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I need some Y2K vibes

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Where's the music faggot?


>op is such a shitty baiter to the point of making his lazy garbage thread on the wrong board

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Shame about the nigger or this would be an absolute banger. Love Dua Lipa, love Calvin Harris, love the aesthetics of the video.


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Post your album of the year. I listened to less than 10 this year but I really enjoyed Boris' Heavy Rocks 3

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Where to find list of songs from all countries from 1950s and so on


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>from 1950s and so on
What's wrong with the '40s?


>>2370 sure. Wiki s only by artist or genre but no years.

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Where to find some massive korean pop ballad, rock slow song list

From 2000 or so.



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What color is your Bugatti?

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Is an old blue yeti and audacity enough to make stripped-down, acoustic, music sound okay?
What kind of rooms are the best to record music in? I don't really have to buy that ridiculously expensive noise-cancelling foam do I?


i've had some good luck with yeti microphones



You could always get an SM57.


yes. you should achieve that "lo-fi" aesthetic.


File: 1665514646517.mp4 (10.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, vaxthatbalvup.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

I've always had good luck using an old Sony Handycam, transferring the 8mm tape to a VHS tape, then using my VHS to DVD transfer device (an old Funai model) to put the DVD onto my computer, then going into Premiere and removing the video component and saving the resulting audio track as an .mp3. Magic DVD ripper has always worked great for that part.



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Looking for nice korean indie bandlike bbolgan4

Abit of rock and ballad and slow pop
M or F r ok.

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I wish more posters where here.
What music based communication websites are there that are more active?
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I think it because there's so little effort involved in actually "getting good" at music listening. It takes like an hour to listen to most albums, and you can do it while browsing Twitter. It's like the easiest way to LARP as being cultured.


Yeah musicfags become pseuds with a bougie cultural bias more frequently than readers or film consumers. I like listening to music more than films but Jesus Christ, the audience is more rabid and entitled than /tv/fags because they're normie hobbies that overlap with twitter.


you can try slsk rooms for non-pozzed discussions of music. extreme irony tho.
you're a di6 fan? you might like this: https://4headedgenitalia.bandcamp.com


shilling once again this shit, paypiggie?


well shit if you like di6 then you'd prolly like my shit. and who you callin paypiggy?

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