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just in case this site wasn't pedo enough with the priscilla and lexee smith shit

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wow….anyone here cover anime music like sobakasu or pop songs for fun? i m trying to understand the kind o techniques used to do them… like choosing chords or performing trills… the ground work and mindset required to practice and perform effectively?


please bump tx






i'm no expert on >cuckime but from what little I know is that you gotta avoid power chords and pentatonics. use major, minor chords and utilize the rest of the diatonic scale instead, maybe jazz it up but DO NOT blues it up. to take things to the next level, start playing 7 chords and play 9 and 11 chords whenever necessary. again, i'm not expert so take my word with a grain of salt.

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the fuck is this ena shit?


swag jam saturday

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>3rd album by one of Mike Patton's various projects. Based off indian music, which guitarist Duane Denison got into while touring indian reservations with Hank Williams III. He was disappointed that minorities were capable of playing normal music instead of hitting turtle shells and chanting gibberish. Denison and the rest of the band took it upon themselves to culturally appropriate music that minorities stop giving a shit about to earn white guilt points and get a good score on pitchfork.
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Anal Cunt is unironically terrible but great album choice for such an odd theme


That theme isn't so odd. You've got slapheads like Howard Devoto whose entire career was fueled by pure incel rage caused by balding in late teens.


Most of their stuff sucks, but Fuckin' A was unironically a good album in spite of the vocals and lack of bass.


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hey! they had some good songs that weren't just noise.


They also had some of the best song titles of all time.

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Could a marriage that's been blessed by a surprise Maroon 5 performance on wedding day ever fail?


>getting married

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I'm mostly an 80s fan but there's a few modern artists I really enjoy that keep putting out good music instead of the forced garbage that most do, usually with rappers and music that couldn't catch on if the media didn't shill it 24/7. Very few artists today release hits comparable to the torrent of hits that the 80s were, but I'm sure those few will be remembered by nostalgics 40 years for now.
For me, those artists today are Dua Lipa, Ava Max and Lennon Stella.
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I don't like either honestly


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Dua Lipa looks nice with dark hair but as a bottle blonde she's absolutely horrible. Too swarthy to pull it off.
They make her do all these sexy faces but it only makes her look even more gross.
Shame because the music rocks.


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She's a damn dream with her natural hair


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Tattoo crap aside this dreaminess is super 8 tape on "Paris, Texas" tier

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He's armenian after all


it is pretty based that they reunited, not to btfo dup, but to btfo roaches

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i sincerely enjoy the music of limp bizkit


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>take well known song from the 80s
>now make a soft acoustic cover sung by a woman and play it on every commercial
is this a plot to rewrite history and remove male singing from public consciousness?


File: 1614816493407.jpg (50.86 KB, 960x578, 480:289, husband points.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

no. getting the license of a shit cover of a song is a lot cheaper than getting the license of the actual song in question. plus ppl who watch the office think it's a good idea. pic related


>ppl who watch the office
lmao stop projecting

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