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Is TV magic, is internet magic? Were there rituals build in to the fabric of mass communication?


Television is modern day sorcery. Millions of enslaved people.


pretty much, yes
there are different forms of 'magic' though, and 'technology' is only one

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He reminds me of the babe.


Reminds me of that movie about that fag who got sucked into an arcade and had to fight evil programs that wanted to do accounting, but their version of accounting had a lot of "death sport" aspects to it.


Training Day starring Kevin Smith and Winston from Ghostbusters.

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What did Gaga mean by this?


Pretty antisemitic of her if you ask me, suggesting cookie addiction is in the same vein as money addiction.
Money addiction is a serious problem, and the real victims are the rich.
The only solution is even more and freer money but in safe environments to accumulate and spend without having to resort to drastic actions.

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>If there is selection bias, then the categories aren't arbitrary.
That's not how selection bias work.

>Yes it is, because common sense is based generally on very strong reasoning

No it is not. Common sense is based on intuition, peer imitation and superficial observations. Common sense only have to not hinder one's survival in their daily life to perpetuate. It doesn't have to be true. Common sense tells you objects are attracted to the ground, whereas actually there is no attraction but bending of space and time.
Reasoning imply scrutiny, testings, rigorous method. Not being content with premade conclusions.

>the principles which govern scientific study are themselves derived from common sense about how the world works

Absolutely not, the scientific method is a critical one, you put what you think you already know under scrutiny you don't tell yourself "that's just how things are bro" That's the opposite of common sense thinking.

>In order for common sense in this case to be invalid the concept of genetic heritability would have to be false (i.e. it would need to be such that the offspring's genes DON'T correlate with its parents)

1. If you wanna talk about scientific matters, then watch your vocabulary, because genetic heritability doesn't means when parents pass down their genes in the context of biological studies.
2.No, parents transmitting their genes to their offspring do not mean human races are a valid concept. STRUCTURE programs can identify different statistical distribution of alleles, even in neigbhoring continental populations Will you make a special snowflake race for each subpopluation distinguished by that method? Or will you refer to people of Western ancestry as White people? If you choose the former, congratulation you're on par with the 00's-10's Tumblrinas arguing endlessly about their pronouns while anybody not terminally online stick to he/she. If you choose the latter, you cannot use interchangeably race and local markers, there need to be a threshold of differentiation that is big enough to truly distinguish between the races you want to objectivize. Something that would allow a classification with a finite amount of races.

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>I can quible about the validity of how much sand makes a pile, therefore the concept of a pile is arbitrary and meaningless

You are actually retarded, you can quibble about how we share most of our genetics with dogs too. Literally nothing you've said isn't as applicable to speciation as it is to race, and you've switched from "there's no genetic differences between races" to "I don't acknowledge that the [obvious, proveable] differences are of the nature that I can't wriggle out of admitting the reality of race".

You have absolutely no coherent point at all midwit, not even going to bother arguing in depth about the self-evident common sense origins of the scientific method. That reproducability is important in determining the truth = common sense.

You = flip flopping faggot.

>*I'm a faggot trying to sound tough*, so the nature of ethnies is DISPUTED

Only by tendentious progressive queers, 99.9% of all people ever have had no trouble at all with these very simple concepts. You're just the kind of emotionally stunted mental midget that needs to try to pretend not to get this for ideological reasons. If you think it's true then why don't you tell all these rough and tough waloons you supposedly know that they're no different than niggers, the concept of a waloon is meaningless!


Rereading this the combination of your stupidity and self satisfaction in whig epistemology is actually fucking amazing, the distilled essence of redditor. And you say metaphysical essence is fiction?


Then you're saying that race is when people look different according to heritable traits and that's heritable and somehow a fundamental defining truth human existence. >>948
t. Brainlet.


Cope harder midwit.

There's no trait which could be viewed as important for a society which is evenly distributed between races, that race is a fundamental truth of human existence is self evident and is only confirmed again and again by science. It's also the conclusion that every civilization ever to exist came to as well, sorry you're on the wrong side of history loser.

Also learn english shithead.

File: 1615774216209.jpeg (25.89 KB, 570x380, 3:2, Hollywood-Dermatology-Are….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Got a question for ya, /truth/
What does it mean to have a birthmark?
Is there some sort of spiritual significance?


It's a bad omen; the mark of the Devil.


it means at some point in your life you will die


What if you don't have a single birthmark?


File: 1615825244556-0.jpg (479.14 KB, 2136x3000, 89:125, 493621830.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1615825244556-1.jpg (52.69 KB, 485x700, 97:140, prince-philip-black-eye-a.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1615825244556-2.png (318.6 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, mitt.png) ImgOps iqdb

If you play your cards right, they'll give you one for free

File: 1615548544795.jpeg (129.96 KB, 956x809, 956:809, 3CC7F712-A74F-449F-BA99-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


If only she noticed me amid all the other patterns
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I saw that one.


That's just the form she takes to be with you because if you saw her for what she truly was your brain would fry at the incomprehensible abstraction that is her being.


File: 1615685335727.png (331.52 KB, 960x730, 96:73, gorduck gf.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1615700373881.jpeg (170.21 KB, 956x809, 956:809, D5327D16-2B83-46EB-8401-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

For /tv/


Is this the girl of Gahoole's dreams?

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Winter and Summer are not caused by the Sun, but are caused by the heat leaving the Earth.
Summer is the release of the stored heat, and Winter is the lack of release when it builds up again.
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Where's emma watson?


It's the Hollow Earth not the Miramax studio lot


She's under the desk.


File: 1615613785262.png (330.44 KB, 595x508, 595:508, EeOERnHVAAAa5wq.png) ImgOps iqdb

What on earth is she doing there?


Gargling and asking who's next.

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The Snow in Texas is fake.(Fact Check: True - Please read “The Climate Engineers” by James R. Fleming)
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Shareblue is in this thread


What i don't understand is the how, the why is a mystery with the mutts but the how is what's waking me up at night.
What kind of shit makes snow a pseudo plastic without anyone seeing it? the fumes in funky places?
Americans were a mistake, the lone indian cries in pain as he huffs hairspray.


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1. Gather snow on the ground.
2. Make a snowball.
3. Take inside and put it in a pot on the stove.
4. Look at it melt.
Do you see liquid water immediately fourm around the still-existing water? No. You fucking see the snow getting slusshier and slusshier and THEN turning into a puddle. The snow ABSORBS the liquid water THEN melts completely.


The blackness is literally just from the lighter's chemical reaction.

File: 1614834891138.jpg (11.06 KB, 676x380, 169:95, night-sky.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Why is the night time so spoooky
Just saw a bat flailing in the tree limbs as I tried to take a piss
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Well I'm not an expert on the rationale of the Gregorian calendar, but there are these things called years we use to measure time, and they've got to start some time. Based on the proximity to Christmas I'm assuming there's some theological rationale behind when the year ends, basing it on muh heckin celestial phenomerinos isn't any less arbitrary.
<But muh black science man said our traditions and cultural mores are dumb and arbitrary, and that random patterns of space dust as viewed from the accidental location of our planet are of incredible import


Gregorian Calendar reinforces, infact cements, the notion of the *draws a blank* solar centrifical solar system universe theory to contrast the Earth central universe to completely wipeout all discussion of flat earth.


So if we're counting annually via Earth rotating around the Sun, the seasonal changes (equinox etc) have a diminished value.


How? I dont see it refuting either one


The new year was on April 1st coinciding with Spring implying peopled paid attention to the equinoxes.
They created the gregorian calendar and then changed April 1st to April Fools which is a complete degradation over the course of a series of steps in destroying the old world concept.

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For when you're bored of pop astrology, there's always pop investing


I want to fuck her so bad to imbue my dick with the sight of the oracle.


careful, she might want to nibble off your foreskin


What I don't get is how she can be so 0% smug while being 100% right 101% of the time.

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