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Our nigga Nikocado is having some health issues after his pfizer mukbang episode
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>he got so fat that he broke his fucking ribs
How long until he dies?


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His rage at white shirt jesus guy will keep him alive


File: 1633128200697.jpg (47.67 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Typical bottom feeding red….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>Fat retarded about to collapse due to clogged arteries.
>The kike who was shilling CyberPunk777 with sword and shield.


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Watch this gahoole. If he can lose fat so can you


this critikal penguinz fag might be the most overrated lets player of all time

File: 1631221776479.png (634.63 KB, 613x633, 613:633, 1631221044682.png) ImgOps iqdb


Do you like the new God of Soy fam?
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>he's posting this to every thread again
Door is that way.


File: 1633770079723.jpg (47.2 KB, 717x717, 1:1, hidden.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

>images are one person
you first


>implying I was implying it's just one person doing it.
I think it's a group of you. this place has been getting raided lately.


and you're a part of it, go back



File: 1633712929500.jpeg (13.21 KB, 450x236, 225:118, toosoon.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


Is it really still too soon?


sick fuck, way too soon
Oh and > cuckchan meme you have to go back


How did he get the mouth stay closed?


probably wire


this meme is older than you, boomer tranny


File: 1633774649544.jpg (36.77 KB, 597x392, 597:392, bannedimage.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Doesn't mean it was any good

File: 1632982844181.jpg (67.14 KB, 537x457, 537:457, EPUun7CY_o.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


I'm going to kill myself once my parents die. They wanted me, I don't want the world, so the very least I'll wait for them to pass before I fuck off.
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File: 1633728593807.gif (517.3 KB, 220x220, 1:1, 1631760364324.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Internet addicted tranny an heros
Tee hee le 51%!!!

>Internet addicted /tv/edditor (statistically also a tranny) an heros



Who's really doing a better job killing themselves? Because trannies keep crying out their selfpitying and this place seethe over the fact they can't get cunny from a has been actress.


File: 1633756689204.jpg (109.88 KB, 633x729, 211:243, You won't do it.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


File: 1633769103101.jpg (32.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2a62e44b71e35c5c1c7ca3b8af….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb



I'll probably do it by next xmas and next summer at the latest. depends on how bad my chronic disorder gets

File: 1633638284787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.97 KB, 743x918, 743:918, image0.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


>you're starving, but you're all out of food
>with only a glimmer of hope, you raid your fridge and all your cabinets in a last ditch effort to avoid going out to the store
>after a long, torturous search through the veritable desert that is your food pantry, at last, an oasis appears…
what is it, /dunk/?
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You have parasites that are addicted to them.


Don't talk about his kids like that.






Your mom's vagina

File: 1633599628693-0.jpg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, 1:1, 1626527585263.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1633599628693-1.jpg (318.65 KB, 1808x1356, 4:3, 1552652092737.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

File: 1633599628693-2.jpg (44.87 KB, 700x863, 700:863, 1547640277858.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


You should try to attract males with your personality and good character, not by sticking out your ass in yoga pants and putting tons of costly makeup that will make your skin look like shit without it after a few years.
obviously by nice clothes, you have in mind some revealing prostitute clothing
Yes, god did not intend for women to degrade themselves by walking with their tits out
Have some dignity, you slut
combing your hair is basic hygiene, so you should do that
It doesn't cause males to look at you as a sexual object, so it's fine
I'm sorry but your roastie strategies such as equaling perfectly normal act to dressing like a whore, don't work here
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For me its the one on the right in that pic. she has a dollface


That's the reason I'm asking, she's absolutely gorgeous, there has never been a better looking female posted on this website if you ask me.


>Domestics violence rates spiked in modern times because women refused to be the submissive one thanks to the media kikes.
it spiked because they keep broadening the definition of "domestic violence" to absurd degree


Kendra sunderland. A nigger fucker.


in many states throwing a book or soft object at someone and stating you want to kill them is enough to charge you with "felonious assault", a felony that carries a 4 year per charge sentence!

File: 1633750419651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.38 KB, 675x900, 3:4, B78E7coCIAAFrzA.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


just jerk off to interracial porn, get drunk, and do drugs, and try to hold a job down so you can get more porn, alcohol, and drugs.
Not sure what else there is left for us.
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What sort of building materials are you using?


Stop flirting cutey.
Minds and souls, flesh and blood. The leg bone connects to the knee bone.


File: 1633753740135.png (120.2 KB, 286x355, 286:355, 03cb6197799ad5ddbf617dc1e5….png) ImgOps iqdb

t. Tzimisce


File: 1633761127427.png (129.13 KB, 482x487, 482:487, leftypol_BO.png) ImgOps iqdb


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
You will never pass.
You will lock yourself away in your home and become more and more bitter and delusional as you desperately try to convince yourself that you look like a women.
Your only friends, and I use that word very lightly, will be fellow castrated men who will also be suffering the same regret and mental anguish over their poorly thought out decision. The entirety of your "friendship" will be mutual reassurance that you didn't make a mistake and discussing how to make other people fuck up as bad as you did so you won't be alone in your misery.

File: 1633742281278.jpg (87.01 KB, 750x938, 375:469, 1633304817414.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb


Why doesn't this site have an onion link?
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[link removed]links tbqh.


File: 1633757146055.jpg (64.93 KB, 1078x466, 539:233, Screenshot_20211008-222217….jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

I asked him myself if what he said was just his fever talking and he said it was. Remember, he said that when he was panicky and ranting from his fever from being sick?
>inb4 this still isn't enough for you


I suppose you are telling the truth about that, though it would be nice to hear him set the record straight/correct the record in a video, but there is still the question of the Tor support/onion links.
When, and if not, why?


Quick question, why did you post an ape?


>When, and if not, why?
Didn't you know? TOR usage was the reason for the warrant where they raided his house. It's enough for them to knock your door down.

File: 1633680042828-0.png (495.78 KB, 472x626, 236:313, 1628536446113.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1633680042828-1.jpeg (128.8 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1633680042828-2.jpeg (118.53 KB, 640x800, 4:5, 2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1633680042828-3.jpeg (87.59 KB, 640x640, 1:1, france.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm a nigger and I fucked her for free.
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That's because she lopped 10-15 pounds of meat and nerves off her chest and she's probably on painkillers to deal with it.


Your penis cannot fix this, nobody's penis can fix this, nobody can fix this without the use of force


No. Wrong. You're not leaving. You're never leaving. You are literally here forever. This is your eternity.


File: 1633745302352.jpg (94.28 KB, 645x773, 645:773, d7c.jpg) ImgOps Exif iqdb

Literally who?


i'm still concerned about ur well being as always

File: 1633730094436.png (155.5 KB, 1202x676, 601:338, screenshot-20211006-234238….png) ImgOps iqdb


What are some good usernames?
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So you're a tranny


It's like watching a suicide in slow motion.


I should clarify, I think my mother helped set the character up for me but perhaps not. The only other time was in WoW and I took over her Priest who was female. Other than that I usually RP as a volcel support


My mother used to control a lot of my life too.


>Race, ethnicity and national origin

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