was opposed to both Freemasons and Jesuits.


nah bud, you gotta understand
you have to cripple your world view, and place a single mystical group on high, that you can never actually touch, and so you'll never actually act against
that's how you win, bro


>i just don't think race association is very persuasive
The Jews work with jewish schools, jewish parties (bar mitzvahs), jewish fundations in which jews gather to talk and make connections, it's all just a big forced jewish old boy fraternity to makes new jew generations know each other and work together to jew people, it has always worked like this, it is a society in itself and just as secret as the others because everything is done behind doors.


Do you think that many secret societies of mysterious origins goals and capabilities make more sense than a single highly influential openly supremacist ethnoreligious group?


I haven't read enough to have too much of an opinion on this, but secret societies are useful to the global elite (who are made up by Jews and non-Jews). the ruling class of non-jews will still rule over you, even if you got rid of the jews.

File: 1614033869346.png (2 MB, 1896x1094, 948:547, Deep AI.png) ImgOps iqdb


You'll never hear this anywhere else.
Not even on Reddit.
Some camgirls, likely the top money makers, are Deep Fake AI.
Either there's an actress playing the model or it's completely scripted. I'm not sure yet.
But I'm certain some of them are AI.
That means it's a front for money laundering and simps are chipping away at their wallets to the highest class of anime available.
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This shits common as fuck with gooks. The use it to trap foreigners and bleed them dry. That's very different to op claiming meat Vtubers are the top cam whores.


The difference between a 3DPD Vtuber being controlled by a human through motion capture and someone(or several different people) using cosmetic surgery/makeup/audio and video filters reminds me of the ship of Theseus argument. Yes it is different but there's still a human or a team of humans behind the performance, only when the live human element is taken out entirely does it become something completely different.

I don't think an artificial recreation of a camwhore performance to a live audience without any operator intervention is currently possible based on the examples that the major tech conglomerates have showcased recently of autonomous chatbots and AI assistants. Something similar may exist in the military-industrial-complex world for psyops, training or indoctrination. OSD09-H03 comes to mind.


>there are meattube deniers itt


>Thin waist filter also makes her hips look mannish and shapeless
>Big tits filter doesn't even work
Not ready for showtime

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


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